Safari Stories November 7

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials now available as Safari extension

DuckDuckGo used to offer a Safari extension for its Privacy Essentials suite — available for Chrome and Firefox browsers — but it was removed due to platform changes in how Safari extensions worked last year. However, now it’s back…

Safari Stories June 25

How to disable your Mac from automatically opening downloads from the web

Do you find it frustrating when downloads from the web automatically open on your Mac? Follow along for how to turn off this default feature.

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Safari Stories May 22

Ad-tracking in Safari has been one of the trickier issues for Apple to address. On the one hand, Apple wants to protect the privacy of its customers. On the other, it recognizes that many of the websites they visit are funded by ads, and preventing tracking altogether makes free websites less viable.

The company does, though, think it has come up with a win-win for consumers and advertisers alike. Indeed, Apple thinks its solution is so good that it wants the World Wide Web Consortium to make it a new standard for all browsers …

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Safari Stories March 26

iPhone Not Secure: What does this message mean in Safari?

In iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4, you may notice a new warning in the URL bar when browsing the web in Safari. It says the page you are visiting is “Not Secure”. But what does this mean? Are you less secure than you were before?

Safari Stories March 21

Two zero-day Safari exploits found, one allowing complete takeover of Mac

White-hat hackers at a security conference in Vancouver have found two zero-day Safari exploits, one of which allowed them to escalate their privileges to the point that they were able to completely take over the Mac …

Safari Stories February 21

Last week we highlighted 10 general iPhone tips that everyone should know. This week, we’re back at it again, this time with a dozen Safari for iPhone tips that should be every iOS user’s repertoire. expand full story

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