With a long list of leaks in recent months showing mock ups of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones expected for release this fall, today we get a look at what is reportedly our first at the flexibility of the iPhone 6’s new sapphire cover glass. There’s not much information surrounding this leak or confirmation that what we’re looking at is the real deal, but the sapphire material is indeed something Apple has ramped up production of in recent months at its new Arizona plant

Today’s leak comes from Sonny Dickson who has in the past posted leaked photos of unreleased iPhone mocks up with accurate designs. A longer version of the video can be found below.


While it’s never been confirmed that Apple’s production of sapphire at its new plant is for an iPhone, we reported last year that Apple had procured enough Sapphire Crystal furnaces to make 100-200M ~5-inch iPhone displays. However, the latest rumors claimed that the sapphire material might only make an appearance on a new 5.5-inch iPhone model, and not a 4.7-inch model, due to low yield rates expected through the end of the year. The sapphire cover glass is expected to provide improvements in durability over previous generation iPhones that could result in better scratch and impact resistance in the next-generation iPhones.

The new iPhones models are expected this fall, likely in September, alongside the release of iOS 8.

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11 Responses to “Video reportedly shows iPhone 6’s flexible sapphire screen cover”

  1. RP says:

    After bending it, they show post a video trying to scratch it. May be Gorilla Glass for the 4.7 as rumors indicate


  2. Even plastic bends like that, like the Samsung galaxy back covers. This may as well be plastic? Also, if the sapphire factories are in the states, how can they be leaked so easily? I have my doubts.


  3. Who cares if it bends? The real test of smartphone screens that everyone wants to see is shock resistance.


  4. I’m not interested in any of Apple’s products this year, but it’s clear that they will be hugely popular.

    Bigger is always better, especially for Americans and this will drive huge numbers of people from Android as well as upgrades to the new larger models by dudes who don’t want to be seen with a small penis … um, I mean phone.

    I predict supply shortages no matter how many they make. Apple stock will crash through what would have been nine hundred a share before the split by mid next year. Guaranteed.


  5. Overlord says:

    Who cares if it bends! Will It Blend? ;)


  6. voldzi says:

    Sapphire and bending? :-) …it cannot be bend – that its feature…


  7. bb1111116 says:

    This could be Gorilla Glass because that can bend.