Yahoo today launched a new app for iPhone and iPad (and Android) called Yahoo Newsroom.

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The app is an extension of Yahoo’s reimagining of its homepage and Yahoo app back in January, according to the company. It’s also different from the company’s Yahoo News Digest app, which serves up top news stories summarized twice daily.

The Newsroom app packs in all of Yahoo’s news categories (200 of them), which the app refers to as “Vibes” for some reason. Follow a few vibes and the app will offer up a customized reading experience that pulls in content from “Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, among others.”

The app also lets users share articles from around the web into relevant categories and comment on and share any story that pops up in their customized feed. Yahoo hopes the app will deliver a more social news reading experience:

Connecting with others who share your passion for social issues, favorite sports teams, celebrity gossip or having a healthy debate about politics is often a fragmented experience. Most people switch between passively discovering news from their friends and reading hard-hitting news without any interaction… More than 300 million people come to Yahoo every month and share their voice and opinions on important news stories, creating a vibrant community around issues that impact the world. It is a very common and predictable cycle: read, watch, react and repeat. But we knew we could do more to elevate these conversations and empower our passionate community. That’s why we’re launching Yahoo Newsroom

Here’s a look at the iPad version:


The new Yahoo Newsroom app is available on the App Store now for iPhone and iPad.

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