Qualcomm Stories September 7

The long-running patent infringement dispute between Apple and Qualcomm is at the stage of pre-trial motions – where both sides try to get rulings on what will and won’t be allowed in evidence during the trial.

The judge in the case has granted some of Apple’s motions, and effectively told Qualcomm that it will have to accept the consequences of its poor legal strategy …

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Qualcomm Stories August 10

Taiwan FTC cancels most of Qualcomm’s fine, but it doesn’t hurt Apple’s case

Apple’s legal battle with Qualcomm was given a boost last year when Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) fined the chipmaker $773M for antitrust behavior …

Qualcomm Stories July 25

Amidst its ongoing legal battle with Apple, Qualcomm today stated that it expects the iPhone maker will not use any Qualcomm modems in its upcoming iPhones. While Qualcomm will still provide modems for older iPhones that remain available for sale, losing out on all new business is a huge blow for the company…

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Qualcomm Stories July 23

It’s not just Samsung claiming iPhone specifications don’t match those of its competitors – now Qualcomm is joining in …

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When it comes to rolling out a new network standard like 5G, there are a lot of moving parts involved, and just as many obstacles. One of the biggest challenges to the upcoming move to 5G cellular technology is producing eligible millimeter wave antennas that are small enough that can fit inside modern smartphones. Qualcomm has been hard at work at producing an antenna module, the QTM052, capable of operating at the high frequencies required for 5G. The production of such a small antenna means that one of the biggest hurdles to making next-generation 5G technology a reality has been cleared. expand full story

Qualcomm Stories June 28

In the ongoing lawsuit against Qualcomm from Apple, a group of consumers is trying to dissuade District Court Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose from imposing any sort of import ban on iPhones that use Intel chips, Bloomberg reports.

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