Qualcomm Stories May 25

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The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple over patent royalties for wireless chips has been further escalated. Qualcomm has effectively accused Apple of blackmailing it by instructing its suppliers to withhold royalty payments.

Qualcomm makes the accusation in a court filing requesting an injunction against all four of Apple’s iPhone manufacturers …

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Qualcomm Stories May 17

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In a new move in the on-going dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, the chip supplier has sued four iPhone suppliers directly. Qualcomm has already filed a countersuit against Apple itself.

The mess began when the FTC accused Qualcomm of effectively giving itself a monopoly by saying that it would charge Apple higher patent royalties unless the company agreed not to source baseband processors from its competitors. Apple then sued Qualcomm in several different countries, Qualcomm countersued, tried to get iPhone imports banned and said that iPhone suppliers were withholding around $1B in overdue royalties.

Even Samsung is on Apple’s side, but Qualcomm isn’t giving up …

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Qualcomm Stories May 13

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Apple is currently engaged in a high-profile legal battle with Qualcomm centered on patent royalties. Apple struck first back in January and has since expand its lawsuit to additional countries, while Qualcomm has officially hit back with a countersuit.

While the Federal Trade Commission had originally stated that Qualcomm had monopolistic like qualities, the trade group this week has yet again slammed the chip maker…

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Qualcomm Stories May 3

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The ongoing dispute between Apple and Qualcomm appears to be getting uglier today as Bloomberg reports that the supplier is seeking a ban on iPhone imports in the United States. Last week Qualcomm lowered its profit forecast over Apple withholding royalty payments during the ongoing legal battle between the two companies.

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Qualcomm Stories April 28

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Qualcomm has substantially cut both revenue and profit forecasts as it revealed that Apple has ceased all royalty payments to the company pending the outcome of lawsuits between the two companies …

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Qualcomm Stories April 19

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Qualcomm has released its quarterly earnings results and acknowledged the ongoing legal dispute with Apple in detail. Specifically, Qualcomm says Apple’s suppliers have “withheld ~$1 billion from their payments” over royalties for sales activity in the December quarter alone. Qualcomm has also provided a wide range of guidance for its next fiscal quarter because of the ongoing legal battle…

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