Coronavirus Stories Yesterday

Apple launched its user-friendly and helpful COVID-19 screening app and website last week. Even though the company publicly detailed it isn’t collecting responses, four US senators have asked Tim Cook for more details on the privacy policy of the app. Here’s what we found in our analysis of the app.

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Google and Facebook location data shows coronavirus lockdown compliance

With many cities, states, and countries asking people to remain at home, Google and Facebook location data is being used to help determine how many people are complying with the coronavirus lockdown…

Coronavirus Stories April 1

In response to the continued coronavirus outbreak, Apple and Goldman Sachs are allowing customers to skip their Apple Card March payment without incurring interest charges. Apple Card holders should receive an email announcing this “Customer Assistance Program.”

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The push for contact tracing apps continues with a joint initiative in Europe and a rather more authoritarian app launching tomorrow in Russia.

We recently outlined how contact tracing works, and described an option for a privacy-respecting version that could potentially be baked into iOS and Android for near-universal coverage…

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Various people have suggested in the past that Apple should allow FaceTime for Android and Windows, in an attempt to make it the default standard for consumer video calls. That idea gained new impetus when Apple launched the Group FaceTime function for calls between up to 32 people.

But the coronavirus outbreak has taken consumer group videoconferencing to a whole new level. Back in February, most non-techies had never done it in their lives. Fast-forward to now, and Zoom conferences are a completely normal thing for everyone …

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An Apple coronavirus donation has been doubled as the company seeks to provide additional help in China.

Apple CEO Tim Cook today announced on Weibo that the company would be contributing more than 50 million yuan ($7M) in total …

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