Skype Stories September 27, 2021

Skype is receiving a major update on all platforms. According to Microsoft, this is an “improved, faster, reliable, and super modern-looking Skype.” In a blog post, Microsoft says it’s upgrading and modernizing “the most important part” of Skype, the call stage, adding new layouts, themes, and other ways to help everyone connect more closely on the call.

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Skype Stories July 17, 2020

Skype iOS app finally gets background blur feature, 17 months after Mac

The Skype iOS app is finally getting the background blur feature that first landed on desktop versions of the app way back in February of last year …

Skype Stories April 22, 2020

One of the features that has made Zoom such a popular solution for video calls recently is support for custom backgrounds. After implementing similar Zoom-like features earlier this month, Skype is now adding support for custom backgrounds.

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Skype Stories April 3, 2020

Microsoft has made some nice improvements to its Skype video call service. Starting today, users don’t need to sign up for an account or download software to join cross-platform video conferences. There’s also a simpler interface that allows users to start a video call in just one click.

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Skype Stories August 29, 2019

Microsoft today has rolled out a handful of new features for messaging in the Skype application on iOS and Mac. There’s support for message drafts, bookmarks, and more with today’s update.

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Skype Stories August 15, 2019

Microsoft contractors are still listening to some requests made to its Cortana intelligent assistant, as well as some Skype calls.

The revelation follows decisions by Apple, Google, and Facebook to suspend their human review processes for now, and Amazon giving Alexa users the ability to opt-out

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Skype Stories April 12, 2019

Skype for iOS beta adds ability to share your iPhone and iPad screen with others

Skype has announced that it is planning to roll out screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps soon. The feature is currently included in the Skype Insider betas. Microsoft did not announce a public release timeframe but features usually roll out within a couple months.

Skype Stories March 9, 2019

Microsoft confirms the latest version of Skype for Web drops support for Safari

Microsoft released a new version of its Sky for Web client earlier this week in a bid to make the service easier to access. Now, however, the company has confirmed that Skype for Web is no longer supported in Safari.

Skype Stories February 7, 2019

The iPhone’s Portrait Mode, which artificially blurs the background when taking photos of people, has been one of the Camera app’s most popular features. Now Skype background blurring is available in live video calls …

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Skype Stories December 3, 2018

Microsoft has announced that as part of its commitment to accessibility, Skype is offering real-time call transcriptions from today. Anything anyone says in a call will appear in real-time AI-powered captions at the bottom of the screen so that deaf or hard-of-hearing people are able to follow along.

The same functionality will soon be offered for PowerPoint presentations, with translation options coming to both apps …

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Skype Stories November 19, 2018

One of the great things about the Amazon Echo ecosystem is the ability to set your preferred music streaming service — not just Amazon’s. Starting today, Amazon Echo smart speakers and other Alexa-enabled speakers now work with Pandora Premium, the personalized radio station service’s version of Apple Music. Amazon Echo speakers and screens are also gaining support for Skype audio and video calling just in time for the holidays.

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Skype Stories September 4, 2018

Skype call recording now available on Mac and iOS

Skype has long been the go-to method for remote conference calls. While Apple announced a similar featured named Group FaceTime in June, that feature has been postponed to a later date.

Skype Stories September 2, 2018

Just over a year ago, Microsoft updated its Skype app for iOS with a new ‘Highlights’ feature that was a clear copy of Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Now, in a push towards ‘simplicity and familiarity,’ Microsoft has removed its Highlights feature and made a few other changes to the Skype interface.

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Skype Stories August 6, 2018

Last month, Microsoft rolled out a major update to Skype that brought features such as free HD video calls, call recording, and more. While the update was meant to replace Skype 7.0, now commonly referred to Skype Classic, Microsoft says it is extending support for Skype 7.0…

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Skype Stories July 16, 2018

Starting this month, Skype users will be able record video calls natively within the Mac and iOS apps. The new cloud-based feature will work with group calls as well as capturing screen sharing.

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Skype Stories March 20, 2018

Skype adds support for easier trip planning via TripAdvisor on Mac and iOS

Planning a trip, whether it be with friends or family is never an easy task. Skype plans to change that with its collaboration with TripAdvisor.

Skype Stories February 13, 2018

A nasty Skype bug could allow a malicious attacker to gain “system” level access, if exploited. The bug is applicable on both macOS and Windows desktop platforms.

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Skype Stories January 11, 2018

Skype partnering w/ Signal for new ‘Private Conversations’ encrypted messaging feature

As first reported by ITPro, Skype is partnering with popular encrypted communication company Signal to bring end-to-end encryption to its service. The feature, called Private Conversations, will allow Skype users to have an “additional layer of security” for conversations…

Skype Stories November 21, 2017

Apple removes Skype from Chinese app store after request from Ministry of Public Security

Apple has removed Skype from the App Store in China following a request from the Ministry of Public Security …

Skype Stories November 9, 2017

Skype seems to be having a little difficulty at present figuring out whether it wants to be a business service or a consumer one. After recently adding Slack-like notifications, mentions and more, it is now adding Snapchat-style photo filters.

As seems obligatory for app updates these days, the filters claim to be AI-powered …

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Skype Stories October 31, 2017

Microsoft appears to be aiming to make Skype text chats closer to those offered by the likes of Slack and Hipchat – as well as bringing the desktop feature set in line with the mobile app. The new features were first previewed back in August …

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Skype Stories August 17, 2017

Skype Preview for Mac rolling out with mentions, improved group calls & more

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new preview of Skype to its desktop users. Skype Preview brings a number of small enhancements to the video calling app with improvements for both chats and group calling.

Skype Stories August 2, 2017

Messaging apps these days aren’t just for sending friendly greetings – increasingly, you can also use them to send cold, hard cash. Or the electronic equivalent, at least.

Skype is the latest to join the trend of supporting peer-to-peer payments through a PayPal integration in the latest update to its iOS and Android apps …

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Skype Stories March 11, 2017

Microsoft has quietly updated its Skype client for Mac to version 7.48 with a notable new feature for MacBook Pro users: Touch Bar support. The update, which is available now, allows MacBook Pro with Touch Bar users to more easily control their calls…

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