Amazon Echo Stories April 5

While Apple’ Siri digital assistant is still pretty limited in its functionality, despite it being the main input for HomePod, Amazon has been experimenting and adding new features at a rapid pace.

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Amazon Echo Stories April 4

It’s no secret that Siri is far behind its competition in the digital assistant space, and this continues with Apple’s new product, HomePod, which features Siri at the core of the experience.

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Amazon Echo Stories March 9

The most annoying thing about digital assistants is that you have to say a trigger word after every request, with few exceptions. Whether it be “Hey Siri”, “Ok Google”, or “Alexa”, it can become increasingly tiresome, especially if you’re trying to have a fluid conversation.

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Amazon Echo Stories February 12

As HomePod hits the market, Amazon is working on custom chips for Echo devices

As eager customers got their hands on Apple’s HomePod starting last Friday, one thing is for sure, the smart speaker competition is heating up. The latest news is that Amazon is working on creating custom chips for future Echo devices to help maintain its market lead.

Amazon Echo Stories December 22, 2017

Amazon announced today that it is expanding multi-room music playback with Echo devices with support for Spotify. The feature was originally announced back in August, but with limited support from music streaming services…

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Amazon Echo Stories May 31, 2017

While Apple may be planning to unveil its ‘Siri Speaker’ next week at WWDC, Amazon is updating its Echo ecosystem to work with iCloud Calendars. Amazon’s Alexa app can now link Apple iCloud Calendars to enable Echo integration.

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