Quanta Computer Stories February 17, 2020

A supply-chain report predicts that laptop production in China will be severely hit by the coronavirus outbreak and that global shipments for this quarter will be down by anything between 29% and 36%.

Quanta, which makes most of Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, has contingency plans in place, but these are not expected to be sufficient…

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Quanta Computer Stories February 4, 2020

Major Apple suppliers say that they currently plan to resume production in China on February 10.

Most large Chinese companies have extended the Chinese new year holiday in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. February 10 is the government’s target date to re-open factories and re-start production…

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Quanta Computer Stories October 29, 2018

A Hong Kong-based human rights group has claimed that high school students are being illegally employed by Quanta Computer to work on Apple Watch assembly in mainland China. The company was last month reported to be working at ‘maximum capacity‘ on production of the Apple Watch Series 4.

It’s alleged that the students were sent to Quanta by their teachers for ‘internships’ …

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Quanta Computer Stories September 26, 2018

I predicted that the Apple Watch Series 4 was going to be a game-changer, both before and after its launch. Other commentators shared this view, as did reviewers – and there’s now increasing evidence that this is being reflected in sales …

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Quanta Computer Stories July 25, 2017

Predictions for a ‘strong second-half’ for Quanta computer support expectations of an Apple Watch Series 3 being launched in September …

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Quanta Computer Stories November 13, 2015

Apple Watch WatchPlate rose gold

Apple is reportedly planning to ship the first successor to the Apple Watch sometime next year around the second or third quarter, according to Chinese media source UDN. The report cites comments made during a meeting with Barry Lam, chairman and founder of Quanta Computer, an Apple Watch manufacturer. While it’s no surprise that Apple would be planning to introduce the Apple Watch 2 in 2016, a third quarter release would mean a launch two years after the first model was introduced and roughly a year and a half since it went on sale. expand full story

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