Label of iMac assembled in Fremont CA

Since the “Assembled in the USA” iMacs story broke last weekend, we’ve been tracking a few of the shipping products from their destination via 9to5Mac readers in the U.S. to try to triangulate where they are being assembled.

We now have two USA models on record—both of which shipped via FedEx and originated in the San José area. One tipster’s origination pickup point was briefly visible as Fremont, Calif., so it would appear that iMac assembly is happening in that general vicinity.

What’s interesting here is that Fremont was the location of the original Mac assembly plant and was where Macs were built until production shifted to a plant in Elk Grove in 1993.

What’s been happening lately in Fremont? Tesla now builds its amazing Model S electric cars in Fremont, and, if you are looking for some manufacturing space, Solyndra, and its $733 million state-of-the-art robotic facility, recently filed for a politically charged Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

So, is Apple returning to its roots and again assembling iMacs near Fremont? Some fun Apple manufacturing videos from the 80s are below:

This is the FedEx shipping information. Note Fremont in upper left.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 8.36.04 AM

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