iPhone 7 Overview Updated August 22, 2016

iPhone 7

Apple's next flagship iPhone is expected to arrive fall 2016

Rumored features, specs, pricing, & release date:

  • New dual-camera system
  • Thinner iPhone 6-like design w/ redesigned antenna lines
  • 32GB base storage, 256GB option
  • New darker ‘Space Black’ color option
  • Redesigned Force Touch Home Button
  • Removal of 3.5mm headphone jack

The iPhone 7 is looking less likely to be a major ‘tick’ update – with a completely fresh design – and more like a ‘tock’ update, with a design looking much like the existing iPhone 6/6S. So much so that we recently discussed if Apple might reconsider the expected iPhone 7 branding for the next iPhone.

The reports kicked off back in April with a KGI note suggesting that the iPhone 7 may not offer ‘many attractive selling points.’ Since then, we’ve seen a succession of reports and leaks appearing to support the view that the exterior design will look similar to existing models, just with tidier antenna lines and possibly a slightly thinner profile. We may finally see the base model change to 32GB, with a 32/64/256GB line-up.

One controversial change we’re expecting is for Apple to drop the 3.5mm headphone socket, relying instead on Lightning headphones or wireless ones Bluetooth headphones. We previously reported that Apple was developing truly wireless earbuds, but it’s unclear if Apple plans to debut those in time for the iPhone 7 launch.

The iPhone 7 Plus – or possibly Pro – looks set to get a dual-camera setup. It appears that the smaller model isn’t going to get this, though a larger lens shown in alleged leaked images of the smaller model does suggest some kind of camera upgrade. At least one report claimed the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 would get optical image stabilization, a feature that was previously available only on the larger 5.5-inch iPhone models.

 You can read some key reports here, then scroll down for all the latest iPhone 7 stories.

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iPhone 7 Stories August 20

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In this week’s top stories: iOS 10 betas, iPhone 7 leaks, Apple Watch 2, new iPad rumors, and much more.

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iPhone 7 Stories August 19

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After a minor mid-year refresh with new bands and models earlier this year, a full-fledged Apple Watch 2 upgrade is expected to arrive in the coming months. Here’s what we know so far… expand full story

Zac made the point yesterday that just because the iPhone 7 is sounding like a second S-year model, that doesn’t mean that mass-market buyers – ‘normals’ – won’t be wowed by it. Apple has an enviable ability to take relatively mainstream features and make them sound magical, and a report by French site NWE seems to make one rumored feature sound more likely.

While the dual-camera system slated for the larger iPhone 7 Plus is an obvious talking point, it’s also been suggested that the smaller model may get the optical image stabilisation (OIS) currently limited to the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

A claimed photo of the camera module for the 4.7-inch iPhone has four slots around it, similar to those found in the 6/6s Plus, but not in the standard model. These would appear to be for the tiny motors needed to move the lens in an OIS system …

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Apple has a fierce reputation for driving a hard bargain with its component suppliers, using its size and status to demand ultra-competitive pricing. But according to Digitimes, suppliers in Taiwan are starting to resist demands for ever-greater discounts.

Apple is said to have asked downstream part and component suppliers […] to reduce their quotes for iPhone 7 devices by as much as 20% even though order volumes for new phones are reportedly 30% lower than those placed a year earlier. Major downstream suppliers, notably Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) and associated companies under the Foxconn Group, have replied Apple that they could not be able to accept orders without reasonable profits at this time.

The two sides each appear to be bringing persuasive arguments to the table …

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iPhone 7 Stories August 18

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iPhone 7 mockup from Dom's hands-on video this week
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We’re now less than three weeks away from the date when Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 7, and I’ve noticed something worth discussing ahead of time.

This year’s iPhone appears to be a pretty modest update largely because of what we expect will be an iPhone 6s-like design, but I’ve seen a generally positive response to rumors so far from the type of users that insiders sometimes call normals. What feels like a boring iPhone cycle to insiders still holds a sense of magic for others. Perspective is important.

There’s also a splash of magic that seems to spread to even cynical insiders as Apple’s rumored plans turn into official products. We already know how the next few weeks will play out, but there’s still an adrenaline rush that comes with each step along the way…

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iPhone 7 Stories August 17

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