accessibility Stories August 2

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Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple was working with hearing-aid manufacturer Cochlear on Bluetooth and other technologic challenges to offer a direct connection to iPhones. Now, a new piece from Wired offers more detail on the efforts and talks about how “Apple is putting voices in users’ heads” with the technology…

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accessibility Stories July 26

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A report on the latest cochlear implants from hearing-aid manufacturer Cochlear has revealed that Apple worked on Bluetooth protocols for direct connection to iPhones – and now licenses it to manufacturers free of charge.

Cochlear implants are used by people who are profoundly deaf, and need to be surgically implanted into the ear. They usually connect to phones via an external device, which are quite obtrusive. What Apple has developed in conjunction with manufacturers of the devices is a protocol which allows that intermediary device to be eliminated, allowing direct connection to an iPhone …

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

accessibility Stories June 9

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iOS 11 delivered with a ton of highly-requested features— especially for iPad users— but there’s still one feature missing from the release that many were hoping for. A true “dark mode” to change Apple’s mostly light-colored user interface like the option it has for menus and the dock on macOS is still absent. But in iOS 11, we get the next best thing with a new feature called ‘Smart Invert Colors’.

For many, this feature will satisfy their dark mode needs until an official feature is introduced. Here’s how to enable it…

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accessibility Stories May 9

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New houses being built with HomeKit-enabled appliances are becoming more accessible to consumers thanks to homebuilders incorporating Apple’s home automation technology, and HomeKit isn’t just a convenience or neat demo. NBC News shares the incredible story of how Todd Stabelfeldt who is a “complete quadriplegic with no movement below his shoulders” has been empowered by HomeKit.

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accessibility Stories March 31

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Apple launches new Field Trips and App Store page for Autism Acceptance month

Steven Aquino, a self-proclaimed tech journalist covering Apple accessibility, has taken to Twitter today to share some of Apple’s efforts for April’s Autism Acceptance month. Apple hopes to celebrate the unique experiences of those on the Autistic spectrum with new classes at retail stores and with a dedicated App Store page.

accessibility Stories March 10

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How to get Siri to read articles and other text on iOS and macOS

While Siri may not be the perfect companion some wish it was, the personal assistant’s voice can lend itself to our lives in a variety of helpful ways. For the past few months I’ve been using Siri to read all the text I want to read but don’t actually need to read. Having the personal assistant read articles to me means I can focus on other activities while essentially turning my reading lists and emails into a personalized podcast.

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