Qualcomm Stories October 16

The US Federal Trade Commission was due to reach a preliminary ruling in the Qualcomm antitrust case, where the chipmaker is accused of monopolistic behavior in respect of its smartphone radio chips. But Qualcomm has now asked a court for time to reach a settlement …

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Qualcomm Stories September 29

As part of the ongoing legal battle between the two, a U.S. trade judge has declined Qualcomm’s request for an import ban on certain iPhone models. As reported by Reuters, the judge said that while some iPhone models infringe on one Qualcomm patent, an import ban would go against certain factors…

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Qualcomm Stories September 26

Just yesterday, Qualcomm drastically upped the ante in its legal case against Apple, accusing the company of stealing source code and giving it to Intel.

In a new interview today, however, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf took a friendly approach to the situation, and said he expects Apple will become a Qualcomm customer again in the future.

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Qualcomm Stories September 25

If you were wondering whether the long-running battle between Apple and Qualcomm was going to continue to grow in intensity or be quietly settled, it looks like we now have an answer.

Qualcomm has dramatically upped the ante in its latest court filing, now accusing Apple of stealing its source code and giving it – and other trade secrets – to rival chipmaker Intel …

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Qualcomm Stories September 7

The long-running patent infringement dispute between Apple and Qualcomm is at the stage of pre-trial motions – where both sides try to get rulings on what will and won’t be allowed in evidence during the trial.

The judge in the case has granted some of Apple’s motions, and effectively told Qualcomm that it will have to accept the consequences of its poor legal strategy …

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Qualcomm Stories August 10

Taiwan FTC cancels most of Qualcomm’s fine, but it doesn’t hurt Apple’s case

Apple’s legal battle with Qualcomm was given a boost last year when Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) fined the chipmaker $773M for antitrust behavior …

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