Qualcomm Stories Yesterday

A key issue in the ongoing battle between Apple and Qualcomm is whether the chipmaker imposed unfair terms on Apple. Apple says yes, but an expert witness in the US Federal Trade Commission antitrust case against Qualcomm says that’s impossible.

The witness said that Qualcomm simply didn’t have enough power to do so …

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Qualcomm Stories January 22

A report from Bloomberg details how Apple’s director of cellular systems architecture, Matthias Sauer, testified that the company sought 4G cellular modems from an array of different companies besides Qualcomm, however, none were able to provide market-ready 4G modems in time.

The news is a big boost to the chipmaker’s case, who is fighting claims that its near market monopoly has forced phone manufactures to pay fixed, inflated prices on chip licensing royalties.

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Qualcomm Stories January 19

Yesterday, it was reported that Apple had to retract a portion of its press release about iPhone sales in Germany as part of its ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm. Now, Bloomberg has obtained leaked emails that claim to offer more details about the relationship between the two companies collapsing.

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Qualcomm Stories January 18

Last month, Qualcomm won a victory in Germany with a suit that claimed Apple infringed on its modem patents. The ruling was set to affect iPhone 7 and 8, with Apple appealing the decision. In the meantime, Apple said it would stop selling the iPhone 7 and 8 in the country, but it interpreted the ruling so that third-parties could continue selling the devices. However, Apple has been issuing a press release in Germany that says it would be able to sell all iPhones in the country (via Bloomberg) and has now been ordered to stop using that part of the statement.

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Qualcomm Stories January 16

After six days, the US Federal Trade Commission rested its antitrust case against Qualcomm, and the chipmaker has opened its defence.

It began by claiming that the iPhone wouldn’t exist without its technology …

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Qualcomm Stories January 15

Buoyed by its victory in an earlier injunction against iPhone sales in Germany, Qualcomm launched a second patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in the country. This court, however, dismissed the latest Qualcomm lawsuit.

The new lawsuit has been described as a ‘nuisance’ one by a patent expert, who also said that the previous victory was worth little …

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