TestFlight Stories March 16

Apple’s TestFlight is a tool created to help developers distribute their beta apps to users before they are released on the App Store to everyone. However, scammers have been using the platform to distribute malicious apps without Apple’s knowledge.

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TestFlight Stories November 3, 2021

Earlier this year, Apple announced that the TestFlight app testing platform was coming to macOS. After releasing a beta version of TestFlight for Mac developers in August, Apple today made TestFlight available on the Mac App Store for all users.

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TestFlight Stories August 26, 2021

Apple earlier this week released TestFlight for macOS, which lets developers easily provide beta versions of their apps to users outside the App Store. However, since TestFlight for macOS is still beta software, some users have been experiencing problems when trying to open app links after being invited to join a beta program.

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TestFlight Stories August 24, 2021

Apple this year announced at WWDC 2021 that the company will bring TestFlight to the Mac for the first time. The platform, which is currently available on iOS and tvOS, lets developers easily provide beta versions of their apps to users outside the App Store. Now it seems that Apple is finally getting ready to release TestFlight for macOS.

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TestFlight Stories January 14, 2021

Apple’s App Store Connect and TestFlight seeing outage for some developers

Two of Apple’s important developer tools are seeing downtime. Apple says “some users” are seeing problems with App Store Connect App Processing and TestFlight.

TestFlight Stories November 11, 2020

Apple updates TestFlight beta testing app with support for automatic updates

Apple has updated its TestFlight beta testing application for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV to version 3.0. The update brings support for automatic updates, as well as stability improvements and bug fixes.

TestFlight Stories November 2, 2020

Apple today confirmed its next special event for November 10 that will likely be focused on Mac announcements. And now, a new rumor from The Verifier suggests that the company is planning to officially bring the TestFlight platform to the Mac next week.

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TestFlight Stories August 17, 2020

It’s been six or a dozen years since Apple bought TestFlight, the beta software distribution platform for iOS, and there’s still no official TestFlight for Mac for sharing and updating app betas without hunting for obscure computer identifiers. But TestFlight for iPhone and iPad does have a fancy new app icon with a level of detail that would fit right in on the Mac!

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TestFlight Stories February 25, 2019

TestFlight for iOS update adds Dynamic Text support, 38 additional languages

TestFlight is getting a minor update today that brings a few new features as well as some bug fixes and stability improvements. Today’s update brings the app to version 2.2.0.

TestFlight Stories November 2, 2018

Developers can now request access to App Store Connect API to automate App Store tasks

Apple has today started rolling out the App Store Connect API to developers. Promised back in June of this year, the new API will allow developers to automate some TestFlight tasks such as creating groups, managing public links, adding and removing testers, and assigning builds to groups.

TestFlight Stories June 7, 2018

During a session at WWDC this week, Apple detailed a notable new improvement for how developers test their applications via TestFlight…

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TestFlight Stories January 22, 2018

TestFlight update raises cellular download limit to 150MB

Apple has today pushed an update to its TestFlight beta testing application. This brings the app version to 2.0.1 and includes a handful of new features.

TestFlight Stories September 19, 2017

Apple releases TestFlight 2 with new design, Swift Playgrounds with AR challenge

Apple has released a new version of its beta software distribution app TestFlight. The new version includes a new design that fits in with iOS 11 (also just released) including a new app icon, 3D Touch features, and more. A new version of Swift Playgrounds for iPad is also now available.

TestFlight Stories July 31, 2017

Apple expands TestFlight tester limit to 10,000 users

Apple today has announced that it is expanding the tester limits in its TestFlight program. Whereas developers were previously limited to inviting 2,000 users to beta test an application, they can now invite up to 10,000 external testers.

TestFlight Stories April 11, 2017

TestFlight & iTunes Connect updates bring enhancements for developers and beta testers

Last night Apple released an update to its TestFlight app on iOS, bringing the version number up to 1.5. Louis D’hauwe, developer of Pixure, shared some of the positive impacts that last night’s update brought.

TestFlight Stories June 16, 2016

75 iOS 10 features video walkthrough

Following the release of the first developer beta of iOS 10 earlier this week, Apple today has update TestFlight with support for the latest iOS version. As announced on the company’s developer website, developers are now able to build apps for iOS 10, watchOS 3, and the latest version of tvOS.

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TestFlight Stories May 17, 2016

Apple updates TestFlight for iOS with ‘more robust support’ for watchOS beta apps

Apple has released a minor update to its TestFlight beta distribution app for iOS. Version 1.4.0 hit the App Store today and includes what Apple describes as ‘more robust support’ for watchOS beta apps for testing on Apple Watch. There’s also a bug fix and general improvements:

What’s New in Version 1.4.0 Includes more robust support for installing watchOS beta apps and a fix for when copies of the same devices are being displayed on the settings screen.

Minor stability and performance improvements.

TestFlight Stories February 11, 2016

TestFlight updated with support for watchOS 2.2 and iOS 9.3

Apple’s TestFlight iOS app has received an updated today with support for watchOS 2.2 and iOS 9.3, as well as the standard “stability and performance improvements.” Upon first glance, users who were having trouble installing beta apps from TestFlight onto the latest watchOS 2.2 betas won’t see much more success with today’s TestFlight update.

TestFlight Stories November 13, 2015


Google has quietly launched a Chrome beta for iOS through TestFlight, the beta distribution service Apple acquired last year and integrated into its own developer services. Google has yet to make an official announcement for the beta release, but users can already sign-up and download the beta when visiting Google’s Chrome beta download page on iOS. expand full story

TestFlight Stories November 10, 2015

TestFlight 2-1

In addition to several new software betas and new Tech Talks today, Apple has more developer news to share today. Starting today, TestFlight will now support up to 2,000 external testers for iOS and tvOS. TestFlight allows developers to easily share pre-release versions of their apps with a large group of external testers outside of their own development team. expand full story

TestFlight Stories September 24, 2015

TestFlight iTunes Connect

On the eve of this year’s iPhone launch, Apple has pushed out an update to the TestFlight application to enable internal testing of apps on tvOS. The Apple TV operating system has is now in its second beta version for users who have access to pre-release hardware.

Developers have been able to test locally on their devices by plugging them directly into Xcode and building their app, but today’s TestFlight update will allow them to distribute the builds over-the-air to other members of the same development team.

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TestFlight Stories August 13, 2015


Update: Apple appears to have now disabled external testing in iTunes Connect again after briefly enabling it this afternoon.

[tweet https://twitter.com/amitnkalra/status/631992910771130368 align=’center’]

When Apple updated the TestFlight app for iOS 9 compatiblity earlier this month, it came with the caveat that developers could only submit iOS 9 betas to members of their own teams. Today, however, the company has enabled external testing, allowing developers to start pushing iOS 9-ready betas to any users.

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TestFlight Stories August 5, 2015

TestFlight 21

Apple is now allowing developers to test more iOS 9 features with an update to its beta distribution app TestFlight. The updated version enables developers to test faster, native watchOS 2 apps for Apple Watch, including newly gained access to more sensors and custom watch face complications. The update also lets developers test some iOS 9 features like App Thinning, which allows users to download larger chunks of apps as needed to preserve local storage, for the first time. expand full story

TestFlight Stories June 12, 2015


Apple is rolling out improvements to its iTunes Connect portal that developers use to submit and manage their apps on the App Store. In addition to some welcomed UI tweaks, Apple is introducing a few notable improvements for developers. The big ones include increased limits for testing apps in TestFlight, the ability to manage multiple accounts/apps from a single username, and new user roles to allow a team of developers varying access to iTunes Connect features. expand full story

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