accessibility Stories November 20

Future AirPods models could offer a range of smart features that would blur the line between in-ear headphones and hearing aids, suggests a new thought piece today.

AirPods Pro models already offer a ‘layered’ sound experience, but future models could offer far more sophisticated sound processing…

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accessibility Stories June 6

Using a mouse with an iPad was billed by Apple as an accessibility tool, included in iPadOS for those who find it hard to use a touchscreen accurately. This includes people with various conditions that affect motor control.

But the company is aware that the feature will appeal to many others too …

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accessibility Stories June 5

This week during Apple’s WWDC sessions for developers the company showed off some new features for accessibility coming to iOS 13. These include new settings to improve app interactions for users with various motion sensitivity and color-blindness disabilities. The new features will be available in Apple’s own apps starting with iOS 13 and in third-party apps via new APIs for developers.

Head below for full details on the new features:

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accessibility Stories May 16

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Apple is celebrating and promoting accessibility in a few different ways. The App Store has multiple features highlighting developers, athletes, and creatives, and also has feature for the top accessibility apps for vision, hearing, speech, learning, physical and motor, and more.

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accessibility Stories March 12

Seeing AI has to count as one of the most transformational apps ever created, narrating the world to blind and low-vision users, and it just got more powerful still in the latest update.

Microsoft says the latest version gets three new features …

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accessibility Stories January 8

With the introduction of the Apple Watch and later AirPods, Apple broke new ground on integrating sensors and vital health tracking tools into wearable technology. The company’s health ambitions were cemented with the Apple Watch Series 4, which introduced fall detection and a sensor to let you take ECGs on the go. Other companies are also exploring the intersection of wearable technology and wellness. Starkey has been an early leader in what they refer to as the “healthables” market. At CES 2019, the company previewed new updates to its line of intelligent hearing aids.

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