Need to save an image in another format? Follow along for how to convert images like PNG and TIFF files to JPG on Mac.

There are a variety of image formats you’ll come across, but one of the most common is JPG (JPEG). If you’ve already got an image in a PNG, TIFF, or another format but need to convert it to JPG, there are a few ways to approach it.

We’ll start by looking at how you can accomplish this with the built-in Mac app, Preview, then discuss some other options.

How to convert PNG and TIFF images to JPG on Mac

  1. Open the image you’d like to convert with Preview on your Mac (usually the default)
  2. In the top left corner Click File → Duplicate 
  3. You can rename the new file or leave the default (it just adds “copy” to the original)
  4. Close the window of the duplicate, click the drop down next to Format
  5. Select JPEG, adjust the quality if desired, click Save
  6. You’ve now got a JPG version of your image

Here’s how the process looks:

save png tiff as jpg Mac walkthrough 1

You can rename what will be the JPG version of the image or leave the default. Now close the image duplicate.

save png tiff as jpg Mac walkthrough 2

Now click the Format dropdown as shown below and select JPEG.

save png tiff as jpg Mac walkthrough 3

Adjust the quality if you’d like (lower quality will result in a smaller file, higher quality will create a larger file).

save png tiff as jpg Mac walkthrough 4

You can change the location where you’d like to save your JPG image if needed. Then click Save.

Alternately, if you import an image to the Photos app and make any edits, it will be saved as a JPG. You can check the format of any image by clicking on it and using the keyboard shortcut command + I (or right-click and select Get Info).

Another option if you need to convert multiple images at once to a certain format is to use a third-party app like PhotoBulk.

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