Safari Technology Preview Stories June 21

Two weeks after WWDC 2022, Apple has now updated the Safari Technology Preview with a sneak peek of new features coming with macOS Ventura – which will also be available to macOS Monterey users later this year.

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Safari Technology Preview Stories November 15, 2021

Apple on Monday released a Safari Technology Preview update with a nice addition for 2021 MacBook Pro users, as the new version enables 120Hz scrolling for ProMotion displays. This comes after users complained that scrolling webpages in Safari didn’t look smooth even with a high refresh rate display.

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Safari Technology Preview Stories August 4, 2021

Apple today is releasing another version of Safari Technology Preview for macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey. This time, the update brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Safari Technology Preview Stories July 21, 2021

Following the release of macOS Big Sur 11.5, Apple on Wednesday released Safari Technology Preview 128. This version brings the updated tab interface that was introduced with the third beta release of macOS Monterey, which has once again changed some design aspects of the new Safari 15.

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Safari Technology Preview Stories June 22, 2021

Update: Apple released Safari Technology Preview 126 last week but then pulled off the update. It’s now available again.

Apple released today Safari Technology Preview 126, its experimental browser first introduced in 2016. With this update, users can have a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies coming to macOS and iOS.

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Safari Technology Preview Stories December 20, 2017

Safari Technology Preview 46 brings Service Workers to Apple’s browser

Apple’s developer-centric Safari Technology Preview sees an update today to version 46. Along with expected bug fixes, the browser release is the first from Apple to enable Service Workers by default.

Safari Technology Preview Stories April 5, 2017

Apple updates Safari Technology Preview to Release 27 with Web Inspector updates

Apple has just pushed out the 27th release of the Safari Technology Preview. The preview browser is specifically designed for developers to get an upcoming look at the new web technologies macOS and iOS will eventually receive. Today’s update comes with a few overall browser changes, and a lengthy list of Web Inspector updates.

Safari Technology Preview Stories May 11, 2016

Safari Technology Preview 4 released with fixes to 1Password integration & Netflix

Apple has released the fourth update to Safari Technology Preview today with fixes in connecting to the 1Password extension and watching videos on Netflix. The update primarily focuses on general bug fixes including networking, media, JavaScript, CSS, web APIs, Web Inspector, rendering, and accessibility. Safari Technology Preview is available as a download through the Apple Developer Center and subsequent updates will be received through the Mac App Store.

Safari Technology Preview Stories April 27, 2016

Low Power Mode Night Shift iOS 9.3.2 beta 2

Apple has begun seeding the third update to its Safari Technology Preview, iOS 9.3.2 public beta 3, and OS X 10.11.5 developer beta 3. Safari’s update today includes changes in the way it works with JavaScript, CSS, web APIs, Web Inspector, rendering, security, networking and accessibility. iOS 9.3.2’s latest developer and public betas haven’t seen any major changes as it appears that this release is turning out to be more of a small bug fix release. Simultaneous use of Low Power Mode and Night Shift has been reactivated as of iOS 9.3.2 beta 2.

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Safari Technology Preview Stories April 13, 2016

Apple pushes first update to Safari Technology Preview

Apple has released its first update and second release to its Safari Technology Preview browser. The browser puts an emphasis on releasing stable, technology preview ready builds. With updates coming every two weeks, Apple is showing a commitment to bringing stability to developers on the cutting edge of web technologies.

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