iPod Stories April 25

Apple has announced a recall of wall plug adapters used in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It follows six incidents of electric shocks resulting from the plugs breaking, exposing metal contacts.

The plugs were sold with a range of Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods, but you only have to worry about them if you’re using a rather elderly model – or bought the official Apple World Travel Adapter Kit a long time ago …

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iPod Stories August 16, 2018

Kickstarter campaign offers nostalgic Apple pillow collection without saying so …

I wouldn’t have foreseen much overlap in the market for Apple memorabilia and that for throw pillows, but one Kickstarter campaign seems to be proving me wrong …

iPod Stories June 19, 2018

A new medical study suggests that children who listen to portable music players are three times more likely to suffer hearing loss than those who don’t …

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iPod Stories February 19, 2018

Your old iPod is a time capsule of your former musical tastes …

If you have any of your old iPods in the depths of a desk drawer somewhere, they could act as an interesting time capsule of your musical tastes in your earlier life …

iPod Stories February 1, 2018

Home security cameras have been made way easier to access with HomeKit solutions like D-Link Omna and Logitech Circle 2, but deploying an always-on video stream from your car is a harder problem to solve. Owl is a new startup founded by an iPod veteran that’s looking to change that with its new Owl Car Cam.

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iPod Stories July 29, 2017

Earlier this week, Apple officially discontinued the iPod nano and shuffle by removing them from its online store and slowly phasing them out from retail locations. The move was somewhat out of the blue, but one that makes sense when you think of the current state of technology.

While we asked you earlier this week what you thought of Apple’s decision to discontinue the iPod nano and shuffle, but would you be interested in updated models of either device or an updated iPod classic with Apple Music support?

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