Earlier this week we reported that MoviePass was beginning to limit customers on the amount of movies that can be viewed per month. The service went from unlimited movies down to a small 4 movies per month for new customers.

Now, the company is making another change. A MoviePass support document states that MoviePass subscribers are now limited to seeing a movie only once, meaning you can’t watch the same movie twice.

Making such a move could irk customers who felt like they were paying for unlimited access, like streaming services Apple Music or Netflix.

MoviePass has been gaining a lot of heat lately. The company originally allowed users anĀ unlimitedĀ experience by simply paying $9.95/mo and allowed subscribers to watch whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted (restricted to 2D movies). Now, the service seems to be becoming less useful for movie-addicts.

With the recent changes to MoviePass, will you renew your subscription? Let us know in the comments below!

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