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Ming-Chi Kuo

"The Most Accurate Apple Analyst in the World"

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April 2012 - July 2017

Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst with KGI Securities, which is a Taiwanese business group involved in a range of industries. Kuo covers technology with a focus on Apple.

His strong track record predicting Apple’s products and plans over the last several years has earned him titles like “The Most Accurate Apple Analyst in the World” and “The Analyst Who Reveals all of Apple’s Secrets.”

In 2011 Kuo started a string of correct predictions with the delayed white iPhone 4 release in April. Other claims about the 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina display and Touch ID and more iPhone 5s details in 2013 were also accurate.

More recently he correctly forecasted details about the iPhone SE as well as the Apple Watch Series 2 last year.

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Ming-Chi Kuo Stories July 3

AAPL: 143.50


There are few analysts with as good a track record as KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo when it comes to Apple. His close links to companies in Apple’s supply-chain puts him in a good position to judge what is and isn’t on the way when it comes to new products.

But having a good track record isn’t the same as being right every time, and his latest report – that the iPhone 8 will drop Touch ID altogether – seems questionable to me …

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Ming-Chi Kuo Stories May 9

AAPL: 153.99


Martin Hajek iPhone 8 Concept

Reports of delays and production difficulties have been plentiful for the iPhone 8, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to get much better. KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a new report this evening in which he says that there’s a “rising probability” of the “worst scenario” for production and shipments of the device…

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

Ming-Chi Kuo Stories March 12

AAPL: 139.14


Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI is out this weekend with a new investor note, but this one focuses almost entirely on Samsung and its upcoming Galaxy S8 refresh. Nevertheless, there are a couple of tidbits about Apple inside the report…

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Ming-Chi Kuo Stories March 2

AAPL: 138.96


Over the past few days, we’ve heard two conflicting reports regarding what sort of connection the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature. First, The Wall Street Journal reported that the upcoming iPhone will feature USB-C, with Apple shifting away from Lightning.

Then, earlier today, KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the iPhone 8 will feature Lightning connectivity with internal changes to support a faster charging.

Who do you believe?

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Ming-Chi Kuo Stories February 9

AAPL: 132.42


A new report from KGI predicts that all new iPhone models introduced in 2017 will feature wireless charging, on both the redesigned iPhone 8 and the iterative iPhone 7 devices expected to debut in the fall.

KGI has mentioned the addition of wireless charging previously. Today’s report reaffirms it will be available on all three new models after some reports to the contrary, not merely limited to the premium OLED device. However, the analyst warns there may be higher costs in production, especially with the 3D Touch sensor …

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Ming-Chi Kuo Stories January 16

AAPL: 119.04


Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is out today with a new investor note, offering up some more information about what’s in store for the Mac lineup in 2017. Kuo claims that all MacBook models will be upgraded in 2017 with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake chipset, while there will also be a new 32GB RAM option for the 15-inch model.

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