MoviePass Stories September 13, 2019

MoviePass closing shop after months of making service worse, but still seeking funding

MoviePass has given customers and investors a wild ride over the last year and a half. And that’s thanks to its unpredictable business strategy and execution rather than the entertainment it was supposed to be offering with its movie subscription service. Now, as reported by CNBC, MoviePass is almost certainly kicking the bucket tomorrow, September 14th. However, it’s still looking for a new life…

MoviePass Stories March 20, 2019

MoviePass tries out latest random business model: unlimited unless they say otherwise

I’ve lost count of how many business models MoviePass has tried in an attempt to offer unlimited movie-going for a fixed monthly fee.

Let’s see (I hope I have enough fingers for this) …

MoviePass Stories March 7, 2019

Sinemia service offering non-subscribers movie ticket discounts, MoviePass to produce original movies in latest pivot

Sinemia, a competitor to MoviePass and AMC Stubs A-List, is today announcing a new plan that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. According to a report from TechCrunch, the company is going the rewards and discounts route rather than offering a monthly “unlimited” movies subscription plan.

MoviePass Stories December 6, 2018

MoviePass introduces three new subscription tiers for 2019, hopes to break even on ticket sales

Remember MoviePass? The subscription service that initially let you watch unlimited standard movies every month and then crashed because it couldn’t afford to pay for all the movies? Well, it’s apparently making a comeback in a big way (maybe).

MoviePass Stories October 3, 2018

MoviePass’ struggles have been well-documented so far this year. Perhaps most notably, the service went offline back in July because its owner, Helios & Matheson, ran out of cash. Now, a Helios & Matheson and MoviePass bankruptcy is out of the question.

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MoviePass Stories September 30, 2018

The polarizing movie subscription service MoviePass has found itself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time around, MoviePass is reactivating accounts canceled by users accounts without consent. The tactic was first reported by Engadget, and MoviePass is calling it a “test” for a select group of users.

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