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Headphones Stories March 22

My audio tastes run more toward the mid-range (or a little higher), but I of course recognize that some people want something basic at a pocket-friendly price.

But with Apple dropping the headphone socket from iPhones and iPads, things are getting a little more complicated for those who don’t want the expense or charging hassle of wireless headphones …

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Headphones Stories March 1

I love music. I couldn’t imagine life without it, and for something which brings me so much pleasure, I’m willing to pay for decent quality.

But I’ve always said that I have mid-range ears. Give me a Bang & Olufsen system in the low single-digit thousands, or something at the bottom end of the Naim range, and I’m a very happy man. Anything beyond that is wasted on me. And, indeed, for casual listening, stereo-paired HomePods hit the spot; to me, they sound way better than they have any right to at that price level.

When it comes to headphones, I mostly use my B&W P5 Wireless, or my Master & Dynamic MW07, each of which comes in at $300 and sounded perfect to me …

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Headphones Stories January 17

Louis Vuitton wants you to pay them $700 for putting their logo on in-ear wireless headphones

Got $700 to waste? Louis Vuitton can help – the fashion company is offering some admittedly excellent in-ear true wireless headphones for $995. Which is $299 for the headphones and $696 for the logo …

Headphones Stories January 5

I’m currently working on a handful of headphone reviews over at 9to5Toys, and during my extensive testing with various headphones, I’ve realized more and more that I want Apple over-ear headphones. Here’s why…

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Headphones Stories November 23, 2018

Logitech to reportedly acquire headphone maker Plantronics for $2.2B

Popular computer accessories maker Logitech may be looking to purchase Plantronics, a company that specializes in Bluetooth earpieces and headsets.

According to a report from Reuters, this would be Logitech’s largest acquisition by far to date. This would also help diversify its business and move into new markets.

Headphones Stories November 9, 2018

One of the key features of Apple’s HomePod speaker is the beamforming technology used to adjust the sound output to the shape of the room, and using those same microphones for a neat Siri trick. By cancelling out the music output, Siri commands can be easily heard by the speaker even when it is blasting out music at full volume.

A new Apple patent application, published today, suggests that Apple may be seeking to use the same basis of that beamforming tech in its rumored over-ear headphones, to achieve two things …

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