Apple Pencil Stories August 22

I wrote recently that while I tend to believe reports that Apple is planning to launch this year’s flagship iPhones as the iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max), I did so reluctantly.

Just the idea of a ‘Pro’ iPhone is a little annoying.

Don’t misunderstand me. Modern iPhones are amazing devices. There was a time when such a powerful and flexible pocket computer would have stretched the credibility of science fiction stories, yet we now take them totally for granted.

And they are sometimes used for professional purposes. There are, for example, all those ‘Shot on iPhone’ movies and ads. But let’s not kid ourselves about those. The reasons for shooting on iPhone have little to do with it being a ‘pro’ device.

However, if the latest reports are to be believed, Apple does seem to be working hard to justify the label…

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Apple Pencil Stories August 21

iPhone 11 case maker planning for Apple Pencil support

We haven’t heard hardly any rumors about Apple Pencil support arriving with this year’s iPhones but one case manufacturer has created a sketchy listing for an iPhone 11 Pro case with an Apple Pencil slot on the back.

Apple Pencil Stories July 31

iPhone 11 Apple Pencil support not a sketchy rumor for this finance analyst

A new analyst note from Citi Research today shares the expectation that the iPhone 11 will be the first to include Apple Pencil support. This comes after several years that we’ve heard rumors about the iPhone bringing functionality for the stylus.

Apple Pencil Stories June 6

Apple introduced PencilKit at WWDC 2019 this week for much easier implementation of Apple Pencil experiences in third-party apps. The new framework will allow devs to tap into the same low latency and the new Apple Pencil tool palette and “markup anywhere” features that Apple itself uses for drawing and annotating in its own apps.

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Apple Pencil Stories April 23

An Apple patent granted today suggests that a future version of the Apple Pencil could have an interchangeable tip that sees it become an Apple Paintbrush too.

The patent also shows how haptic feedback could be used to simulate the feeling of using different implements like pens, pencils, marker pens, and paintbrushes …

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Apple Pencil Stories April 15

Apple has recently updated its Apple Pencil support document to note of a bizarre issue some users have experienced. According to the updated document, if you’re charging your second-generation Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro, you might experience problems unlocking your car via a key fob.

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