accessibility Stories February 21

Be My Eyes for iOS adding Microsoft tech support for blind or impaired customers

The iOS app Be My Eyes announced that it will be offering support for blind or impaired customers through Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk in the latest release of the app.

accessibility Stories January 13

Apple’s Director of Accessibility set to speak at SXSW in March

As noted on the official schedule website for the 2018 SXSW Conference & Festival held in Austin, TX, Apple’s Director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives will make a public appearance at the annual event.

accessibility Stories December 18, 2017

A classical pianist who teaches music at a school in Queens, New York, says that iPads have allowed students with learning disabilities to play music for the first time – and that experience has transformed their lives.

One of the students who had never spoken before not only now speaks, but also sings the solo in a song he helped write …

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accessibility Stories December 14, 2017

Seeing AI app to ‘narrate the world to blind people’ gets handwriting recognition and more

I was really impressed when Microsoft launched its iPhone-only Seeing AI app designed to ‘narrate the world’ to blind and visually impaired people. The app uses AI to recognize what it is seeing, and turn that into an audio description …

accessibility Stories October 25, 2017

Apple and Cochlear originally announced their partnership back in July, and today the first product out of that partnership is available. As detailed in a report from The Australian, Cochlear has released its Made for iPhone Nucleus 7 Sound Processor in Australia and it will soon come to other countries….

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accessibility Stories August 2, 2017

Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple was working with hearing-aid manufacturer Cochlear on Bluetooth and other technologic challenges to offer a direct connection to iPhones. Now, a new piece from Wired offers more detail on the efforts and talks about how “Apple is putting voices in users’ heads” with the technology…

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