accessibility Stories March 12

Seeing AI has to count as one of the most transformational apps ever created, narrating the world to blind and low-vision users, and it just got more powerful still in the latest update.

Microsoft says the latest version gets three new features …

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accessibility Stories January 8

With the introduction of the Apple Watch and later AirPods, Apple broke new ground on integrating sensors and vital health tracking tools into wearable technology. The company’s health ambitions were cemented with the Apple Watch Series 4, which introduced fall detection and a sensor to let you take ECGs on the go. Other companies are also exploring the intersection of wearable technology and wellness. Starkey has been an early leader in what they refer to as the “healthables” market. At CES 2019, the company previewed new updates to its line of intelligent hearing aids.

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accessibility Stories November 28, 2018

Instagram is out today with two major accessibility improvements to give those with visual impairments a better experience on the social media platform. Automatic alternative text and custom alternative text will offer users the ability to hear descriptions of photos.

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accessibility Stories July 6, 2018

A small detail Apple changed in the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and beyond is On/Off Labels. In the old days, Apple enabled On/Off labels by default and now that’s no longer the case with iOS’ modern, more flat approach.

Follow along to learn how to turn them back on…

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accessibility Stories June 11, 2018

At WWDC 2018, Apple’s Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives Sarah Herrlinger joined the Accessible Podcast for an interview. Hosted by Steven Aquino and Timothy Buck, the Accessible Podcast is an excellent new podcast focused on highlighting accessibility in technology…

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accessibility Stories June 5, 2018

How smart home tech is empowering users to help disabled family members

Smart home technology can be a great convenience to any of us, but is often particularly valuable to those with disabilities.

We recently heard blind people talk about the life-changing nature of things like Apple’s Siri and VoiceOver, and one 9to5Mac reader has now told us how he uses two pieces of smart home tech to help keep a disabled family member safe …

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