Sonos Stories October 10

Sonos Mac app upgraded – but mostly downgraded – as company prioritizes iOS app

The Sonos Mac app has been upgraded to version 9.2 – though reading the release notes, it would be more accurate to say it has been downgraded …

Sonos Stories September 11

Sonos has been aiming to make its speakers more useful by opening up its API to third-party developers, and IF This Then That (IFTTT) has been one of the first to jump on board.

Among the more useful things this enables is to allow smart home devices to trigger actions on your Sonos speakers. You could, for example, have Sonos stop playing music when you leave the home and resume playing when you return, triggered by your smart lock …

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Sonos Stories August 29

Along with upgrading the majority of its older products to support AirPlay 2, and its recently announced Beam soundbar, Sonos today is announcing a new iteration of its Amp, which will also be gaining support for Apple’s latest wireless standard.

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Sonos Stories August 9

Sonos One and Beam both have the Alexa voice assistant built-in, but there are occasionally new features from Amazon that are limited to Echo speakers. Echo’s Announcements intercom feature has been one those, but that’s changing for Sonos.

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Sonos Stories August 5

Following the company’s IPO last week, Sonos chief product officer Nick Millington sat down with Engadget to discuss how the IPO affects the company’s roadmap, the future of AirPlay 2 adoption, and more…

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Sonos Stories August 2

Sonos CEO explains what it’s like competing with Apple & more in new interview

Sonos is well known for its hardware and trying its best to be platform agnostic by letting its speakers connect with as many music streaming services as it possibly can, and that includes Apple Music and support for the proprietary AirPlay protocol.

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