iTunes Stories May 14

[Update #2: Apple appears to be resolving this issue.]

[Update: It seems that the issue is affecting more than just Warner Bros movies. Users report that 4K titles from Columbia, MGM, 20th Century Fox, and others have also reverted to HD. This suggests it’s likely a bug on Apple’s part.]

Over the last several days, many Warner Bros movies on iTunes have reverted from 4K to simply HD on iTunes. This includes titles that customers have already purchased. At this point, it’s not explicitly clear whether this is an issue on Apple’s part or Warner’s.

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iTunes Stories April 11

The big news this week is that this fall may finally be the beginning of the end for iTunes. 9to5Mac’s Gui Rambo independently confirmed that the next major version of macOS will introduce standalone Music and Podcasts apps on the Mac. iTunes is expected to stick around for now, which suggests Apple’s new apps won’t include every legacy feature, but iPad-based versions of Music and Podcasts would actually introduce features to the Mac that aren’t available yet.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

iTunes Stories April 10

We’ve today been able to confirm that Apple is bringing new standalone media apps to macOS, including a Music app on the Mac.

That’s something I’ve been calling for since 2015.

Let’s have a new OS X Music app just like we got a new iOS one. Have it be a music player, and a means of transferring music to iOS devices, and nothing else. Strip away absolutely everything that isn’t about music.

I gave an exec summary of what I wanted from it back then, but now we know it’s finally happening, I thought I’d put together a more detailed wish-list for the upcoming app …

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iTunes Stories March 13

How to set the iTunes MiniPlayer on top of all windows on Mac

The iTunes MiniPlayer is a great way to have quick access to your iTunes or Apple Music library on your Mac without having a giant window covering your screen. It gives you easy access to your currently playing song, skip and rewind controls, play/pause, and even shows a history of what you’re playing. Follow along to learn how to set the iTunes MiniPlayer on top of all windows on Mac.

iTunes Stories March 7

A new report details how a pirated 4K copy of Aquaman could be the first known example of Apple’s 4K iTunes content being hacked. While there could be other explanations, multiple signs are pointing to the film coming from iTunes.

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iTunes Stories February 28

In a rather bizarre turn of events, CDs and vinyl records are making a small comeback. According to CNET, both physical mediums are now making more money than the iTunes Store, which dominated the industry roughly four years ago. Streaming also continues to grow and propel the music industry.

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