developer Stories June 20

Chris Lattner, Apple Swift creator, talks future of language and more in new interview

John Sundell has secured yet another notable guest for his informative “Swift by Sundell” podcast. This time around, Chris Lattner has joined the show. Lattner created Apple’s Swift programming language before briefly joining Tesla and eventually ending up at Google.

developer Stories February 13

Apple says all Developer Program members must enable two-factor by the end of this month

Apple today has informed members of its Developer Program that they must enable two-factor authentication on their account by the end of this month. Apple made the announcement in an email to Developer Program members.

developer Stories August 29, 2018

Apple announces changes to developer privacy through its Bug Reporting tool

Apple is sending out emails to developers today informing them of changes coming to bug reporting. The company says the changes come as part of its “commitment to privacy” and will start rolling out later this fall.

developer Stories May 8, 2018

Over the last few days, Apple has seemingly started cracking down on applications that share location data with third-parties. In such cases, Apple has been removing the application in question and informing developers that their app violates two parts of the App Store Review Guidelines…

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developer Stories May 3, 2018

Apple is inviting would-be developers and entrepreneurs to apply for one of 400 free places at this year’s Apple Developer Academy.

Open to students from anywhere in the world, tuition is fully sponsored by Apple, with no cost to students – who also receive a free Mac and iPhone, along with support for their living expenses in Naples, Italy …

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developer Stories December 20, 2017

Safari Technology Preview 46 brings Service Workers to Apple’s browser

Apple’s developer-centric Safari Technology Preview sees an update today to version 46. Along with expected bug fixes, the browser release is the first from Apple to enable Service Workers by default.

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