Qualcomm Stories December 13

Earlier this week, it was reported that China had granted Qualcomm an iPhone import and sale ban as part of its legal case against Apple. While the ban has been unsuccessful at stopping iPhone sales in the country, a new legal filing from Apple in China offers more color on what would happen should a Chinese ban on the sale of iPhones go into effect.

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The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm, as well as the FTC’s lawsuit against Qualcomm, continues today. Reuters reports that a federal judge ruled today in the FTC’s case against Qualcomm that the chipmaker cannot use evidence of Apple’s move to competing suppliers like Intel to fight allegations that it acted in a way to preserve a monopoly on certain smartphone chips.

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Qualcomm won a surprise victory against Apple in China earlier this week, when it obtained an injunction against both the import and sale of iPhones in the country.

That victory was, however, more theoretical than practical: the injunction applied to older models, and seemingly only on the basis of the version of iOS they ran when they first went on sale. Apple continued to sell all its iPhone models in China.

However, Qualcomm has today upped the ante …

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The latest development in the Apple versus Qualcomm patent battle could still see a US iPhone import ban, despite a judge ruling against the possibility last year.

Qualcomm first sought the import ban just over a year ago, alleging that Apple infringed up to 16 of its patents, and that three of the infringements were sufficient to justify an import ban …

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Qualcomm Stories December 12

Qualcomm says Apple in breach of China iPhone sales ban because it is still selling iPhones in China

Apple is currently embroiled in a wide-ranging legal battle with Qualcomm over patents and royalties. Earlier this week, Qualcomm got an injunction on iPhone sales in China but iPhones remain available for sale …

Qualcomm Stories December 10

[Update 1:33 ET: Apple says it will appeal the injunction in China (despite the ban seemingly not affecting iPhone sales.]

CNBC reported breaking news this morning that China has granted an injunction against Apple over its patent dispute with Qualcomm, a move that the chip maker claims “bans the import and sale of nearly all iPhone models in China.” Apple has issued a statement, however, saying that “all iPhone models remain available for our customers in China.”

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