The iPhone X didn’t just set a new record for iPhone pricing, it’s also reportedly doing the same for how well it holds its resale value.

Liquidation specialist B-Stock says that high demand is seeing used models sell for an average of 85% of the original price …


Even bulk purchasers, such as companies buying returns from retailers, are paying around 75% of retail.

B-Stock says that this is a substantially higher percentage than previous iPhone models sold at the same time in the product life-cycle.

One reason for this is high domestic demand. While a significant percentage of iPhone models are sent overseas, the company says that almost all iPhone X models are sold within the USA, with just 2% being sold abroad. The popularity of the new form factor also means that those who want an iPhone X, and are looking to save a little money by buying a used one, won’t consider alternative models.

While the iPhone X may be a standout example in terms of the percentage returned on resale, it is generally the case that Apple products hold a higher value for longer than most competing models – meaning that the so-called ‘Apple tax’ is lower than it might appear.

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