Developers Stories September 12

Developers can now subscribe to get more WeatherKit API requests

Following the release of iOS 16 to the public on Monday, Apple has now announced that developers can finally subscribe to get more WeatherKit API requests. With this API, third-party apps can get data provided by Apple Weather as part of the Dark Sky transition.

Developers Stories August 30

Apple this year made Xcode Cloud available to all developers after more than a year in private beta. Now, after already having expanded access to the platform, Apple is letting developers sign on for more compute hours on Xcode Cloud if they need it.

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Developers Stories August 1

Apple opens applications for its next Entrepreneur Camp with female, Black, and Hispanic/Latinx founders

Apple on Monday opened applications for its next Entrepreneur Camp. This online event connects developers with founders as well as other developers of app-driven organizations who are part of underrepresented groups, such as female, Black, and people of Latin descent.

Developers Stories July 15

Developers of apps for Apple platforms have been experiencing issues with some of the company’s services on Friday. As reported by some users and confirmed by Apple and 9to5Mac, services such as App Store Connect and TestFlight are currently down due to an outage.

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Developers Stories June 9

Setapp Mac Developer Survey results: App distribution trends, biggest challenges, more

After opening up the sixth annual Mac Developer Survey last month ahead of WWDC, Setapp has shared the results of the study. Findings include app discovery and user acquisition being devs’ biggest difficulties, app distribution trends, feelings on revenue sharing, and more.

Developers Stories May 24

Apple sets new deadline for in-app account deletion requirement

Apple last year announced a change in the App Store guidelines that would require all apps that support account creation to offer an in-app option for letting users delete their accounts. However, this requirement has been delayed twice. Now the company has set a new deadline for developers to update their apps according to the new guideline.

Developers Stories May 12

Setapp Mac survey asking for developer insight open now with Apple gift card incentive

Continuing its tradition for the sixth year, Setapp has opened up its Mac Developer Survey to study the state of the industry, how devs are running their businesses, and more. Setapp is also giving away $250 Apple gift cards for two participants.

Developers Stories May 6

MusicKit is an official Apple API that lets developers create apps, such as third-party clients, with access to Apple Music. For some unknown reason, the company had removed the ability to let these apps control playback speed – but now this feature will be back with iOS 15.5.

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Developers Stories May 3

Apple today confirmed that it will invite a small number of developers to attend WWDC 2022 in Apple Park for the first time since 2019. In-person events had been suspended due to the pandemic. In addition to meeting with Apple employees, guests will also have the opportunity to visit the new Developer Center at Apple Park.

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Developers Stories March 30

After first announcing the news last fall, Apple has started accepting requests from developers of reader apps to allow the use of external links for customers to sign up and manage their accounts outside the App Store. Meanwhile, Apple has also changed its policy on dating apps in the Netherlands after coming under fire by Dutch regulators.

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Developers Stories March 17

Although the Mac has its own App Store, it’s not exactly as popular as the iOS App Store since Mac users can install apps from third-party sources. And while some developers trust their apps to the App Store, Apple’s platform lets them down in some ways. This time, developers of the Kaleidoscope app wrote a letter complaining about App Store bundles and the lack of paid app upgrades.

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Developers Stories March 15

Apple will soon require developers to submit apps to the App Store using Xcode 13

Apple on Tuesday sent a reminder to developers about an upcoming change in the requirements for submitting apps to the App Store. Starting April 25, 2022, all apps created for Apple’s platforms must be built with Xcode 13 – the latest version of the SDK available.

Developers Stories February 16

CircleCI announced on Wednesday that it is now offering dedicated hosts for macOS development on its platform. Developers who build apps for Apple’s operating systems can now have access to macOS host machines to automate stages of the app development process.

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Developers Stories January 26

Apple last year announced Xcode Cloud, which is a new platform that lets developers accelerate the development process by running automated tests and other tasks in the cloud. While the platform is still available as a private beta, Apple says access will be expanded to more developers soon, while the official launch is still expected later this year.

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Developers Stories January 20

Apple now lets developers create custom offer codes for subscriptions

Apple in 2020 introduced new ways to help developers boost in-app subscriptions, which include special discount codes. Now the company is finally letting developers create custom offer codes for in-app subscriptions.

Developers Stories January 14

Apple last year introduced a new App Store Connect experience with some useful changes for developers, including the option to submit in-app events and edit items without having to create a new version of the app. While this update was optional, Apple is now informing developers that it will be rolled out to everyone later this month.

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Developers Stories January 7

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds is a great way to learn how to program in Swift using just an iPad, but there are several other code languages out there. For those interested in learning Python, developer Alex Staravoitau has created a new app called “Tinkerstellar.”

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Developers Stories January 6

Apple on Thursday updated its Design Resources webpage with something quite useful for designers and app developers. The company has included PNG files for almost all device mockups available on the website, which is great for those who don’t have Photoshop.

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One of the new features of iOS 15 is the ability to discover in-app events through the App Store, which now highlights special events such as a game challenge or new movie available within iPhone and iPad apps. Now developers can also check the analytics for in-app events through App Store Connect.

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Developers Stories December 22, 2021

Apple on Wednesday notified developers about upcoming certificate changes for apps and push notifications, which will impact some software depending on the Xcode version used by the developer.

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Developers Stories December 13, 2021

Apple updates its Developer Program agreement to clarify use of Swift Playgrounds, Xcode Cloud, more

Apple today announced some changes to its Apple Developer Program agreement, which are the terms that developers are required to agree to in order to offer their apps on the App Store. The new terms clarify the use of Swift Playgrounds, Xcode Cloud, and more.

Developers Stories December 8, 2021

Apple today launched a redesigned version of its Apple Open Source website, on which the company provides access to open source data. The new website highlights not only Apple’s open source projects, but also those of third parties.

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Developers Stories July 30, 2021

PSA: Apps using Apple’s Game Center must be updated with new authentication certificate

Apple today told developers they must update their games that feature integration with Game Center, Apple’s gaming platform that lets users add and challenge friends online. The company says that the adoption of a new authentication certificate will become mandatory for these apps.

Developers Stories May 12, 2021

The Apple Developer Academy is being expanded to Detroit and Korea. The Detroit location will be the first time the programs have ever been made available in the US.

The academy offers two programs for would-be iOS developers, one of which lasts a month, the other around a year. Both are free of charge to successful applicants, and Apple provides all the necessary technology …

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