VoiceOver is a useful feature for the visually impaired that tells you what’s happening on your device out loud. Fortunately, HomePod has the VoiceOver feature. Look below to learn how to enable VoiceOver on HomePod.

How to enable VoiceOver on HomePod

  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Find and tap and hold your HomePod icon and then tap Settings in the bottom corner.
  3. Tap Accessibility > VoiceOver and then switch the toggle to the On position.

With VoiceOver enabled on your HomePod you’ll be able to use the following touch controls:

  • Tap or drag: Siri will readout the name of the current control and will select it.
  • Double tap: Activates the current control.
  • Double tap and hold the volume button: Adjusts the volume.
  • Double tap and hold (anywhere else on the surface): Activates Siri.
  • Triple tap: Skip the current song.
  • Quadruple tap: Skips backwards one song and plays the previous track.

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