iwatch concept Roberto Bitto

As we reported earlier today, Apple has sent out invitations to the press for a September 9th media event. During that event the company will likely unveil the next-gen iPhone, but a report from Re/code also indicated that it may debut a wearable device at the same time. A new report from Bloomberg lends further credence to this claim:

Now the Cupertino, California-based company will attempt to repeat that feat [the success of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad] in wearables, an emerging group of devices that track people’s activity and health. Apple will introduce a wearable gadget along with new iPhones on Sept. 9, a person with knowledge of the plans said. Notices for the event, which will also take place in Cupertino, were sent out today.

As we’e exclusively reported in the past, Apple has been assembling a team of fashion and fitness experts to create a wearable device with a focus on health and fitness applications.

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25 Responses to “Bloomberg corroborates Apple wearable to be announced at Sept. 9 event”

  1. herb02135go says:

    Repeat the feat? A reference to Samsung’s current products, perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally misleading, pairing the headline and news from Bloomberg with the concept illustration.


  3. xbepax4224 says:

    Let’s be real, no product is successful until apple creates it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. PMZanetti says:

    Shall be interesting. I suppose there is the possibility that this device could be a fitness tracker that isn’t actually the iWatch people are actually hoping for. But it wouldn’t exactly be a new category. If so they’d be better off letting someone else make one, with Apple’s APIs.

    I want the iWatch to display notifications…readable notifications. I want it to use Siri to its fullest, to perform a lot of functions on the iPhone. All of which has to be more convenient than taking the phone out of your pocket.

    The iWatch as microphone for Siri has a lot of potential, as it is hard to argue that its just as easy to pick up your phone to do the same thing, especially if its in a purse or pocket.


    • rogifan says:

      Personally I’d rather it not be a clone of Android Wear. I’d like to see it perform specific functions that my phone doesn’t. Mobile payments, health, maybe something that could be used to unlock my front door or garage door. Tie into HealthKit and HomeKit. Then again I fear if the device tries to do to much it might be destined to fail. Perhaps we’ll see more than one device and they’ll have different functionality.

      Whatever it is I have a feeling Apple is going to surprise us all this fall. I get this sense of quiet confidence from Cook & Co. That they know what they’ve got coming is going to shut up a lot of the naysayers.


      • herb02135go says:

        Is that what your Spidey sense is telling you?

        I’m sure the sheep will love it and gladly fork over their parent’s hard-earned money, regardless of the fact that the new features are already available through the competition.

        Plus, wearable are great for those who want to wear something on their body- and there are reasons watchmakers are going out of business.
        I watch wearers will give Google glass holes someone to mock.


      • “Their parents hard earned money”

        How butt hurt are you? In fact how pathetically stupid are you?Yeh Apple are the biggest tech company in the world because of spoiled brats with rich parents. Because no adult would ever spend their own money on these products right?


      • Hey herb where are all those biosensors in the Galaxy Garbage? Oh that’s right, they were too stupid to include them. Sucks to not have a clue what to do until Apple tells you :(


      • BenRadUK says:

        I love watching herb and smoothie going toe to toe.
        Realistically though, I still have no clue why I see such an Apple nay sayer such as herb even commenting on these kind of sites. Apple fans read Apple news sites…all you are doing is fighting a losing battle my friend. Quite frankly I don’t care about your opinions since they are as bias as what you claim us fanboys opinions to be…plus you are mostly wrong.
        Oh, and to claim that Apple is bringing out features that you already have on Samsung devices is absurd…NO ONE yet knows what Apple is even about to announce!
        Let’s wait until Sept 9th and then commence with the like for like comparisons?


  5. Looking pretty likely we will see their wearable a month earlier than we thought.


  6. Zoheb Khan says:

    More then Apple fans Samsung is excited and waiting for iWatch or iTime, so that they can copy it and then compare it and post it on youtube !! haha !!