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As is typical, Apple unveiled iOS 10 in June of 2016 during its Worldwide Developer Conference, releasing the first developer beta on the same day. iOS 10 includes a host of new features and interface changes, including new Message features, widgets, a redesigned Control Center, a new Music app, and much more.

Headlining the iOS 10 update are a variety of new features coming to the Messages app. Users now have the ability to send messages with effects like “Slam” or “Invisible Ink,” while they can also send them with a background like Shooting Stars, Confetti, or Balloons. There’s also support for a GIF keyboard, a new image selection interface, and easily sending Apple Music songs.

Additionally, iOS 10 includes a redesigned lock screen. Gone is the iconic “Slide to Unlock” message. Instead, users are now told to “Press home to unlock,” which Apple says will ensure that users are no longer blowing past notifications that they need to see.

There is also support for widgets in iOS 10, which can be accessed by swiping to the left on the lock screen or homescreen. Widgets show brief snippets of information like Activity progress, Reminders, and Stocks.

Photos has also received a major overhaul. Advanced Computer Vision brings insanely accurate object, scene, and face recognition, while it also searches locally on device to search photos for Memories to resurface trips and highlight certain dates.

The Music app also received an overhaul in iOS. The Connect tab is nowhere to be found, with Connect content now being integrated into the For You tab. There’s support for lyrics at long last, as well. In terms of design changes, the fonts are much bigger and bolder and the Now Playing screen has also be refreshed.

iOS 10 is currently in developer beta and will launch in public beta in July. The operating system will launch to the general public alongside the iPhone 7 this fall.

iOS 10 Stories August 9, 2017

Following the July 19th release of iOS 10.3.3, Apple has this evening stopped signing iOS 10.3.2. It means that, from this point forward, users will no longer be able to upgrade or downgrade their devices to iOS 10.3.2. expand full story

iOS 10 Stories July 20, 2017

It’s always a good idea to accept iOS dot updates as soon as they are available as they generally have significant security fixes. But iOS 10.3.3, released yesterday, fixes one particularly nasty vulnerability, making a swift update a particularly good idea …

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iOS 10 Stories June 27, 2017

Are you running the iOS 11 beta but now wishing to revert back to iOS 10? If so, this hands-on tutorial is for you. In the following video walkthrough, we show you how to easily downgrade from iOS 11 back to iOS 10 using Apple’s recommended steps. expand full story

iOS 10 Stories June 5, 2017

Automatic Downloads is a feature in iOS 10 that is on by default and helps your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to automatically stay on top of installing the latest available apps and more.

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iOS 10 Stories April 5, 2017

A few weeks ago I posted about 10 handy iPhone tips that I use on a regular basis. To follow up, I’d like to share 10 additional iOS tips that I often use. Like I said before, chances are that hardcore iOS users will know most of these, but there’s usually at least one or two tips that catch users by surprise. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the full list. expand full story

iOS 10 Stories March 13, 2017

Tweetbot designer releases new ‘Stickershift’ iMessage sticker pack for car enthusiasts

Stickershift is a new iMessage sticker pack for iOS 10 from Tapbots, the makers of popular apps including Tweetbot, Calcbot, and Pastebot. Here’s how Tapbots describes the new sticker pack:

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