iTunes Connect Stories April 11, 2017

TestFlight & iTunes Connect updates bring enhancements for developers and beta testers

Last night Apple released an update to its TestFlight app on iOS, bringing the version number up to 1.5. Louis D’hauwe, developer of Pixure, shared some of the positive impacts that last night’s update brought.

iTunes Connect Stories November 29, 2016

Apple confirms annual App Store review downtime for five days starting December 23

Apple confirmed today that iTunes Connect will be unavailable for a five-day period lasting from December 23 to 27. The pre-announced shut down is part of Apple’s annual time off period for app reviewers at the company.

iTunes Connect Stories June 17, 2016


Apple today released a new version of its iTunes Connect app for iOS during a demo of new features for the iTunes Connect developer portal at the company’s WWDC 2016 conference. 

During its presentation, Apple noted that app review times “have gone way down” and offered a brief overview of changes it made to App Store policies. Apple recently completely revised guidelines to include easier to read language and an overall improved experience. 

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iTunes Connect Stories March 29, 2016

iTunes Connect iOS app adds access to Resolution Center for developers

Apple today updated its iTunes Connect iOS app, the dashboard developers use to manage their content submitted to iTunes and the App Store, providing users with the ability to access the service’s Resolution Center feature.

iTunes Connect Stories March 3, 2016

iTunes Connect down for many users; nothing yet showing on Apple’s status page

According to a variety of users on Twitter, iTunes Connect is down at the moment. Users report that they are unable to access any aspect of the service. It’s important to note that this is iTunes Connect, not Apple Music Connect. iTunes Connect is used by developers to access information about their apps and other store content. Last year, the service was down for upwards of four days for some.

iTunes Connect Stories November 23, 2015

Apple celebrates App Store records as it notes iTunes Connect’s usual holiday break

Apple has posted the dates of the usual holiday shutdown of iTunes Connect, running for eight days from 22 to 29 December inclusive. During this time, developers will not be able to submit either new apps or updates to existing ones.

Developers can still schedule apps for release during these dates, but they will need to be submitted and approved beforehand. Other iTunes Connect functionality, such as access to analytics data, will remain available.

In the post on its developer website, Apple notes the record downloads, revenue and active customers for the App Store.

Because of your incredible apps, the App Store crossed 100 billion cumulative downloads. Revenue from the App Store increased 25% year over year, and the number of transacting customers grew 18%, setting a new all-time record. We want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our platforms.

Apple announced at the start of the year that developers have now collectively earned more than $10B from the App Store.

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