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Apple has just announced that it will be live streaming its upcoming event later this month on September 9th. Its website also includes a countdown clock pictured above and a link for Apple users to add the event to their calendar. 

Apple previously announced the event scheduled to take place next week on September 9 at 10 a.m. PDT. This year the event gets a change of location from Apple’s usual Moscone West venue with the event set to go down at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino. As we’ve reported in the weeks leading up to the event, Apple is also constructing a large building outside of the Flint Center, but what it’s for at this point remains a mystery.

At the event, Apple is expected to unveil its much anticipated larger iPhones that are rumored to include 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. Separate reports claim Apple will also use the event to unveil its new wearable “iWatch/iBand” product. The latest reports published today from the often reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offered more details on both the new iPhone models and specs for iWatch and also claimed a new iPad Air could launch the same day.

While Apple’s new wearable is expected to make an appearance at the event for an official unveiling, the most recent reports claim a launch for the product won’t likely happen until next year.

Interestingly, it seems that Windows users may be out of luck. Live streams of previous events have included an explicit reference to Windows viewing (QuickTime 7 on Windows), but the September 2014 text omits this designation. It reads:

Apple notes that live streaming of the event from its website will require Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

Although it could be simply an omission, as it reads currently, it seems like Windows users are not allowed to watch Apple’s product unveilings for the first time ever.

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45 Responses to “Apple announces live stream for Sept. 9 iPhone/iWatch event”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Excitement is at a high level for this one.

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  2. This is great news! Looking forward to watching the event.

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  3. Jesse Letain says:

    So now I get to play Destiny and Watch the Keynote and my apple tv on Sept 9th? BEST!

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  4. I hope the with these high expectations they don’t disappoint :) … But can’t wait for 9th


  5. sirfrancis0 says:

    Samsung thought they had problems before wait until 9/9 this is gonna be the nail in the coffin. I wanna se what terrible commercial they put out after this. All the people that have the Galaxy S I would say more then half only bought it because it had a bigger screen then the iPhone to because they like it more then the iPhone.

    So guess what happens next carriers will report record number of people switching from the Galaxy to iPhone 6. They won’t be able to give the Galaxy away they might have to run a promo like buy a Galaxy and get a free trip to Hawaii or something lol.

    Apple is about to put the hammer down just watch!


    • Mark Dowling says:

      Will Sgt Schultz buy it? 9/9

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    • herb02135go says:

      It’s not unusual for people to switch so they have the newest.

      Iphone may have a larger screen (but not now)

      Improved battery life? Not certain

      Muktitasking? No.

      Features that work? Possibly

      I doubt anyone at Samsung is soiling themselves the way some of Apple’s fans do.


      • Well, 89% of the people I have interviewed in the last 4 months have all said they only got an Android (mainly Samsung) because of the larger screen. They didn’t care about or know about the other features. They only switched for the screen. Of that 89%, it was 96% that said they would gladly go back to iPhone if it had a bigger screen. When asked why, they all said that the Android system annoyed them, crashed too much, or they just hated the user experience. This was out of a total of nearly 3,000 people.


    • I was given the choice between the Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone 4G and I went with the Galaxy. At first I loved it but in just a few months this thing has so many glitches I can’t wait to unload it and replace it with the Apple iPhone 6. I’ll never buy another Samsung product again.


  6. Omar Sharif says:

    Excitement level just skyrocketed


  7. frankjgjr says:

    Reblogged this on Survivor and commented:
    Now like this……

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  8. Eli Matar says:

    “every moment”

    Tik Tok…


  9. Countdown..? First time Apple has done that.. Could be a hint for an iWatch ;-) Looking so much forward to this keynote! It will probably be one of the biggest keynotes ever. Can’t…..wait……!


  10. 89p13 says:

    I will definitely be bringing wither the iPad or Mac Book Air to work – and taking a late lunch next Tuesday!

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  11. j0hnf23 says:

    they really are hyping this keynote. normally there is no livestream and no countdown for an iphone presentation or was there ever one? :)


  12. herb02135go says:

    Remember: initial reviews will be favorable because Apple gives new products to reporters who write positive reviews.

    That was mentioned on this website.
    In a few weeks the reviews won’t be as shiny.

    I will be interested to see what is announced, but I’m more interested in the products. Tim Cook, et al, are selling this thing. Their comments need to be taken with a grain of salt.


  13. hope they release Yosemite too… or at least give us a release date


    • not until October – next event, when they launch new laptops too


      • Yeah I expect them to show some great new Mac hardware in October to really drive home Yosemite with the new hardware. I expect retina iMac, retina Cinema Display, new retina MacBook Air 12″ (or at least show it off for early 2015 launch), upgraded Mac mini, upgraded Mac Pro. Some or all of that. They’ll probably drop the non retina MacBook pros and keep the non retina MacBook airs around a year or two longer.


  14. They never had live streams working on Windows for any of their events. It’s only the recorded streams that you can watch on Windows using QuickTime. See the screenshots – “streaming video” vs “live streaming video”. Their live streams have only been supported on Safari on Mac or iOS or Apple TV.


  15. I’m all set for my upgrade to a bigger screen iphone! And I like the little screw you windows users move they are doing if the streaming options is true. Windows 8 was the tipping point for me to switch over to mac and I’ve never looked back.


  16. estrith22 says:

    Reblogged this on Staying Connected and commented:
    Let the countdown begin..


  17. Apple will be holding live iWatch demonstration with famous sports stars. The mysterious building is a mock up sports arena. Real live data will be transmitted from the iWatch whilst they’re playing/training/exercising and shown on a big screen with all the vitality data.


  18. Tim Hart says:

    Any ideas for how to watch the live stream on a windows PC?


  19. I still am getting the Note 4…..the Iphones are tiny with tiny batteries. No expandable storage……One speaker…barely customizeable…no multitasking…way too many animations…what are you trying to do, put me to sleep. Do you all remember when you can only change the wallpaper in IOS….my bad, that’s still true. That’s as far as customizations go in IOS. Oh yeah, don’t drop the thing in water or even at all…metal easily bends but I hear that their screen is suppose to be nice which is a plus. If this phone has a 2500 mah battery I am going to be so surprised……I am happy with My Note 3 and my Droid Maxx HD because they have the best battery life out of any phone and I do office work and school from my phones. A 4.7 inch screen isn’t going to cut it. Since I love a big phone, the 5.5 inch will be cool, if they make if different than the 4.7 inch….don’t make it just a bigger 4.7 inch Iphone. Give it some variety since it is a phablet. it deserves to be the more premium of the two and have extra features on it. Both of these phones are going to sell very well because this is what people have been waiting for and they may even take some of Android’s customers….I really feel sorry for windows phone..


  20. the clock is ticking…..hint for an iWatch may be?


  21. [IMG][/IMG]


  22. Can’t wait to watch this.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. In the past with my Windows PC I have been barred from watching the live stream. Sometimes for up to a full day. At least there being honest about it now.


  24. N'Dea Asin says:

    Whats the link to wacht with windows 7 with quicktime 7


  25. kjl3000 says:

    Am I the only one hearing the stream with an overlayed female chinese translator (i´m located in Germany, thats really odd…) besides, the stream is breaking down every minute… guess i´ll have to wait for the recorded stream… :(


  26. luxlamf says:

    Well it would be great to watch if not for the Asian woman talking Over the annoucers coming through my TV loud and clear.