Pokemon Go Stories May 9

Niantic CEO John Hanke said that Pokémon GO players will help create a 3D map of the world that can be used to enhance the game and assist in the development of new augmented reality apps …

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Pokemon Go Stories May 7

Niantic’s first attempt at a live Pokémon GO festival, held in Chicago last July, wasn’t exactly a blockbuster success. A combination of network congestion and server issues saw many attendees unable to even login, let alone play the game.

Niantic issued refunds and in-game credit, while blaming carriers, but eventually accepted full responsibility and settled a lawsuit by agreeing to refund travel and accommodation costs.

Undeterred by this, the company plans to return to Chicago for another attempt as part of a new summer festival …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Pokemon Go Stories April 4

Pokémon GO developer, Niantic, has today announced that it is working on “host[ing] the most coordinated cleanups in a 48-hour period” for Earth Day. The globally coordinated events will allow players to make the planet a more beautiful place and also receive some special Pokémon GO unlocks.

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Pokemon Go Stories April 2

Niantic settles class action lawsuit for failed Pokémon GO festival for $1.5M

The first ever Pokémon GO Fest, held in Chicago last July, turned into a complete flop. Inadequate cellular coverage meant that many couldn’t get online at all, and for those who could, server problems meant that many still couldn’t play …

Pokemon Go Stories March 21

Pokémon GO launching new Extravaganza event, giving users a higher chance of hatching eggs

Pokémon GO has been pushing more events to its users as its user base has begun to decline. The company today announced a new event in hopes that users return to the AR-based game.

Pokemon Go Stories March 16

You’ll soon be able to login to Pokémon GO with your Facebook & Google accounts

Niantic is keen to ensure you never get locked out of your Pokémon GO account, now rolling out the option to login using Facebook or Google as well as your Pokémon Trainer Club account …

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