developer Stories November 8, 2021

Apple has traditionally shut down the App Store Connect platform for a week during the holiday season. This year, however, Apple is forgoing that practice and has announced that it will “continue accepting submissions in App Store Connect throughout the upcoming holidays.”

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developer Stories September 9, 2020

Apple highlights new StoreKit testing tools for developers following WWDC announcement

At WWDC this year, Apple announced a variety of new ways for developers to test StoreKit functionality in Xcode and iOS 14. In a new post on the Apple Developer website, Apple informs developers that the enhancements to sandbox testing are widely available.

developer Stories March 26, 2020

Apple extends developer deadline for various App Store update requirements until June

Apple had originally set a deadline of April 30 for requiring apps for iPhone and iPad be built with the iOS 13 SDK. In a new developer blog post today, however, Apple has extended that deadline and many others.

developer Stories March 24, 2020

Apple software engineers talk Mac Catalyst, Swift Playgrounds, and more in new podcast interview

The latest episode of John Sundell’s podcast “Swift by Sundell” is out today, featuring the first-ever interview with Apple software engineers Holly Borla and Grace Kendall. The interview focuses on Swift, Mac Catalyst, and much more.

developer Stories December 17, 2019

‘Apple Developer’ app for iOS adds new features for developers in China

Apple is making it easier for developers in China to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. Starting today, developers in China can now join the Apple Developer Program using the Apple Developer app for iOS.

developer Stories October 15, 2019

Apple today announced that it is making a new version of its Transporter developer application available on the Mac App Store. This app allows developers to easily upload files to App Store Connect and more.

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developer Stories June 20, 2019

Chris Lattner, Apple Swift creator, talks future of language and more in new interview

John Sundell has secured yet another notable guest for his informative “Swift by Sundell” podcast. This time around, Chris Lattner has joined the show. Lattner created Apple’s Swift programming language before briefly joining Tesla and eventually ending up at Google.

developer Stories February 13, 2019

Apple says all Developer Program members must enable two-factor by the end of this month

Apple today has informed members of its Developer Program that they must enable two-factor authentication on their account by the end of this month. Apple made the announcement in an email to Developer Program members.

developer Stories August 29, 2018

Apple announces changes to developer privacy through its Bug Reporting tool

Apple is sending out emails to developers today informing them of changes coming to bug reporting. The company says the changes come as part of its “commitment to privacy” and will start rolling out later this fall.

developer Stories May 8, 2018

Over the last few days, Apple has seemingly started cracking down on applications that share location data with third-parties. In such cases, Apple has been removing the application in question and informing developers that their app violates two parts of the App Store Review Guidelines…

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developer Stories May 3, 2018

Apple is inviting would-be developers and entrepreneurs to apply for one of 400 free places at this year’s Apple Developer Academy.

Open to students from anywhere in the world, tuition is fully sponsored by Apple, with no cost to students – who also receive a free Mac and iPhone, along with support for their living expenses in Naples, Italy …

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developer Stories December 20, 2017

Safari Technology Preview 46 brings Service Workers to Apple’s browser

Apple’s developer-centric Safari Technology Preview sees an update today to version 46. Along with expected bug fixes, the browser release is the first from Apple to enable Service Workers by default.

developer Stories September 22, 2017

Today, the team behind Safari’s web browser engine, WebKit, have detailed how designers should be building sites for the iPhone X. The upcoming iPhone’s sensor housing, aka “notch,” has presented new challenges for designers and developers alike. This has left some implementing creative “solutions” for the problem. Having WebKit lay out some official guidelines for the iPhone X should help web developers around the globe.

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developer Stories July 18, 2017

Apple details new server notifications & enhanced receipts for App Store subscriptions

In a post on its iTunes Connect blog this evening, Apple today explained new server notifications from the App Store that are available for developers. The notifications and receipt enhancements center around subscriptions and come on the heels of a new ‘customer support’ role Apple announced last night for iTunes Connect.

developer Stories June 5, 2017

Apple releases redesigned macOS Human Interface Guidelines

Following the release of macOS 10.13, iOS 11, watchOS 4, and tvOS 11 betas, Apple has released a newly updated version of its macOS Human Interface Guidelines. These design guidelines help designers and developers alike to build out applications that follow models based on Apple’s recommendations. While not everything in the guidelines needs to be strictly adhered to, it helps designers understand Apple’s ideals and to create cohesion across the platform.

developer Stories May 31, 2017

Unofficial macOS WWDC app update adds annotations and bookmarking

Following closely behind Apple’s officially updated WWDC iOS app, the unofficial app for macOS has also significant updates. The app serves developers a put-together experience on WWDC events allowing for schedule previews, and watching developer sessions. This year’s updates brings bookmarking functionality, annotations, and native picture-in-picture support.

developer Stories April 17, 2017

Apple releases new Bug Reporter beta to developers

Apple developers have been receiving emails today inviting them to try out Apple’s new Bug Reporter beta. Bug Reporter, also known as Radar, is a bug filing tool used by developers to share feedback with Apple on the latest software.

developer Stories April 11, 2017

TestFlight & iTunes Connect updates bring enhancements for developers and beta testers

Last night Apple released an update to its TestFlight app on iOS, bringing the version number up to 1.5. Louis D’hauwe, developer of Pixure, shared some of the positive impacts that last night’s update brought.

developer Stories April 6, 2017

Twitter iPhone

Following up on the release of today’s Twitter Lite launch, the company has laid out new plans in launching a new developer API experience later this year. According to Twitter, they will be unifying the API platform so that businesses and developers can scale new applications. Citing companies like Sprout Social and the USGS, Twitter hopes to refine the platform’s API to help these businesses innovate.

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developer Stories November 16, 2016

Microsoft releases first preview build of Visual Studio for macOS developers

As expected, Microsoft today made its Visual Studio developer environment available on macOS. The first preview of Visual Studio for Mac is live now, with Microsoft hoping that the cross-platform availability will push more developers to build for Windows.

developer Stories October 28, 2016

Apple makes it possible for developers to distribute promo codes for in-app purchases

Up until now, iOS developers have been unable to distribute promo codes for in-app purchases, but Apple is now allowing developers to issue in-app purchase promo codes via iTunes Connect.

developer Stories August 8, 2016

Apple makes it easier for developers to upload app screenshots via iTunes Connect

During a developer session at WWDC in June, Apple revealed that it would soon make uploading screenshots much easier for developers via iTunes Connect. Now, Apple has posted a new update on its Developer website confirming the change is now rolling out.

developer Stories April 30, 2016


Developer Nick Lee has managed to hack a working version of Windows 95 onto his Apple Watch. The utility of this is close to zero — but it is hilarious to watch. It highlights how smart wristwatches like Apple Watch are now as powerful as (if not more than) desktop computers from the turn of the century. Watch the full video of the ‘microsoftOS’ Apple Watch in action after the jump …

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developer Stories April 23, 2016

apple watch

Apple has announced that it is ending support for the original watchOS SDK and original Apple Watch 1.0 apps, which required a phone to even open. From June 1st, Apple will require developers of new Apple Watch apps to use the native SDK, which came with watchOS 2. The requirement was posted on the Apple Developer news page last night.

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