Apple Pencil Stories August 11

Update: Apple has today extended this patent with additional claims, which Patently Apple suggests is intended to better protect the invention. This doesn’t necessarily make it more likely that Apple will implement additional gestures, but it seemed a plausible possibility at the time, and the update certainly indicates continued interest by the company.

There could be more Apple Pencil gestures in store for future generations of the company’s iPad stylus. We saw the first of these in the second-generation device, in the form of a double-tap to quickly access tools …

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Apple Pencil Stories July 17

How to check iPad and Apple Pencil compatibility

Want to see if your iPad works with Apple Pencil? Read on for a list of which iPads work with the first- and second-generation writing and drawing tool to check Apple Pencil compatibility.

Apple Pencil Stories June 2

Apple is continuing to imagine what a future MacBook would look like with Apple Pencil support. The tech giant has applied to revamp a patent today regarding an Apple Pencil that is removably mounted above the MacBook’s keyboard.

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Apple Pencil Stories November 26, 2021

I’ve been using Apple’s dramatically redesigned iPad mini for about two months now, and my biggest takeaway is that it’s a great device for reading and note taking. But as you’ll see in my iPad mini 6 extended-use review, it’s not without compromise.

Although the 2021 iPad mini isn’t without its flaws, its strengths – namely, portability and pound-for-pound capability – have made it an integral part of my workflow. Should you consider making it a part of your technology stack? Is it worth the $100 price increase over the outgoing model? Watch my hands-on video as I discuss the merits of Apple’s pint-sized tablet after some extended usage.

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Apple Pencil Stories August 14, 2021

Rumors suggest that Apple will ditch the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar in its new entry. While we still have to wait and see whether this will happen, a new concept imagines the Touch Bar replaced as an Apple Pencil case inside the computer.

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Apple Pencil Stories July 7, 2021

Apple is quietly expanding some Apple Pencil features to more languages with additional Scribble functionalities in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

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Apple Pencil Stories April 20, 2021

Apple unveils Magic Keyboard for iPad in white

Alongside the announcement of the 2021 iPad Pro, Apple has debuted an updated Magic Keyboard at its Spring Loaded event.

Apple Pencil Stories April 16, 2021

Ahead of next week’s “Spring Loaded” Apple event, rumors continue to suggest that a new Apple Pencil could be on the way. Following earlier reports of a new Apple Pencil 3, a video posted to Twitter today claims to offer a closer look at the changes — or lack thereof — that could be on the way.

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Apple Pencil Stories March 3, 2021

Apple is widely rumored to have new iPad Pros coming as soon as sometime this month. Now, a leaked image claims to show a “new Apple Pencil” model that could theoretically be released alongside the new iPad Pro models, but details here are sparse.

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Apple Pencil Stories February 16, 2021

Folding iPhone with Apple Pencil support is just an analyst echoing rumors

A few sites are covering a prediction by a Chinese analyst of a folding iPhone with Apple Pencil support being launched in 2023 – but there doesn’t appear to be anything to it…

Apple Pencil Stories November 6, 2020

9to5Mac is brought to you by Concepts App. Sketch and design your ideas on an infinite canvas with flexible vector ink. Available on iPad and iPhone. Try it for free.

Whether you’ve recently picked up the 2020 iPad Air or will be getting one soon, there are a number of great new capabilities and features to enhance your experience between the new hardware, iPadOS 14, and Apple Pencil. And even if you’re keeping your existing iPad, follow along for how to get the most out of iPadOS 14 and Apple Pencil.

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Apple Pencil Stories May 26, 2020

An Apple patent for the iPad Magic Keyboard shows a slot in the main hinge for an Apple Pencil. This would, in principle, address the concern some have expressed that there is no convenient place to store the Pencil while carrying the accessory.

However, while it has been suggested this might be for a later version of the keyboard, I’m guessing otherwise …

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Apple Pencil Stories April 16, 2020

Penbook natural writing iPad app gets major update with OCR, all-new design, more

Penbook is a neat app that has a focus on natural writing with Apple Pencil and includes over 100 different stationary types. The iPad app is out today with a major update that includes support for OCR, an all-new design, overhauled search, and more.

Apple Pencil Stories February 11, 2020

This week NASA Social invited me to attend the State of NASA 2020 address delivered by Administrator Jim Bridenstine at Stennis Space Center in South Mississippi.

Stennis is home to decades of engine testing including those used in Apollo missions to the moon in the late 60s and early 70s. Now the testing facility is being used to test the core stage of Space Launch System, NASA’s giant rocket being built for upcoming Artemis missions to the moon.

Marshall Ramsey, a writer and cartoonist also based in Mississippi, attended the same event with his iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. With the help of Pip the dog and photography, Ramsey used the iPad and Apple Pencil to add context to what we were seeing.

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Apple Pencil Stories December 19, 2019

How to use the Apple Pencil screenshot shortcut on iPad

Taking a screenshot on iPad can be a bit awkward due to size of the tablet(s), what your case situation is, and how you’re using it. Luckily there’s another option, read on for a how to use the neat Apple Pencil screenshot shortcut on iPad.

Apple Pencil Stories August 22, 2019

I wrote recently that while I tend to believe reports that Apple is planning to launch this year’s flagship iPhones as the iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max), I did so reluctantly.

Just the idea of a ‘Pro’ iPhone is a little annoying.

Don’t misunderstand me. Modern iPhones are amazing devices. There was a time when such a powerful and flexible pocket computer would have stretched the credibility of science fiction stories, yet we now take them totally for granted.

And they are sometimes used for professional purposes. There are, for example, all those ‘Shot on iPhone’ movies and ads. But let’s not kid ourselves about those. The reasons for shooting on iPhone have little to do with it being a ‘pro’ device.

However, if the latest reports are to be believed, Apple does seem to be working hard to justify the label…

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Apple Pencil Stories August 21, 2019

iPhone 11 case maker planning for Apple Pencil support

We haven’t heard hardly any rumors about Apple Pencil support arriving with this year’s iPhones but one case manufacturer has created a sketchy listing for an iPhone 11 Pro case with an Apple Pencil slot on the back.

Apple Pencil Stories July 31, 2019

iPhone 11 Apple Pencil support not a sketchy rumor for this finance analyst

A new analyst note from Citi Research today shares the expectation that the iPhone 11 will be the first to include Apple Pencil support. This comes after several years that we’ve heard rumors about the iPhone bringing functionality for the stylus.

Apple Pencil Stories June 6, 2019

Apple introduced PencilKit at WWDC 2019 this week for much easier implementation of Apple Pencil experiences in third-party apps. The new framework will allow devs to tap into the same low latency and the new Apple Pencil tool palette and “markup anywhere” features that Apple itself uses for drawing and annotating in its own apps.

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Apple Pencil Stories April 23, 2019

An Apple patent granted today suggests that a future version of the Apple Pencil could have an interchangeable tip that sees it become an Apple Paintbrush too.

The patent also shows how haptic feedback could be used to simulate the feeling of using different implements like pens, pencils, marker pens, and paintbrushes …

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Apple Pencil Stories April 15, 2019

Apple has recently updated its Apple Pencil support document to note of a bizarre issue some users have experienced. According to the updated document, if you’re charging your second-generation Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro, you might experience problems unlocking your car via a key fob.

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Apple Pencil Stories April 8, 2019

How to connect Apple Pencil with your iPad

Just got an Apple Pencil? Follow along for how to connect both the first- and second-generation Apple Pencil with your iPad.

Apple Pencil Stories March 22, 2019

[Update: Tested! Crayon works on iPad Pro in iOS 12.2 beta 6. Jason Snell first shared this detail in a Macworld piece earlier this week too.]

According to Nilay Patel at The Verge, Logitech Crayon support is coming soon to the iPad Pro. Nilay says Apple tells him support will be added through software in the next update to iOS 12, presumably iOS 12.2 which is likely due out on Monday.

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Apple Pencil Stories March 18, 2019

Apple announced two new iPads this morning, finally updating the iPad mini and bridging the gap between its entry-level and high-end models with a new iPad Air. For the first time, both new product lines gain Apple Pencil support, while also being the first new models since the sixth-generation 2018 iPad to feature Logitech Crayon support.

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