As the fall approaches, the Economic Daily news has issued a new report with the latest chatter it is hearing about some of Apple’s upcoming iOS device launches. Here’s what the paper is reporting about the “iWatch:”


  • The iWatch will be introduced at the end of Q3 2014
  • The Apple wearable device will include components and production from Largan, Foxconn, Pegatron, Quanta, Inventec and F-TPK
  • The iWatch is expected to include an OLED display, but current prototypes are having power draw issues that are being worked through
  • The paper is expecting a price point of $349 with initial shipment numbers around 10 million units

As for the new iPhones, here’s what the Daily is reporting:

  • The smaller, 4.7-inch model will continue to use Corning Gorilla glass for the display
  • The 4.7-inch version will use displays sourced from LG Display and Japan Display and is not having yield problems
  • The paper is expecting 60 million units of the 4.7 inch model to be initially produced
  • The larger 5.5-inch model will sport the sapphire crystal screen and is having production issues due to low sapphire crystal yield rates and will be short in supply through the end of 2014

With the iWatch expected to ship in the fourth quarter and be introduced at some point in October, this timeframe makes sense. As an iPhone accessory, the smaller amount of units in production also does not seem surprising. The reported issues with the OLED display are interesting given the few months remaining until introduction, but the claims are not unprecedented. Reports from last year indicated that Apple was looking to switch display suppliers for the iWatch due to production issues. With October sounding like a lock for an iWatch-related keynote, it seems that Apple is confident that it will fix up any remaining development problems by the fall.

As for the claims about the new iPhones, the 4.7-inch model seeing smooth production and the 5.5-inch model tracking delays is unsurprising. Several reports over the past few months have indicated that the 4.7-inch unit will ship before the 5.5-inch product. It’s unclear if the two sizes will be introduced simultaneously or at separate events. In terms of sapphire crystal, we and others have reported that the next-generation iPhone will include sapphire crystal screen glass for improved durability. Claims, however, have been split regarding if the crystal will be available on all new iPhone models or just on the larger-screened version. Today’s report indicates the sapphire will be exclusive to the 5.5-inch model, but this can still likely go either way depending on supply.

As for Apple’s other iOS devices, marginal improvements to both the iPad Air and iPad mini are also expected for the fall. 

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17 Responses to “Latest iOS device rumors: sapphire-crystal exclusive to 5.5-inch iPhone, iWatch having OLED power issues”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    A lot of this makes sense for the most part. Exclusivity of the sapphire display sort of would make sense, though last week a rumor circulated saying there would be enough sapphire for both models of iPhone and the iWatch. Guess we will see soon enough.


    • acslater017 says:

      I heard they’re trying to maintain/pad their margins, but it seems un-Apple to put the best stuff in only the XL model. They’re almost reluctantly putting out a super sized iPhone, aimed at mid level markets where consumers skip the PC altogether. Doubt they would reserve the sapphire for that device and that demographic.


      • That’s what I’m thinking too. I don’t think it would make sense for customers. It would be better to differentiate by size otherwise some people will be put off by making trade-offs. I’d love the 4.7 inch one with sapphire, but if it was reserved only for the 5.5 inch model I would still not buy it because it is too big for my tastes.


      • Apple has said that the iPhone is there ‘gateway’ product. Switching phones is easier than switching your laptop or tablet so once customers have experienced the iOS/OS X ecosystem they are far more likely to purchased other Apple products. Why would Apple try to appeal to customers who have no intention of buying a PC?


      • I agree with Tallest Skil. There won’t be a 5.5. because doesn’t make any sense for Apple. Apple ain’t into niche devices. That’s why they take their time in introducing large screened phones. They don’t introduce anything until there’s a market for it and right now there’s no real market for a 5.5 to 6″ phablet.


  2. There’s not much to say, we’ll wait and see. It’s interesting, though, whether Apple will introduce 5,5” and hit phablet market. 4,7” sounds reasonable enough and we all expected that to happen but 5,5” seems unlikely but who knows… I think that we are all looking forward for bigger/better battery life, not so much thinner phone, among other features. Fingers crossed!


  3. alvinguzman says:

    Really…this Economic News is as bad as Digitimes

    Taiwan’s Economic Daily News Track Record

    iTV Launch in Q1-2 2014 with 55″ and 60″ models (

    No retina iPad mini until 2014 (

    ‘Experimental’ iPhone without branding (safe to say this won’t happen) (

    iPad 3 on Steve Jobs’ birthday (

    iPhone nano in June 2009, but not to the USA (

    7″ iPad to launch by Christmas 2010 (

    iPad 3 in 2011 with 2560×1920 display (


  4. zoidbert says:

    Any Mac rumors? Y’know, any new hardware buzz on the Mac OS side of the coin? No? That’s okay; we’re figuring Apple is phasing that out anyway.


    • I wouldn’t have thought so given that there has been talk of them supposedly trademarking California based landmark names for OSX. I can’t see them opening it up to other hardware manufacturers either, else we’d have no quality at all and Apple would likely be inundated with third party support issues. No new hardware to support new OS launches would likely cause many of their users to walk away and it’d also close the door to new ones.

      I’m sure it’ll all become apparent soon enough. Sadly it’s all likely to be announced at the same time which, while it’ll create a buzz, is going to make upgrades virtually impossible for those that don’t have deep pockets. I’m in the market for a new iPad, 5.5″ iPhone, iWatch & Retina iMac myself and if all released at the tail end of the year, the thought of it costing me around £3500 or more is very scary – then again I could tell my kids that they’ve been naughty this year and Santa won’t be visiting until next year ;-)


  5. RP says:

    As much as I find the iWatch interesting because I am a gadget geek,I think Apple should should not rush the product to market. There is no pent up demand from the general consumer, less still if their are issues with it in some way. On the contrary, any little issue with it can ruin it’s short term reputation much as Maps did as a replacement for Google Maps. I say there is no rush and it just gives them more time to work on apps for it while development continues.


    • Who says they’re rushing? I’m sure some people are actually asking “what’s taking so long?” I think the mobile market is clearly beginning to adopt wearable technology and it makes sense to me for them to be aiming to release this product this year. I just don’t get the impression they’re truly rushing. Personally, I’m waiting for revision 2 so I’ll be happy for them to eventually put this product out and start refining the one I’ll be considering purchasing.

      As for the iPhone, sapphire is nice but I won’t mind at all have Gorilla Glass on the 4.7″ iPhone if that turns out to be the case. It ain’t broke now so I really don’t care if it ain’t fixed. I just the hope the back of the phone doesn’t look as hideous as these images we’ve been seeing so far.


  6. CJ Sheets says:

    I hate all this speculation and rumor is “news” business. Leave that nonsense to CNN and the missing plane.

    Having said that, I’m not sure if I’d want a 5.5 inch iPhone, but now I’m thinking I’d have to see both models before making a decision.


  7. bobbell69 says:

    Reblogged this on BobLovesTech and commented:
    Are you ready to empty your wallet?


  8. rettun1 says:

    Most new products released by Apple are terrific, while also having some drawbacks. iPhone came out and shook the industry, but lacked things like 3G, mms, and video recording. Ipad essentially created the modern tablet market, but lacked camera systems and there was the big hubub over the lack of flash support. The wearable will be no different, in my eyes. It will do great things, but if I were to guess the drawbacks that will be addressed in future interactions, I’d say battery life and size/weight. I just wonder if it will be released every year like the tablet and the phone


  9. I think the sapphire display would be really useful on the iWatch. With all the bangs and scratches on my watch glass, the sapphire seems like the perfect solution.


  10. Me too. They make up some BS about product X coming out, then some BS release date, then some BS reason why it didn’t or won’t meet that release date and how it’s been “delayed” (how can something that has no release date be delayed?). It’s happened how many times with the Apple TV set now?

    It just pisses me off how most of the tech press reports this kind of shit as though it’s actual news direct from Cupertino from the office of Cook himself. Until Apple says something, it’s pure rumour and speculation and should be reported as such.