It’s a new week which naturally means MoviePass has a new business model. In an act that will either save it or be its grand finale, MoviePass announced today that it will revert to its $9.95/month plan, but limit customers to just three movies per month.

The development comes just a few days after the service confirmed plans to increase the price to $14.95/month and impose more limitations on what movies can be viewed and when.

According to CNBC, MoviePass will drop the short-lived price hike, surge pricing for popular movies, and requiring customers to verify with receipts in favor of a simpler three-movies-per-month approach.

That’s certainly a lot less desirable than the original unlimited-movies-per-month pitch, but it could still be viable in larger markets with pricier movie tickets … as long as two to three movie viewings each month fits your lifestyle.

The new plan pricing and features will go into effect for new customers starting today; existing customers will be moved to the new plan upon renewal.

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