Apple has today updated its iPhone features page on its website with a new label “iPhone can do what?” The site demonstrates both hardware and software features of the iPhone.

The company has today released an updated iPhone features page on its website going through a handful of useful features, both new and old, about what iPhone can do. Some examples include iMessage being end-to-end encrypted, water resistance on newer iPhone models, AirDrop, Group FaceTime, and more.

Some of the features are accompanied by a video demo, while others (when tapped or clicked), go more in-depth. For example, when tapping on privacy Apple says:

Privacy. With end-to-end encryption, only you and the person you send a message to can read it. So private conversations stay private.

Followed by a link to learn more. Some of these features such as dynamic text have been available since iOS 7, while some such as Group FaceTime, and Memoji are new features introduced in iOS 12.

From measuring a sofa, to typing with your voice, to helping you get to bed on time, iPhone can do lots more than you might have imagined.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun way for both new and old users to learn about features that you may have not known about before. Check it out here.

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