The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has told its suppliers to prepare to build a record number of next-gen iPhones. According to the Journal, Apple is looking to produce 70-80 million units by December 30th. As reported earlier this month, both the 4.7-inch and the larger 5.5-inch models of the upcoming iPhone are expected to enter mass production in the coming weeks.

This is a big jump from the previous iPhone models. Last year the company only ordered 50-60 million of the iPhone 5s and 5c. Manufacturing parter Foxconn recently hired as many as 100,000 new workers to help meet the increased demand, and even ordered a custom line of robotic equipment to facilitate the production of iPhone 6.

The larger of the two models is rumored to be experiencing some manufacturing difficulties, however, and could potentially be delayed until early 2015, though some reports say both versions will ship simultaneously later this year. As noted by the Wall Street Journal:

For Apple, one possible hiccup with the larger screen is that display makers for the new iPhones are struggling to improve the production of the larger 5.5-inch screens, people familiar with the matter said. The production is complicated because the displays are using in-cell technology, which allows the screens to be thinner and lighter by integrating touch sensors into the liquid crystal display and making it unnecessary to have a separate touch-screen layer.

We’ve seen a host of leaks for the 4.7-inch device in recent weeks, as well as a few for the 5.5-inch variant, though leaks of the larger model seem to be harder to come by. The unannounced phone’s sapphire crystal display was put through a series of stress tests on video and its audio and lightning ports showed up in online photos.

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18 Responses to “WSJ: Apple prepares record number of 80 million 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones for production”

  1. Its the phone size that “doesnt make sense” (According to the flip flopping Apple defenders and bloggers)


  2. george264 says:

    that render looks so good


  3. I need more evidence that a 5.5 exists. If not, Apple dun fcked up again. Unless, the iWatch shocks the world.
    It’s either an Android Silver (Nexus) line phone running Android L with a Moto 360, or iPhone and iWatch that reads my blood pressure and circadian rhythms. I doubt the Apple watch will do those two things. Highly doubt.
    Hello Moto.


    • One can’t actually “read” a circadian rhythm. Just sayin.


      • Well the circadian rhythm thing was more of a bonus. But really I want a watch that tracks me 24/7, and is able to get your vital signs constantly: O2 saturation, Blood pressure, pulse, respirations, sugar readings is a bonus. If the iWatch does more than just O2 sat and pulse, I would be SURPRISED.


      • rakinjannot says:


        Why? Are you just saying that to start a flame war? All reports have indicated that Apple is investing VERY heavily in the biometric side of the iWatch. They’re hiring experts, acquiring biotech companies, and bringing on people who deal with fitness and health. I see no reason why you assume that O2 saturation and pulse meter are the only two things it will ever possibly have and you’d be SURPRISED if Apple had the GALL to add a third sensor when reports are coming out that they’re adding 7-10


    • The Moto 360 looks like cheap garbage, amd it’s also thick as hell and isn’t even fully round display… Also a round display is informationally limiting.

      All that said, it’s still currently the best looking smartwatch. Apple will make it look absolutely hideous in a few months though.


    • When has Apple messed up? The iPhone is the worlds top selling phone with the Galaxy S5 struggling behind. Im sure Apple hasn’t messed up if it sold nearly 2 times more iPhones than the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 will most likely do the same. Apple is not made up of a bunch of idiots and their line of work proves it. They wait, they observe, they raise, they keep a pretty darn good poker face lol, because they know what they are doing. Apple will mostly release a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch iPhone and samsung is nervous. They already started airing ads against Apple because they still haven’t reached their goal to beat Apple. If you’re going to android, then get a decent phone with a decent smart watch because the way i see it, you are settling for cheap quality. At this moment, the OnePlus One is the worlds best android smartphone and it only costs 299 unlocked. Another quality phone is the HTC One M8 or the Oppo find 7 or the 7a. So before you start doubting, learn to accurately read the signs and the evidence that confirms many of the rumors. the iPhone comes out in like 2 months. Are you going to settle for mediocre choices or are you going to go with one of the best?


  4. That render is insanely attractive. I have the white 5S, but for some reason the white 6 looks 1000x better to me. I cannot put my finger on it.

    For long term $AAPL holders, this is sweet vindication. The past few years have been horrible! We saw lots of stocks and funds double in size while our holdings cut in half. It is very exciting to see the Apple buzz being consistently positive again! I think we’ll hit 120 in the next year or so. Especially if they iWatch can track glucose levels directly!

    If you like this comment, please check out my free iOS app PaperBox ( Thank you.


    • If the iWatch can track glucose as accurately as common monitors (aren’t highly accurate themselves), it will change the world. Anyone who doesn’t agree is too incompetent or ignorant to understand why.


      • rakinjannot says:

        Is epidermal blood glucose monitoring even feasible?


      • @rakin it is, but I don’t know that the tech is there yet lol. I am highly doubtful it will be able to do it yet, maybe a few generations down the line, but I have no real knowledge of where that tech is so yeah. I can’t imagine they can do it with high accuracy yet, but we’ll see.


  5. Ali Hamodi says:

    If id doesn’t have a stylus, I will pass.