iTunes Stories October 5, 2020

After several years of waiting, it appears that Disney and Apple have reached a deal to make 4K versions of Disney films available through iTunes. A wide selection of Disney movies is now showing as 4K in the iTunes Store, with additional support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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iTunes Stories September 17, 2020

When Apple announced its Apple One service bundles, it immediately raised a query for many: those with different Apple IDs for iCloud and Apple Music. Would the system cope with that situation, allowing them to take advantage of the savings?

Apple’s longest-serving employee, Chris Espinosa, has just confirmed that this will be fine …

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iTunes Stories July 20, 2020

Apple is being sued for allegedly refusing to help those who have fallen victim to a iTunes gift card scam. An 11-count class action lawsuit has been filed against the company.

Apple is accused of lying when it says that there is no way to trace or refund the value of the cards …

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iTunes Stories April 28, 2020

A new report today from the Wall Street Journal details the successful digital-only release of “Trolls World Tour” by Universal Pictures. The report says that the movie has racked up nearly $100 million in rentals, but as you would expect, movie theater owners are pushing back.

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iTunes Stories March 16, 2020

Universal Studios has announced today that it is planning to release movies that are still in theaters on iTunes and other services starting this week. This announcement comes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, with theaters limiting attendance and even shutting down completely. expand full story

iTunes Stories March 5, 2020

Pandemic thriller Contagion back in iTunes movie charts nine years later

It’s not often a nearly-decade-old movie makes it back into the iTunes movie charts, but pandemic thriller Contagion has achieved it, for the obvious reason. It is sitting at #12 at the time of writing …

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