Safari Stories December 19, 2020

Apple, along with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, today banned from their respective web browsers a malicious certificate that was being used by the Kazakhstan government to intercept HTTPS traffic coming from the city of Nur-Sultan, the country’s capital.

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Safari Stories December 4, 2020

macOS Big Sur: How to translate websites with Safari

Safari 14 which is the default browser with macOS Big Sur comes with quite a few improvements. And one of the brand new features (although in beta) is seamless translation of websites. Read along for how to natively translate websites with Safari on Mac.

Safari Stories November 27, 2020

Mac: How to set custom Safari backgrounds

macOS Big Sur comes with some major changes and Safari 14 includes a number of enhancements. One of the simple but nice aesthetic changes is the option to set your own image for Apple’s browser. Read on for how to set custom Safari backgrounds.

Safari Stories November 5, 2020

Apple introduced its own translator this year, which comes as a standalone app on the iPhone and also as a built-in feature in Safari for iOS 14 macOS Big Sur users. Although the Translate app works with 11 languages, the built-in Safari translator was restricted to some regions — which is changing now as Apple is now rolling out this option to more countries.

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Safari Stories October 2, 2020

Apple today released a new macOS Mojave 10.14.6 supplemental update to fix several issues that could slow down the Mac. Today’s update also relaunches Safari 14, which was released last month for macOS Mojave users but then pulled out after causing bugs for some users.

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Safari Stories September 23, 2020

PSA: Websites asking you to allow downloads? Here’s the solution …

An increasing number of people are finding a wide range of websites – including ours – are asking permission to allow downloads to your Mac from …

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