Stickershift is a new iMessage sticker pack for iOS 10 from Tapbots, the makers of popular apps including Tweetbot, Calcbot, and Pastebot. Here’s how Tapbots describes the new sticker pack:

Stickershift is a series of high quality automotive enthusiast stickers designed for iMessage. Stickers are organized into categories. This is an ongoing project so new stickers will be added in the future.

Tap on stickers to send to friends or stick them by dragging them onto photos or messages in iMessage.

If Stickershift is installed, but you can’t find the app, go to the iMessage Store, select the Manage tab and make sure it is enabled.

It’s a clever name with a car-focused sticker pack released on the same day that Apple also has sticker packs in mind. Each sticker was created by Tapbots designer Mark Jardine while development work involved was handled by Paul Haddad just like Tweetbot. Jardine says there’s some “awesome new stuff” coming to Tweetbot this year too.

Stickershift for iMessage is available to download for free on the App Store.

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