Reddit Stories August 19

Reddit announces new Developer Platform with resources for third-party extensions

Reddit on Friday announced its new Developer Platform in which the social network will provide resources for the developer community that creates extensions and apps that run specifically on Reddit. This platform, which will be available soon, comes as a way to encourage more people to contribute to the social network.

Reddit Stories July 13

Reddit and GIPHY announced a new partnership on Wednesday that brings built-in search for GIFs to the social network’s comments section. Starting today, Reddit users will be able to use GIPHY to add GIFs to their comments on supported subreddits.

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Reddit Stories July 7

Reddit announces limited-edition blockchain-backed avatars for its users

Reddit on Thursday announced new limited-edition blockchain-backed avatars for its users. These avatars, which will be available for purchase through the Reddit Avatar Builder, were created in partnership with multiple artists and give purchasers full rights to use the artwork.

Reddit Stories April 14

Reddit on Thursday announced updates to its search system, aimed at making it easier for Redditors to find exactly what they are looking for. In addition to an updated design, users can now search for comments on the social network.

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Reddit Stories March 28

After years of users asking for the return of r/Place, Reddit announces today that this popular April Fools’ Day experience is coming back, of course, on April 1.

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Reddit Stories March 1

A growing number of tech giants are applying Russian sanctions of the digital kind in response to the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Update: Apple subsequently announced its own responses.

Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are all limiting access to two Russian media brands, Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik

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Reddit Stories February 24

Reddit on Thursday announced an update to its mobile app for iOS and Android that adds a new “Discover” tab, which is designed to help users find more communities and new content on the social network.

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Reddit Stories February 9

Reddit last year introduced its own live audio platform called Reddit Talk to compete directly with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. This week, the social network announced updates to Reddit Talk, which now works on the web and also lets users listen to recorded sessions.

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Reddit Stories December 16, 2021

Reddit IPO planned, but details under wraps for now

A Reddit IPO (initial public offering) plan has been announced by the company, which would allow its shares to be publicly traded …

Reddit Stories December 1, 2021

Reddit is rolling out a big update for its iOS and Android apps, as well as its desktop version. The company is bringing five new real-time features: voting animations, comment count animations, typing indicators, reading indicators, and a new comment indicator.

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Reddit Stories October 13, 2021

Reddit announced today that it is making its new “Predictions Tournaments” feature available globally. The feature has been tested with a small group of users and is now being rolled out to everyone around the world.

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Reddit Stories August 13, 2021

Reddit announced on Friday a new video feed for its mobile app that should make it easier to watch the social network’s content in just one place. If the interface looks familiar to you, that’s because it is undeniably inspired by TikTok.

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Reddit Stories April 19, 2021

Following Facebook’s announcement earlier this morning, Reddit today unveiled its new live audio platform that will be integrated into the social network. Named “Reddit Talk,” the feature will work similarly to Clubhouse, enabling real-time conversations between users via audio.

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Reddit Stories April 7, 2021

Reddit for iOS ends support for iPhone 6, now requires iOS 13

Reddit for iOS was quietly updated to version 2021.13.0, and it dropped support for iOS 12. With this change, people with iPhone 6, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, or older will have to use the web version of Reddit.

Reddit Stories February 1, 2021

Robinhood trading restrictions for GME and other stocks were bad for customers, the company has admitted. However, CEO Vlad Tenev denied that the company had been pressured into this by hedge fund and business partner Citadel, saying that the company had been left with no choice.

Tenev said that the volume and value of trades meant that its deposit requirements rocketed …

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Reddit Stories December 14, 2020

Reddit has bought TikTok rival Dubsmash to boost video presence

Online discussion platform Reddit has confirmed reports that it has bought the lip-syncing video company Dubsmash. The move comes as multiple tech companies seek ways to compete with Chinese video platform TikTok

Reddit Stories March 3, 2020

Mailbrew launches to create auto email newsletters from Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds

A new service called Mailbrew is live that lets you created automated email newsletters. You can set them up from multiple sources including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, RSS feeds, and more.

Reddit Stories February 19, 2020

Reddit back after major outage takes out both app and website [Updated]

Update: The fix appears to have been successful, with both site and app working again.

If you’re having trouble connecting to Reddit, it’s not just you. The company’s status page acknowledges a major Reddit outage…

Reddit Stories October 27, 2018

Apollo for Reddit, one of the most popular iOS Reddit clients, has been updated today to version 1.3. The update brings several notable changes, including a brand new feature pack that includes full app thumbing, realtime notifications, and more.

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Reddit Stories August 1, 2018

PSA: Reddit reveals security breach, password reset and 2FA upgrade recommended

Reddit announced in a post today that it recently discovered a security incident where a hacker was able to gain access to some user data, including emails and hashed passwords from an old database.

Reddit Stories June 22, 2018

Reddit iOS app joins fight to be your news source, expanding ‘News tab’ beta to most users

After initially launching a limited test of its News tab feature, Reddit is bringing the update to most users of its iOS app today in a wider beta rollout.

Reddit Stories May 19, 2018

While many developers are now ditching Apple Watch support for its user base, some smaller developers are looking to get on board and adopt the platform. For Apple Watch, one notable omission has been Reddit Apple Watch clients.

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Reddit Stories March 14, 2018

Reddit introducing native promoted ads in its iOS app starting March 19

Reddit not too long ago purchased the popular Alien Blue third-party mobile client to make it its own. Now the company is looking into native promoted post ads as mobile becomes the most popular way to browse Reddit.

Reddit Stories January 25, 2018

PSA: Reddit rolling out two-factor authentication using code generated on phone

Reddit is now offering the option of using two-factor authentication (2FA) to all users following successful trials with moderators and beta-testers …

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