Yahoo Stories April 5

After more than 15 years, Yahoo Answers is shutting down for good next month

Yahoo Answers was once an iconic source for question and answer forums on the web, but next month, it will be shutting down. As first reported by the Verge, Yahoo Answers will officially shut down on May 4, signaling the end of an era.

Yahoo Stories March 11, 2020

Verizon transforms Yahoo into a wireless provider with $40 unlimited plan, no data cap

Verizon purchased Yahoo back in 2017 and it’s been working to turn the company around ever since. That plan involves diversifying Yahoo’s business strategy and the latest development of that is Verizon turning Yahoo into a wireless provider under the name “Yahoo Mobile.”

Yahoo Stories September 23, 2019

Yahoo is unveiling a new version of its iOS and Android Mail apps that were built around the way that a lot of people use email. In the past few years, email has drastically shifted with people creating multiple accounts for different purposes. One account might be for shopping, another might be a work one, and another might be for just general personal use. Yahoo’s new app is built for this exact situation. expand full story

Yahoo Stories October 24, 2018

Yahoo hit with $50m in damages, affected users able to claim $25/hour for lost time

It’s been a tough road for Yahoo over the last five years with multiple security breaches that have included 3 billion users. Now, the Verizon owned company is looking at paying out $50 million in damages along with offering affected users free credit monitoring.

Yahoo Stories October 4, 2018

When Yahoo Messenger shut down in the summer, the company pointed users to a new group messaging app, Squirrel. This has today been rebranded as Yahoo Together, and is essentially a Slack lookalike aimed at family members and groups of friends …

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Yahoo Stories June 10, 2018

PSA: Yahoo Messenger is shutting down next month

Verizon subsidiary Oath has announced that Yahoo Messenger is officially shutting down next month. Once one of the most popular and most innovative messaging service, Yahoo Messenger has waned in popularity in recent years…

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