iTunes Stories July 19

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Apple releases minor iTunes update with version 12.6.2

Alongside macOS 10.12.6, Apple has released a minor update to iTunes for macOS today. iTunes 12.6.2 includes “minor app and performance improvements” according to release notes. The update is available through the Mac App Store now.

iTunes Stories July 9

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Despite its increasing focuses on Services revenue, Apple is struggling to draw users to the iTunes Store for movie purchases and rentals. According to a new in-depth report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s market share for renting and purchasing movies has fallen to between 20 percent and 35 percent, despite once being well over 50 percent as recently as 2012…

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iTunes Stories June 6

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Apple overhauls iTunes website with more capable Apple Music-like design

In addition to other various announcements this week, Apple has made a noticeable change to the web version of iTunes. Whereas the design was previously incredibly dated and hard to use, the new design is more akin to that of Apple Music and the current iTunes app on Mac and PC.


iTunes Stories May 23

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Apple releases second iTunes 12.6.1 update with new build number

Apple has released an updated version of iTunes through the Mac App Store, although the version number and release notes appear the same.

iTunes Stories May 15

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Apple releases iTunes 12.6.1 w/ ‘minor app and performance improvements’

In addition to macOS 10.12.5, Apple has released a minor version update to iTunes for macOS. iTunes 12.6.1 includes ‘minor app and performance improvements’ according to release notes. The update is available through the Mac App Store now.

[Update: OS News reports that what Fraunhofer IIS fails to mention is that the last of the patents expired, and this is the reason that it is no longer licensing the format.]

More than 25 years after it was first developed, the mp3 format for digital music has been officially discontinued. The Fraunhofer Institute, the main organization responsible for licensing the encoders and decoders, has today announced that it ceased doing so late last month.

Apple was of course in large part responsible for popularizing the format, but also played a role in its demise …

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