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Abner Li has worked at 9to5Google since 2015 and in late 2020 took on the role of editor-in-chief. He is keenly focused on tracking what happens at Google and is often the first to spot new features in Google’s ever-growing family of applications that are updated on a daily basis, including SearchAssistantMapsWorkspaceAndroid, and Chrome/OS.

To him, what Google does greatly impacts the technology space and modern life. Inside the company, he is particularly interested in the key products mentioned above, as well as up-and-coming services like Google Podcasts and Google Lens. Each are massive platforms that can be unwieldy to grasp, with Abner keenly bent on understanding their philosophy and future direction. He is most excited about Google’s plans for augmented reality glasses.

Abner spearheads the APK Insight program at 9to5Google to chronicle all changes in the company’s Android apps, often finding new features before they are officially announced. This includes redesigns and revampslaunches, and new products.

Another big area of interest is Google’s burgeoning hardware division. He detailed all of the Pixel 3’s camera features before launch and got wind of Stadia’s hardware controller. Most recently, Abner scooped the 2nd-generation Nest Hub’s Soli-powered Sleep Sensing capability and how it would integrate with Google Fit.

Send tips/talk to abner@9to5mac.com or @technacity (open DMs).

October 3

Gmail and Google News updates add iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

Following Chrome and Google Drive last week, Google has rolled out the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget updates to Gmail and Google News.

September 28

Apple is taking credit for Google adding iMessage reactions on Android

Before Google’s “Get The Message” campaign in August, Android’s Messages app was updated with iMessage reactions at the start of this year. In a very weird turn of events, Apple appears to be taking credit for Google adding iMessage reactions on Android. 

September 27

Chrome and Google Drive updated with iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

Previewed earlier this month, Google is now rolling out its first iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets with updates to Chrome and Drive.

September 18

Google ‘Nest Wifi Pro’ leaks with Wi-Fi 6E, higher price, and no point unit

Back in June, we reported that Google was working on a new Wi-Fi 6 router, and it has now leaked as the “Nest Wifi Pro.”

September 14

Google Photos rolling out collage editor, Memories sharing, and more styles

Google Photos is rolling out a number of updates to Memories, like sharing, while Android and iOS is also getting an advanced collage editor.

September 12

Google previews iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for Gmail, Maps, and more

With iOS 16 launching for the iPhone today, Google is detailing upcoming Lock Screen widgets across six major apps set to arrive over the coming weeks.

September 8

Google Fi brings Wi-Fi calling & international hotspot to iPhone, expands global 5G for Android

Google Fi is rolling out a trio of updates today that are focused on the MVNO’s international experience when traveling, starting with Wi-Fi calling for iPhone subscribers.

September 6

YouTube TV 5.1 surround sound is now available on Apple TV

Back in March, YouTube TV said surround sound would be coming to Apple TV, and today 5.1 audio is now available for that streaming box.

August 23

Apple Music 4.0 for Android now in beta with iOS 16 features and ‘Apple Classical’ mention

Ahead of iOS 16 launching next month, Apple Music for Android has been updated with the latest features to ensure parity as part of version 4.0, which is currently in beta.

August 12

Google ad blitz brings ‘Get the Message’ RCS campaign to NYC

On Tuesday, Google kicked off its “Get The Message” RCS campaign online and will be continuing with digital billboards in NYC going after Apple.

August 9

Google starts ‘Get The Message’ campaign to pressure Apple into RCS on the iPhone

For the past year, Google has been increasingly calling out Apple for not adopting RCS (Rich Communication Services) on the iPhone. Meant to replace SMS/MMS, it has a number of technical advancements that would improve the messaging experience between Android and iOS users. Google is now launching a “Get The Message” pressure campaign in hopes that Apple will change its mind on RCS.

August 3

Google Duo update brings Meet icon and name [U: Live on iPhone]

In recent days, the Meet merger widely rolled out to Google Duo for Android and iOS. Google is now readying to start the next phase where the Meet icon and name replaces Duo’s following a mobile app update.

July 29

Amazon Drive is shutting down in 2023, no impact to Amazon Photos

In an email to customers this morning, Amazon announced that its “Drive” cloud storage service is shutting down at the end of 2023.

July 27

Google Maps updates location sharing with arrival and departure notifications

Google is rolling out a handful of new Maps features for the summer, but the highlight is a significant update to location sharing that lets you receive arrival and departure notifications.

July 15

Humane offers potential first look at its laser projection display in teaser film [Video]

At the start of this year, we reported how a secretive startup founded by ex-Apple employees looked to be creating an Android-powered AR wearable that features a laser-projected display. Humane this morning released a minute-long teaser film that might tease what that projection technology looks like.

July 14

ChromeOS Flex launches to turn your old Mac or PC into a Chromebook

After entering early access preview five months ago, ChromeOS Flex is now stable (version 103) and ready for widespread use.

July 11

YouTube is finally widely rolling out Picture-in-Picture for iPhone and iPad

YouTube announced last June that Picture-in-Picture (PiP) was coming to its iPhone and iPad apps, and wide availability is now just a few days away for Premium subscribers globally and free users in the United States.

July 4

Hangouts on Android and iOS stops working for many

As announced a week ago, Google is now in the process of shutting down classic Hangouts for free consumers. Many users are finding that they can no longer access Hangouts for Android and iOS today.

June 29

Google makes its latest case on why iPhone users should switch to Android

Back in April, Google launched a “Switch to Android” iOS app that first worked with Pixel phones. Availability is now expanding to all Android 12 phones as Google makes its case for why iPhone users should switch.

June 28

Gmail gets Material You web redesign and ‘Gmail-only’ view without Chat, Meet

Google announced today that Material You is coming to Gmail on the web in a redesign that also addresses complaints about the integrated view overhaul from earlier this year by introducing a “Gmail-only” view.

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