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iPhone SE: Upgrades, design changes, 5G, and more

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iPhone SE 3 vs SE 2, iPhone 11, 12, 13

The iPhone SE is the most affordable in Apple’s current iPhone lineup. The first generation SE debuted in 2016, the second generation in 2020, and the third generation in 2022.

What is the iPhone SE called?

Apple’s most affordable iPhone is called the iPhone SE. While in its third generation, the device is also referred to as the iPhone SE 3 or the iPhone SE (2022).

iPhone SE design and size

iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE (3rd generation) looks nearly identical to the iPhone SE (2nd generation). It still has a 4.7 inch screen and the home button featuring Touch ID. Both the front and back of the device are made of glass.


The iPhone SE (third generation) features a 4.7 inch Retina HD display. There are no upgrades to display from the previous generation iPhone SE.

Camera upgrades

While the camera upgrades aren’t major, they are still notable. With the computational power of the A15 Bionic chip, the iPhone SE’s camera is better than before. Apple added Deep Fusion, where in mid to low light, the camera will capture subtle details, textures, and patterns.

There’s also Photographic Styles, where you can set the look for your photos and the iPhone SE will automatically adjust to whichever tone you choose.

A15 Bionic processor

The iPhone SE is powered by Apple’s A15 Bionic processor. This is also the processor of the iPhone 13 lineup and offers noticeable performance gains over the A14. The A15 Bionic processor has 1.2x faster graphics than the iPhone SE 2’s A13.

5G connectivity

iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE is the newest generation to offer 5G connectivity. This allows for faster streaming, multiplayer gaming, and downloads with less lag.

Storage options

The newest iPhone SE has the same storage options as the previous generation SE. The iPhone SE is available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB configurations.

Larger battery

Battery on the iPhone SE (3rd generation) has improved since the iPhone SE (2nd generation). The SE 3 has up to two additional hours of video playback than the SE 2. The device will have around 15 hours of overall battery life.


While the iPhone SE (3rd generation) has the same design as the iPhone SE (2nd generation), there are two new colors. Starlight and Midnight join the lineup, while the (PRODUCT)Red is the same as the previous generation.

Release date: When did the iPhone SE come out?

The iPhone SE was announced at Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event on March 8 and released on March 18.

Price: How much does the iPhone SE cost?

The iPhone SE costs $429. This is a $30 price increase from the iPhone SE (2nd generation).

Wrap up

The iPhone SE (3rd generation) is not a major upgrade from the previous generation.

iPhone SE Stories December 20, 2022

Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing rumors about the next-generation iPhone SE – Apple’s entry-level smartphone. However, it seems that the launch of the iPhone SE 4 is far from happening, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that Apple is even considering canceling or at least delaying the mass production of the new device until 2024.

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iPhone SE Stories November 7, 2022

It turns out Apple Watch isn’t only touching lives with features like fall detection and atrial fibrillation alerts. A prescription app called NightWare is helping veterans who suffer from nightmares due to post-traumatic stress disorder. The app uses Apple Watch sensors and haptic feedback to detect and cleverly disrupt nightmares as they happen.

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iPhone SE Stories October 31, 2022

While some rumors have indicated that the iPhone SE 4 will feature a design similar to the iPhone XR, a new report today says that there are still some questions about specific features. Reliable display analyst Ross Young indicates that Apple has not yet finalized the display size or technology for the iPhone SE 4…

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iPhone SE Stories October 19, 2022

The iPhone SE 4 is expected sometime in 2023 and rumors suggest it will feature an all-new design inspired by the iPhone XR. This has once again been reported by Jon Prosser, who says the iPhone SE 4 will feature that iPhone XR design in midnight, starlight, and (Product)Red colors. There are some new renders to showcase the design…

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iPhone SE Stories September 8, 2022

While everyone’s attention is on the new iPhone 14 models, Apple’s budget phone just got a little more expensive – at least in the UK. The iPhone SE 3, once predicted to turn a billion Android users into switchers, is a bit more expensive starting this Wednesday.

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iPhone SE Stories August 29, 2022

Apple this year introduced a new generation of the iPhone SE, its most affordable phone. While the 2022 iPhone SE kept the same design as the previous generation, which is based on the iPhone 8, it seems that things will be quite different with the next model. According to YouTuber Jon Prosser, the next iPhone SE will have the same form factor as the iPhone XR.

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iPhone SE Stories April 29, 2022

Strong iPhone growth saw Apple as the only smartphone brand to increase shipments during the first quarter of the year, according to a new market intelligence report. All other major brands saw their shipments shrink – by anywhere from 4% to 30%.

The independent estimate follows Apple’s earnings report yesterday, when the company revealed that iPhone revenue was up 5.5% year-on-year …

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iPhone SE Stories April 19, 2022

Several analysts have indicated recently that Apple’s new iPhone SE 3 is selling lower than the company had expected. Now, a new report from research firm Wave7 corroborates those analysts, with new data based on surveys from carrier stores across the United States.

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iPhone SE Stories April 8, 2022

Two reputable sources recently reported that Apple was cutting iPhone SE orders in response to lower-than-expected demand. However, a new supply chain report says that there is as yet no evidence of this happening.

Both Nikkei Asia and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple is significantly cutting production orders for its latest version of the entry-level iPhone …

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iPhone SE Stories April 7, 2022

Apple unveiled the iPhone SE 3 last month during its “Peek Performance” event. While analysts had high hopes about this low-entry iPhone, some of them are already reiterating how well this phone will sell in their newest analyses. That said, if you’re interested in the iPhone SE 3, here are five reasons to love Apple’s most affordable smartphone.

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iPhone SE Stories March 28, 2022

Two independent sources have today reported that iPhone SE demand is lower than Apple expected following the recent launch of the latest version of the company’s most affordable phone.

Apple is said to have told suppliers to reduce production by millions of units …

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iPhone SE Stories March 24, 2022

Apple has announced that it will be using carbon-free aluminum in future products, with the latest iPhone SE in line to take advantage of the new environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

But the company has been quietly using the ‘revolutionary advancement’ in aluminum production since 2019, in the 16-inch MacBook Pro …

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iPhone SE Stories March 22, 2022

Every year, a new iPhone is released with better cameras and faster processor. At the same time, the older iPhone models are still there receiving iOS updates, which is great for people who don’t upgrade their phones every year. But how decent are these old iPhones running the latest version of iOS? Well, I tested a first-generation iPhone SE with iOS 15, and it’s still surprisingly good.

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iPhone SE Stories March 17, 2022

With the launch of the third generation iPhone SE, Apple has made some changes to introduce a streamlined purchase process for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. Users will now be able to send their personal data to the carriers when they first turn on the device, rather than having to wait for approval when ordering the new iPhone.

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Analysts have predicted that 2022 iPhone SE sales will hit 30M this year, compared to 25M for the 2020 model in its first year. 5G capabilities are expected to significantly boost the popularity of Apple’s latest entry-level model, especially outside China.

Apple is reported to have prepared 5M models for shipment in the first two weeks …

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A new 5G smartphone record was set in January, when fifth-generation mobiles accounted for more than half of all smartphone sales for the very first time.

The iPhone 13 played a huge role in this milestone, accounting for more than a third of all 5G phone sales …

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iPhone SE Stories March 8, 2022

Apple has officially announced its all-new iPhone SE with an A15 Bionic chip. The design is the same as the previous-generation iPhone SE. Head below for the full details and what’s new with the iPhone SE 3, including its price increase.

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The iPhone SE 3 is rumored to be announced today during Apple’s “Peek Performance” event. In its third generation, analysts expect this will be the company’s most affordable 5G phone that could turn a billion Android users into switchers. Read on as we round up everything we know about the upcoming iPhone SE 3.

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As we’re a few hours away from the first Apple event of the year, a last-minute rumor gives a few more tidbits about what to expect from the upcoming iPhone SE 3.

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iPhone SE Stories March 7, 2022

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone SE 3 at tomorrow’s “Peek Performance” event. With 5G capabilities, the powerful A15 Bionic chip, and camera improvements, analysts believe this low-cost iPhone is aimed at first buyers and could push shipments globally whether or not Apple keeps the same price point.

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Apple will hold tomorrow its first event of the year. While there is some controversy about what Macs the company will unveil, it’s believed that a new iPhone SE 3 and the fifth-generation iPad Air will also be introduced. That said, a survey shows 40% of iPhone users are planning to buy this third-generation iPhone SE for themselves as their main device, an additional phone, or even as a gift to someone.

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iPhone SE Stories March 4, 2022

The reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is now an active Twitter user. The analyst took to Twitter on Friday morning to share new, last-minute details about what to expect from the third-generation iPhone SE ahead of its official announcement during Apple’s March 8 special event next week.

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iPhone SE Stories February 28, 2022

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is suggesting that Apple should sell the existing iPhone SE for $199 as a loss leader in parts of the world where iPhones remain largely unaffordable to the masses.

Effectively he is arguing for the equivalent of the Apple Watch Series 3: a way to bring people on board who are unable or unwilling to pay even entry-level Apple pricing …

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iPhone SE Stories February 4, 2022

One analyst believes that Apple’s new iPhone SE could attract over a billion switchers from Android thanks to its support for 5G connectivity and the latest A15 chip inside. A new supply chain report from Macotakara, however, indicates that the iPhone SE 3 won’t feature support for Apple’s latest and greatest MagSafe technology…

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