iTunes Stories October 24

Bono memoir reveals the story behind the free U2 album debacle (and U2 iPod)

A memoir by Irish singer-songwriter Bono reveals the story behind the free U2 album debacle, which saw both Apple and the band become the butt of jokes on social media, as well as the subject of considerable anger toward both parties …

iTunes Stories May 19

Apple this week quietly released an update for the Windows version of its iTunes music player. However, rather than adding new features, the update is focused on fixing bugs and security breaches for those who still rely on iTunes.

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iTunes Stories December 21, 2021

Apple recently released macOS Monterey 12.2 beta, and while the update isn’t a big one, it does come with a Music app that has been rewritten with native technology instead of web content. Meanwhile, the same old iTunes that was discontinued on the Mac years ago is still available on Windows – and it’s past time for Apple to replace it with something better.

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iTunes Stories October 20, 2021

Apple is already facing a class-action lawsuit over the potential for iTunes purchased content removal, and it’s now faced with another on the opposite side of the country.

Both lawsuits make the same complaint: that the iTunes store wording says that you can “buy” or “rent” movies, while the reality is that you can only license them – and that license can be later withdrawn.

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iTunes Stories September 21, 2021

Following the release of iOS 15 to the public on Monday, Apple also introduced a new version of iTunes for Windows with support for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Unfortunately, the update broke iTunes for users with the system language set to any language other than English.

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iTunes Stories April 22, 2021

Apple is facing a putative class action in a federal courtroom in Sacramento, California, over the way customers can “buy” or “rent” movies, TV shows, and other content in the iTunes Store. While Apple had attempted to dismiss the lawsuit, a federal judge has denied this request.

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iTunes Stories October 5, 2020

After several years of waiting, it appears that Disney and Apple have reached a deal to make 4K versions of Disney films available through iTunes. A wide selection of Disney movies is now showing as 4K in the iTunes Store, with additional support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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iTunes Stories September 17, 2020

When Apple announced its Apple One service bundles, it immediately raised a query for many: those with different Apple IDs for iCloud and Apple Music. Would the system cope with that situation, allowing them to take advantage of the savings?

Apple’s longest-serving employee, Chris Espinosa, has just confirmed that this will be fine …

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iTunes Stories July 20, 2020

Apple is being sued for allegedly refusing to help those who have fallen victim to a iTunes gift card scam. An 11-count class action lawsuit has been filed against the company.

Apple is accused of lying when it says that there is no way to trace or refund the value of the cards …

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iTunes Stories April 28, 2020

A new report today from the Wall Street Journal details the successful digital-only release of “Trolls World Tour” by Universal Pictures. The report says that the movie has racked up nearly $100 million in rentals, but as you would expect, movie theater owners are pushing back.

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iTunes Stories March 16, 2020

Universal Studios has announced today that it is planning to release movies that are still in theaters on iTunes and other services starting this week. This announcement comes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, with theaters limiting attendance and even shutting down completely. expand full story

iTunes Stories March 5, 2020

Pandemic thriller Contagion back in iTunes movie charts nine years later

It’s not often a nearly-decade-old movie makes it back into the iTunes movie charts, but pandemic thriller Contagion has achieved it, for the obvious reason. It is sitting at #12 at the time of writing …

iTunes Stories January 13, 2020

Welsh song recorded in 1981 currently tops the iTunes UK song chart

The iTunes UK song chart is currently topped by a rather unlikely track: a song by a Welsh folk band which was recorded in 1981 and released in 1983…

iTunes Stories November 26, 2019

$5B class action lawsuit accusing Apple of selling customer data is thrown out

A $5B class action lawsuit that accused Apple of selling customer data has been rejected for the second and final time…

iTunes Stories October 15, 2019

AMC Theater takes on iTunes with online video store to buy or rent movies

Apple may be moving into streaming video next month, but renting and buying movies online is still big business – and AMC Theater wants a piece of it.

The movie theater chain is diversifying into on-demand movie rental and sales in direct competition with iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube…

iTunes Stories October 11, 2019

Vulnerability in iTunes and iCloud allowed Windows PC ransomware infection

A zero-day vulnerability in iTunes and iCloud apps on Windows PCs enabled attackers to install ransomware without triggering antivirus protections. Ransomware encrypts the entire hard drive or SSD with a key known only to the attacker, enabling them to demand a ransom to decrypt the machine…

iTunes Stories June 12, 2019

Apple continues to move away from the iTunes brand this week. Now, when you view an iOS or Mac app listing on the web, the URL is based on, whereas it was previously

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iTunes Stories June 4, 2019

The decision to retire iTunes in favor of a standalone Mac Music app (alongside separate Podcast and TV apps) will please many of us, but it did leave a few unanswered questions.

With Apple these days very focused on streaming music, what happens to music ripped from CD once we make the switch to the new Music app in macOS Catalina, for example … ?

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iTunes Stories June 2, 2019

The death of iTunes has been looming for quite a while now, and over the last several weeks, Apple itself has started the process of killing the iTunes brand. This week, two new pieces of evidence have emerged that further support the end of the iTunes brand at WWDC 2019.

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iTunes Stories May 25, 2019

While Apple is a strong proponent of user privacy, a new lawsuit accuses the company of disclosing and selling certain iTunes purchase data. Bloomberg reports that Apple has been hit with a class action alleging that it discloses and sells information about iTunes listening habits.

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iTunes Stories May 14, 2019

[Update #2: Apple appears to be resolving this issue.]

[Update: It seems that the issue is affecting more than just Warner Bros movies. Users report that 4K titles from Columbia, MGM, 20th Century Fox, and others have also reverted to HD. This suggests it’s likely a bug on Apple’s part.]

Over the last several days, many Warner Bros movies on iTunes have reverted from 4K to simply HD on iTunes. This includes titles that customers have already purchased. At this point, it’s not explicitly clear whether this is an issue on Apple’s part or Warner’s.

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iTunes Stories April 11, 2019

The big news this week is that this fall may finally be the beginning of the end for iTunes. 9to5Mac’s Gui Rambo independently confirmed that the next major version of macOS will introduce standalone Music and Podcasts apps on the Mac. iTunes is expected to stick around for now, which suggests Apple’s new apps won’t include every legacy feature, but iPad-based versions of Music and Podcasts would actually introduce features to the Mac that aren’t available yet.

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iTunes Stories April 10, 2019

We’ve today been able to confirm that Apple is bringing new standalone media apps to macOS, including a Music app on the Mac.

That’s something I’ve been calling for since 2015.

Let’s have a new OS X Music app just like we got a new iOS one. Have it be a music player, and a means of transferring music to iOS devices, and nothing else. Strip away absolutely everything that isn’t about music.

I gave an exec summary of what I wanted from it back then, but now we know it’s finally happening, I thought I’d put together a more detailed wish-list for the upcoming app …

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iTunes Stories March 13, 2019

How to set the iTunes MiniPlayer on top of all windows on Mac

The iTunes MiniPlayer is a great way to have quick access to your iTunes or Apple Music library on your Mac without having a giant window covering your screen. It gives you easy access to your currently playing song, skip and rewind controls, play/pause, and even shows a history of what you’re playing. Follow along to learn how to set the iTunes MiniPlayer on top of all windows on Mac.

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