iTunes Stories October 9

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit over how it labels TV bundles in the iTunes Store, according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter. The class action lawsuit was recently filed in California federal court and alleges that by counting promotional clips as episodes, Apple is deceiving buyers of Season Pass content.

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iTunes Stories September 21

How to get a refund for the App Store or iTunes

One of the most underrated, and frankly hidden things from users is the ability to get a refund on iTunes or App Store purchases. This is especially important for games or apps that may be misleading and don’t function the same way the screenshots/description says it does.

iTunes Stories September 16

A viral tweet over the last week has led to a lot of confusion about whether or not Apple can delete movies you’ve purchased through iTunes from your library. In a statement to CNET this weekend, however, Apple addressed the controversy and offered a bit more detail on the situation.

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iTunes Stories September 7

Mac: How to customize the equalizer in iTunes

Got a new pair of headphones or speakers but sounds a bit off? If you’re an Apple Music subscriber or use iTunes as your way to manage music, there might be a way to offer a temporary fix for your audio gear…

iTunes Stories August 10

PSA: Apple dropping apps from the affiliate program could be good news for some

Apple’s controversial decision to remove apps from its iTunes Affiliate Program may be bad news for many, but it could represent good news of a kind for those with very small balances …

iTunes Stories August 1

Apple announced in an email to publishers this evening that it is making changes to its iTunes Affiliate Program. The company says that starting this fall, apps for iOS and macOS will no longer be included in the affiliate program…

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