There are certain crazy rumors that begin with a wholly unreliable source, then take on a life of their own as they get repeated around the web. Meet the ‘iPad Maxi’ …

Ok, the image is a satire, but Korean website ET News really is suggesting that Apple intends to launch a 12.9-inch iPad with this “tentative” name, and it really is being reblogged with straight faces …

It’s not that the idea itself is impossible. In a post-PC world, there may well be a role for larger tablets, and given Apple’s keen interest in the textbook market, a 13-inch iPad might have merit. But when a rumor comes attached to a name like that, you’d think there might be a little more upward movement on the part of various eyebrows …

In second place this morning UnwiredView also repeats a rumor that the iPhone 5S will have double the pixels as the iPhone 5.  Normally, this would have won ridiculous rumor of the day.  Oh, and it is just 10am ET.

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