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iPhone SE: Apple's 4-inch iPhone Announced, Reviewed, and Detailed

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June 2013 - April 2020

When Apple replaced the 4-inch iPhone 5s with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus in 2014, it effectively stopped making a model with modern specs that could be easily used one-handed. Fast-forward to March 2016 and we have the iPhone SE. It features a strikingly similar design to the iPhone 5s — save for matte edges, a rose gold option, and an SE stamp replacing FCC markings on the back — but the internals are all upgraded to nearly match the flagship iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models.

iPhone SE is available in space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold with 16GB ($399) and 64GB ($499) storage options. iPhone SE introduces Apple Pay, Live Photos, 4K video and much more to the 4-inch iPhone.

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iPhone SE Stories April 30

Apple officially released the new iPhone SE earlier this month, and Tim Cook says the company is seeing a positive response from reviewers and customers alike. Cook touted that the iPhone SE packs a great value and is “faster than the fastest Android phones.”

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Last week, Apple’s long-awaited follow-up release to the iPhone SE arrived in the hand of the general public. If you’re a new iPhone SE owner, it’s a great time to familiarize yourself with how to force restart your iPhone SE, enter recovery mode, temporarily disable Touch ID access, and more.

Although you probably won’t use these features often, you may occasionally need to do so. Watch our hands-on video as we show you how to manage your iPhone SE in a variety of ways. expand full story

iPhone SE Stories April 25

The new iPhone SE is now available, with the first orders arrive to customers. Even though the iPhone SE features a more durable water-resistant design, you’ll likely still want a case to protect your new device. Read on as we round up some of the best iPhone SE cases currently available.

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The rear camera of the iPhone SE includes support for Portrait mode, but with one limitation: it only works for people, not for all objects. A new update to the Halide Camera and Spectre Camera apps, however, adds support for the iPhone SE — including bringing Portrait mode to all objects.

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iPhone SE Stories April 20

As with every iPhone launch, Apple has produced a variety of official cases to go along with its new iPhone SE hardware. Unlike the iPhone 11, which featured 17 unique official Apple cases at launch, the iPhone SE’s official case options are much more modest.

In total, there are just six new official iPhone SE cases to choose from. We were able to pick up all six for an early hands-on look at every color and case style that Apple offers for this year’s budget iPhone. Watch our brief hands-on commentary for the details. expand full story

iPhone SE Stories April 16

Apple yesterday announced what it calls the new iPhone SE. The latest budget iPhone is many things. It’s a great upgrade for owners of the iPhone 6. It’s a lot of phone for an affordable price. It’s an efficient way for Apple to offer a ‘new’ phone with minimal retooling. It’s a smart business move in an uncertain economy.

What it is not, however, is an iPhone SE …

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