Safari Stories October 16

Apple joins forces w/ Google, Microsoft & Mozilla to deprecate 20-year-old web security protocol

Apple is coming together with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to deprecate the use of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 by early 2020. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and is used to protect web traffic. ArsTechnica was first to report on the agreement, while Apple’s WebKit blog has also detailed the change.

Safari Stories October 8

The UK High Court has blocked a £1B ($1.3B) class action claim filed against Google on behalf of iPhone users. The lawsuit resulted from the so-called ‘Safari bypass,’ where Google continued to install cookies on iPhones despite this being blocked in the browser settings …

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Safari Stories October 2

Opera has ported its Opera Touch mobile browser from Android to iOS, and claims that it’s the perfect choice for iPhone X and iPhone XS/Max owners.

The company says ‘zero-step search’ and a Fast Action button make the browser ideal for larger-screened phones without a Home button …

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Safari Stories September 25

A new report from BuzzFeed News highlights how the “Siri Suggested Websites” feature in Safari can surface “debunked conspiracies, shock videos, and false information.” Essentially, when users would type things such as “QAnon” or “Pizzagate” into the Safari search bar, the browser would suggest related “low-quality information.”

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Safari Stories September 12

Apple fails to fix fake website vulnerability in Safari three months after notification [Video]

A security researcher who found a security hole in Safari says that Apple has still not fixed it, more than three months after he informed the company. The same vulnerability was present in Microsoft’s Edge browser, but the company issued a patch a month ago …

Safari Stories August 6

iOS dominates Android in the US as Safari leads mobile browser use

Analytics firm Mixpanel is out today with new data on mobile device OS market share and mobile browsing use in the US. Notably, Apple has almost double the user base on iOS compared to Android, which also translates to Safari being the most popular mobile browser.

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