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Apple is now inviting iOS, iPadOS, and macOS app developers to join its engineers and designers in a special online event that will provide insights into improving app widgets — which are part of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur.

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Developers Stories December 7, 2020

Widgets have become a mainstream hit and are only limited by the imagination of those developing them (okay and a few rules from Apple). Now a new app from Aaron Pearce called Barter brings some great functionality to the developer community to easily keep track of metrics with App Store sales widgets on iPhone and iPad.

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Developers Stories November 23, 2020

Back in September Apple decided to stop charging its 30% commission for in-app purchases for certain online events. That was set to end at the end of December this year. Now Apple is extending it until June of 2021 to help developers and businesses amid the pandemic.

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Developers Stories September 29, 2020

Apple gives developers new App Store marketing tools including QR codes and more

Apple has refreshed its App Store marketing tools for developers today with the ability to create custom assets and links including new QR codes and short links.

Developers Stories September 11, 2020

Apple has announced a variety of changes to the App Store Review Guidelines today after multiple major App Store controversies over the last several months. The new guidelines and updates relate to areas like in-app purchases, streaming game services, and personal lending applications.

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Developers Stories September 3, 2020

After announcing new iOS privacy requirements back at WWDC in June, Apple has shared a new detailed document for developers as they prepare to create privacy “nutrition labels” for apps. The new iOS 14 feature will apply for all apps that are available in Apple’s App Stores with the goal to better inform consumers with a clear overview of an app’s privacy practices.

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