Swift Stories June 3

Three of the Swift Student Challenge winners have been named by Apple, for demonstrating their ability to create problem-solving apps in Swift Playgrounds. We heard yesterday from some other winners who shared photos of their awards and swag.

Apple has now highlighted three of the winners. Aged 16, 17, and 19, all are first-time entrants. One of the apps helps gardeners identify invasive weeds, another teaches the basics of CPR, while the third helps those who are exploring their gender identity …

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Swift Stories May 24

We’re just under two weeks until Apple kicks off WWDC22, and today the company has been notifying winners of its annual Swift Student Challenge. Along with the traditional prizes for winners we’ve seen in recent years, Apple is including a pair of AirPods Pro as an extra gift.

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Swift Stories June 11, 2021

Apple engineer talks new Swift features and more in podcast interview following WWDC21

Apple has announced a handful of major changes for developers at WWDC 2021 this week, including updates to Swift, Swift Playgrounds, and more. In the latest episode of John Sundell’s Swift By Sundell podcast, Apple’s Doug Gregor joins the show to discuss new features in Swift and more.

Swift Stories August 27, 2020

A Community Education Initiative (CEI) is seeing Apple supporting teachers with a coding and creativity program designed to be compatible with remote learning.

Apple created the CEI with the specific goal of helping teachers work with communities that are traditionally underrepresented in technology …

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Swift Stories July 9, 2020

Apple has long offered free school Swift programs intended to help students learn to code. It is now supplementing these with a new program geared to help both educators and parents teach app development using Swift.

Apple currently offers two different programs, Everyone Can Code and Develop in Swift …

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Swift Stories June 30, 2020

Apple’s Josh Shaffer and Eliza Block detail what’s new in SwiftUI, iOS 14, more in new podcast

Following WWDC20, Apple’s Josh Shaffer and Eliza Block have joined John Sundell on the Swift by Sundell podcast to talk in detail about everything that’s new in SwiftUI, the new home screen widgets in iOS 14, Xcode Previews, and more.

Swift Stories June 17, 2020

This year along with the all-virtual WWDC experience, Apple set up a global Swift Student Challenge with some cool swag for the winners. Here’s a look at the fun jacket at pins that 350 student developers are getting.

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Swift Stories June 16, 2020

Apple has chosen 350 winners for its WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge. The company says the winners span 41 countries and regions and were selected based on their original Swift Playgrounds submission.

Apple is proud to support and nurture the next generation of developers through its annual WWDC student program — and it’s just one of the many ways that WWDC20 is recognizing and celebrating coders and innovators of all ages and backgrounds. For the first time ever, there will be a special collection of curated sessions perfect for budding coders and designers, and daily Swift Playgrounds challenges that anyone can participate in and enjoy.

Apple highlighted three of the winners in a press release and a further three in an App Store feature …

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Swift Stories March 24, 2020

Apple software engineers talk Mac Catalyst, Swift Playgrounds, and more in new podcast interview

The latest episode of John Sundell’s podcast “Swift by Sundell” is out today, featuring the first-ever interview with Apple software engineers Holly Borla and Grace Kendall. The interview focuses on Swift, Mac Catalyst, and much more.

Swift Stories October 22, 2019

Apple’s engineering director, Josh Shaffer, gives deep dive on SwiftUI in new podcast

Josh Shaffer, Apple’s engineering director for UIKit and SwiftUI has joined John Sundell on his podcast Swift by Sundell in the latest episode to give a detailed look into what inspired SwiftUI, how Apple is using and improving it, and much more.

Swift Stories October 3, 2019

EU Code Week starts on Saturday — and bizarrely lasts for 16 days. I guess EU Code Fortnight And Two More Days doesn’t have the same ring to it.

EU Code Week is a grassroots movement that celebrates creativity, problem solving, and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults, and elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn.

That quirk aside, Apple has been providing examples of how its own Swift training materials are helping students of all ages learn to code, starting from age 5…

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Swift Stories October 1, 2019

Swift Playgrounds for iPadOS updated with Dark Mode, new SwiftUI support, more

Apple has updated yet another one of its applications with support for new iOS 13 and iPadOS features. Swift Playgrounds has been updated today with Dark Mode support, Learn to Code enhancements, and more.

Swift Stories September 26, 2019

Apple’s usage of Swift more than doubles in iOS 13

Apple introduced the Swift programming language back in WWDC 2014, as the language of the future for programming on Apple’s platforms. Since then, the language has gained wide adoption from third-party developers, with software in the operating systems themselves still being written in the old Objective-C.

Swift Stories June 10, 2019

Apple’s Josh Shaffer and Wiley Hodges explain SwiftUI details in new podcast

Over the last week, Apple executives have made appearances on several podcasts to talk iPadOS, Project Catalyst, the Mac Pro, and more. Now, Apple’s Josh Shaffer and Wiley Hodges have joined the Upgrade podcast to talk more about SwiftUI.

Swift Stories April 23, 2019

Swift developer at Apple offers API and performance tips, more in podcast interview

Michael Ilseman is a developer on Apple’s Swift team – and he recently joined John Sundell on the latest episode of his “Swift by Sundell” podcast. Ilseman’s appearance on the show comes following Ted Kremenek’s appearance earlier this year.

Swift Stories February 26, 2019

Ted Kremenek might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of Apple, but he’s had a very important role at the company since 2017 when he was boosted to Apple’s Swift Project Lead. You can hear from Kremenek himself in a new podcast interview published today where he talks about Swift’s evolution, Apple’s internal usage of its programming language, and more.

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Swift Stories February 18, 2019

Apple has announced a partnership with non-profit organization Dream Corps, working to expand its #YesWeCode initiative.

Apple has highlighted the success story of a former Marine, who was one of the first graduates of the program ahead of Apple’s involvement …

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Swift Stories January 28, 2019

The most significant change to Apple’s developer ecosystem this decade has been the introduction of the Swift programming language – and we’ll probably see the next big change come during this year’s WWDC with the introduction of third party UIKit apps on the Mac.

As for Swift, the new language was announced at WWDC 2014. With contributions from both Apple engineers and the open-source community, it has seen constant updates and is now in version 4.2.1.

An important aspect of Swift that has been affecting users since its first version is that its application binary interface, or ABI, is not stable. What that means in practice is that Apple can’t include the Swift language support in its operating systems, because an app written with Swift 3 won’t work with the language support binaries for Swift 4. The solution to that is to include the Swift language libraries inside the app bundle that gets downloaded from the App Store, increasing the bandwidth and storage required by the app.

That’s finally changing for Apple and Swift soon…

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Swift Stories September 28, 2018

Telegram releases major update for iOS built on Swift with improved speed, notifications, more

Telegram is out today with a big iOS update. The latest release has been rebuilt with Apple’s Swift and offers users improved speed, battery efficiency, in-app notifications, and more.

Swift Stories July 30, 2018

Students learning to create apps with Apple’s Swift programming language now have a way to validate their skills with a new certification program. App Development with Swift is a new academic certification course created by Certiport in partnership with Apple that measures students’ ability to program with Swift after completing a year-long program.

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Swift Stories April 30, 2018

Swift Playgrounds updated with support for ‘What’s Next’ suggestions, speed improvements

Swift Playgrounds, Apple’s introductory programming application for iPad, has been updated today with a few notable features.

Swift Stories March 29, 2018

Apple releases Swift 4.1 with updates to the core language, new build options, more

Swift is Apple’s programing language designed from the ground up and coinciding with the other software releases today, Apple has pushed version 4.1 of Swift to developers…

Swift Stories March 28, 2018

Apple last year announced a major expansion of its Everyone Can Code initiative, aimed at making the Swift-based coding curriculum available to half a million Chicago students.

In support of this program, Apple has today revealed that Lane Tech College Prep High School – the venue for yesterday’s education event – will become a hub for teacher training in the curriculum …

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Swift Stories March 19, 2018

Latest ‘Swift Unwrapped’ episode features interview with Apple engineers ahead of Swift 4.1 release

It’s not every day that you get to hear Apple engineers openly talk about their day jobs, but episode 50 of the Swift Unwrapped podcast is an exception to that. Apple engineers Ben Cohen and Doug Gregor who both work on Apple’s Swift development language joined the latest episode of the Swift development podcast to discuss the upcoming release of Swift 4.1 and more.

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