Portrait Mode Stories December 4, 2020

A Kickstarter project aims to turn iPhone Portrait mode photos into affordable holograms

Creating a realistic hologram involves a lot of expensive equipment, both for scanning and projection. But a Kickstarter project aims to provide an affordable hologram for as little as $199, and needs nothing more than a single Portrait mode photo taken by an iPhone

Portrait Mode Stories July 6, 2020

Portrait mode videos come to iPhone with Focos Live app

Portrait mode for iPhone arrived back in 2016 as a beta. The Bokeh effect photo feature has improved and evolved over the years but Apple still hasn’t offered the feature for shooting video. Now a new app called Focos Live adds the functionality to shoot wide aperture videos with a Bokeh effect on iPhone.

Portrait Mode Stories February 7, 2019

The iPhone’s Portrait Mode, which artificially blurs the background when taking photos of people, has been one of the Camera app’s most popular features. Now Skype background blurring is available in live video calls …

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Portrait Mode Stories December 17, 2018

Portrait mode was a headline feature for the iPhone 7 Plus, dual cameras allowing the stock Camera app to blur the background. A Portrait mode selfie feature came to the iPhone X, XS and XS Plus, thanks to the TrueDepth camera system.

But you can now take a (fake) Portrait mode selfie on older iPhones thanks to an update to Facebook’s Messenger app …

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Portrait Mode Stories November 19, 2018

While Portrait mode depth editing arrived with the iPhone XS, XR and the 2018 iPad Pro, the feature isn’t available on iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus. Today, Google is rolling out support for the feature with Google Photos for iOS.

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Portrait Mode Stories September 25, 2018

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max include the ability to edit the blur level on Portrait mode photos after they’ve been captured, and Apple has teased that the ability to edit blur in Portrait mode previews is coming in a future software update. The real-time preview in Depth Control feature is actually available now in the iOS 12.1 developer and public beta release for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Here’s how it works:

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