MoviePass Stories February 10

MoviePass may rise the from dead as cofounder buys back company [Update: Relaunching this summer]

MoviePass made quite the splash back in 2017/18 when it launched a $10 unlimited movie theater service and then quickly made changes that led to insolvency. Now after going bankrupt, one of the founders has repurchased the company with potential plans to relaunch the service.

Update 2/10: At an event in NYC today, MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes took the stage to announce that the service is officially coming back. MoviePass 2.0 is slated to arrive this summer.

MoviePass Stories September 13, 2019

MoviePass closing shop after months of making service worse, but still seeking funding

MoviePass has given customers and investors a wild ride over the last year and a half. And that’s thanks to its unpredictable business strategy and execution rather than the entertainment it was supposed to be offering with its movie subscription service. Now, as reported by CNBC, MoviePass is almost certainly kicking the bucket tomorrow, September 14th. However, it’s still looking for a new life…

MoviePass Stories March 20, 2019

MoviePass tries out latest random business model: unlimited unless they say otherwise

I’ve lost count of how many business models MoviePass has tried in an attempt to offer unlimited movie-going for a fixed monthly fee.

Let’s see (I hope I have enough fingers for this) …

MoviePass Stories March 7, 2019

Sinemia service offering non-subscribers movie ticket discounts, MoviePass to produce original movies in latest pivot

Sinemia, a competitor to MoviePass and AMC Stubs A-List, is today announcing a new plan that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. According to a report from TechCrunch, the company is going the rewards and discounts route rather than offering a monthly “unlimited” movies subscription plan.

MoviePass Stories December 6, 2018

MoviePass introduces three new subscription tiers for 2019, hopes to break even on ticket sales

Remember MoviePass? The subscription service that initially let you watch unlimited standard movies every month and then crashed because it couldn’t afford to pay for all the movies? Well, it’s apparently making a comeback in a big way (maybe).

MoviePass Stories October 3, 2018

MoviePass’ struggles have been well-documented so far this year. Perhaps most notably, the service went offline back in July because its owner, Helios & Matheson, ran out of cash. Now, a Helios & Matheson and MoviePass bankruptcy is out of the question.

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MoviePass Stories September 30, 2018

The polarizing movie subscription service MoviePass has found itself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time around, MoviePass is reactivating accounts canceled by users accounts without consent. The tactic was first reported by Engadget, and MoviePass is calling it a “test” for a select group of users.

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MoviePass Stories August 16, 2018

MoviePass finds new way to limit remaining members with daily movie lineup restriction

In another erratic move, today MoviePass is letting customers know that it will begin limiting what movies will be available on a daily basis.

MoviePass Stories August 15, 2018

MoviePass faces lawsuits, delisting, as new plan goes live and latest losses revealed

CNBC reported earlier in the month that MoviePass would be changing its business model yet again, this time reverting to a $9.95/month fee, but now limiting subscribers to a maximum of three movies per month. That report turned out to be correct, and the new plan kicks in today – but not without a problem or four …

MoviePass Stories August 6, 2018

It’s a new week which naturally means MoviePass has a new business model. In an act that will either save it or be its grand finale, MoviePass announced today that it will revert to its $9.95/month plan, but limit customers to just three movies per month.

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MoviePass Stories July 31, 2018

MoviePass hopes a price hike and limiting new movie access can save it

News broke last night that MoviePass was going to limit new major films like Mission Impossible 6Christopher Robin, and The Meg. In a statement to employees, the company’s CEO also implied that the practice would continue on past these films. Today, MoviePass confirmed the plans will go forward as well as a 50% price bump starting sometime next month.

MoviePass Stories July 30, 2018

Just a few days ago, MoviePass experienced a major outage due to the fact it ran out of cash, and now it is seemingly planning to try and turn its monetization struggles around by preventing users from seeing major new film releases…

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MoviePass Stories July 27, 2018

MoviePass’ struggles have been well-documented over recent months as it struggles to turn anything close to a profit. Today, things took a major turn for the worse as the company completely ran out of cash and the service went offline temporarily…

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MoviePass Stories July 8, 2018

Popular subscription movie service MoviePass suffered a widespread outage at perhaps the worst possible time for users. On Friday evening, MoviePass subscribers took to Twitter to complain they couldn’t check into a movie, thus rendering the app and the accompanying Mastercard useless… expand full story

MoviePass Stories May 22, 2018

While some large theater chains like AMC have opposed the popular MoviePass service, a new report from Business Insider today dives into how MoviePass is affecting smaller, independent movie theaters. The report explains how smaller theaters are more than happy to embrace the MoviePass business model if it means getting more people in the theater…

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MoviePass Stories May 8, 2018

MoviePass has had a rough start to 2018 with privacy concerns, plan changes, and more running rampant. While there have long been concerns about the service’s profitability, a new SEC filing shows things may be even more dire than originally thought…

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MoviePass Stories May 2, 2018

MoviePass users have been having a rollercoaster of a time over the last few months, with the company changing its policies and then reverting those changes. Today is not an exception to that trend….

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MoviePass Stories April 27, 2018

MoviePass now limiting customers to seeing a movie once

Earlier this week we reported that MoviePass was beginning to limit customers on the amount of movies that can be viewed per month. The service went from unlimited movies down to a small 4 movies per month for new customers.

MoviePass Stories April 26, 2018

Surprise, surprise. It appears all-you-can-watch movie theater service MoviePass will no longer be offering an unlimited option, according to the company’s CEO. MoviePass hasn’t formally announced the change, but CEO Mitch Lowe downplayed the possibility of its return when asked about the change.

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MoviePass Stories March 12, 2018

MoviePass made headlines last week when its CEO, Mitch Lowe, bragged that the subscription-based movie service collects an enormous amount of data from its users. In a new interview with Variety, however, Lowe backtracks and says his original comments were “completely inaccurate.”

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MoviePass Stories March 7, 2018

Earlier this week, Mitch Lowe, CEO of the popular all-you-can-eat movie subscription service MoviePass, made headlines for bragging about how the app can track the location of its users. Shortly after that comment, MoviePass issued a statement clarifying its actions, and now the iOS app has been updated to remove the features…

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MoviePass Stories March 5, 2018

What’s the cost of viewing a new movie in theaters every day with MoviePass? $10 per month and access where you go after the movies. That’s according to MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe who has been publicly pitching his business as a data mining service to anyone skeptical about its business model, but the privacy implementations likely won’t make customers feel great about using the service.

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