Qualcomm Stories July 17

The Department of Justice is arguing that the Qualcomm antitrust ruling back in May poses a threat to national security. It is calling for the remedies issued by the court to be put on hold pending an appeal.

Although Apple settled its civil lawsuit against Qualcomm, the exact same evidence put forward for that case was earlier used by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take the radio chipmaker to court — with judgement awarded against Qualcomm …

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Qualcomm Stories May 31

The Qualcomm antitrust ruling may well be reversed on appeal, say some legal experts, who think the chipmaker has ‘strong arguments’ on its side.

Qualcomm’s legal showdown with Apple may have fizzled out, but a separate case did go the distance. Earlier this month, the company lost a case brought by the FTC, and was ordered to renegotiate its licensing terms with smartphone makers.

However, that decision was based on a fairly obscure precedent involving a ski company, and some experts think it likely to be reversed …

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Qualcomm Stories May 22

Update: Qualcomm unsurprisingly disagrees with the judgement and will be appealing the ruling to the US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit. Original story below.

Judge Koh has filed her ruling on the FTC antitrust suit against Qualcomm, and it comprehensively concludes that Qualcomm business practices were anticompetitive as reported by FOSSPatents.

Qualcomm has been ordered to renegotiate existing licensing terms such that its supply of modem chips is wholly separate to any patent licensing agreement. It cannot enter exclusivity supply agreements and it must license standards-essential patents at fair and reasonable rates.

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Qualcomm Stories May 11

Various Qualcomm executives have received bonuses for settling the company’s legal battle with Apple. As first noted by CNBC, the bonuses were revealed in an SEC filing, with CEO Steve Mollenkopf taking home the biggest bonus.

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Qualcomm Stories May 3

The US Department of Justice is seeking to intervene in the remaining Qualcomm antitrust case, expressing concern about the penalties that might be applied if the chipmaker is found guilty.

While what was to have been the world’s biggest antitrust battle between Qualcomm and Apple ended with a whimper rather than a bang, we’re still awaiting the outcome of a federal case against the chipmaker …

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Qualcomm Stories May 1

Qualcomm today reported its earnings for the second fiscal quarter of 2019, revealing some new details about its surprise settlement with Apple. According to Qualcomm, it will record revenue of between $4.5 billion and $4.7 billion as part of the deal.

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