Education Stories June 24

The Apple Back to School promo has officially launched with the main change being the shift from free AirPods to a $150 gift card. Here’s a detailed look at everyone who is eligible (more than students and teachers/professors), how parents can use it, limits on the promo, how long it runs, which devices are included, and the best time to buy.

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Apple has officially launched its 2022 Back to School promotion for students, educators, and staff. This year comes with a switch from offering free AirPods to including a free $150 gift card with select Mac purchases and $100 gift card on iPad Air and Pro purchases.

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Education Stories March 22

Apple is announcing today Apple Learning Coach, a new professional learning program for educators who coach teachers to get the most out of the company’s technologies.

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Education Stories October 5, 2021

Apple today announced new resources for elementary school coding with a new Everyone Can Code Early Learners guide and Inclusive App Design activity and updates to the Schoolwork app.

According to a press release, this Everyone Can Code Early Learners guide is extending its coding curriculum resources from kindergarten to college. Educators can also try Apple’s new one-hour Inclusive App Design activity to introduce students to the world of coding and app development.

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Education Stories August 23, 2021

Apple Education is launching three different #MadeOniPad challenges for educators and students to discover new teaching and learning methods using Apple’s tablet. This creativity challenge focuses on the “Green Screen Challenge,” “Podcast Challenge,” and “Motion Graphics Challenge.”

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Education Stories July 28, 2021

Apple partners with Australian educators to provide Swift development classes

Apple on Wednesday announced a new partnership with TAFE Queensland, one of Australia’s most popular training providers and the largest in the state of Queensland. Together, Apple and TAFE will offer development classes using the Swift programming language.

Education Stories June 22, 2021

Virginia Union University, which is known for being a historically Black university, announced on Tuesday a partnership with Apple to create a new “Smart Campus.” There, students will be provided with a bundle of Apple products, including, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and other accessories.

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Education Stories January 20, 2021

Just like adults, it can be easy for kiddos to get sucked into passively watching videos on iPad or TV. But what about more engaging digital experiences that encourage creative and fun learning? Follow along for a look at some of the best apps for young kids.

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Education Stories January 18, 2021

Students in Las Vegas are being encouraged to use iPads to craft stories in which they see their potential to be inspired by MLK Jr.

Apple reports on the initiative as it uses the company’s home page to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mike Lang, the elementary school technology teacher behind the project, said there are three elements to it, each with a different goal – beginning with persuading kids that they matter …

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Education Stories November 20, 2020

Apple has quietly included a 128GB M1 MacBook Air in the Apple Store for Education, priced at $799. This is $100 cheaper than the education deal on the standard entry-level 256GB model. It is not, however, available in the higher education store aimed at students.

Apple offers discounted prices to educational institutions like schools and colleges, but sometimes also adds in lower-specced models at even cheaper prices …

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Education Stories November 19, 2020

Apple is donating a total of 2,500 iPads and Macs to Boys & Girls Clubs across the US through its Community Education Initiative. The company says that the devices are intended to help with coding classes and more.

Apple cites an example of an Atlantic City STEAM training program – an enhancement of STEM to include the arts: science, technology, engineering, art, and math …

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Education Stories October 19, 2020

Part of Apple’s $100 million Racial Justice and Equity Initiative is supporting educational opportunities for Black students and people of color. And that extends beyond the typical classroom and age-range you might imagine. Applications are now open for Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp for Black founders and developers.

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Education Stories October 8, 2020

A partnership with Apple has seen all Gallaudet University students and faculty members receive an iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil.

The university is a specialist higher education faculty in which all programs are specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students …

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Education Stories August 27, 2020

A Community Education Initiative (CEI) is seeing Apple supporting teachers with a coding and creativity program designed to be compatible with remote learning.

Apple created the CEI with the specific goal of helping teachers work with communities that are traditionally underrepresented in technology …

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Education Stories April 9, 2020

Apple today has released a new “30 Creative Activities for Kids” worksheet designed specifically for those learning from home due to COVID-19. The worksheet includes 30 creative tasks for kids, ranging from photo walks to creating a comic strip and more.

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Education Stories February 27, 2020

As we previously reported, Tim Cook is in his home state of Alabama today to make an education-related announcement. Now we’ve learned that he shared in a keynote about educational firm Ed Farm planning to use augmented reality to “bring Civil Rights history to life” in Birmingham along with Apple’s Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curriculum.

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Education Stories February 26, 2020

Tim Cook is scheduled to make an appearance in Birmingham, Alabama, tomorrow, according to local media reports. TechAlabama and the city’s mayor Randall Woodfin will hold a news conference with the Apple CEO.

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Education Stories February 6, 2020

Apple says developers can now offer custom apps to schools via Apple School Manager

In a new post on its developer website today, Apple has announced that developers can now offer customized applications to education institutions through Apple School Manager.

Education Stories October 17, 2019

Apple has published a support page explaining how to migrate Volume Purchase Program Purchasers to Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. The VPP launched in 2011 for app purchases but will be shuttered on 1st December.

If you have people in your organization who used to buy items through the Volume Purchase Program, you’ll now need to register them in the Business Manager or School Manager systems before the end of November…

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Education Stories August 7, 2019

Apple highlights Teacher Coding Academies and effort to enrich classrooms and communities

Apple has published a Newsroom story today highlighting its Teacher Coding Academies and how the educators that are attending them are making an impact on their students and local communities.

Education Stories July 11, 2019

Earlier this week, Apple announced this year’s rendition of its annual Back to School promotion. 2019’s student-focused offer delivers a free pair of Beats headphones with the purchase of iPad Air, iPad Pro, and any Mac.

Apple’s roots in education have been well-documented, but over the years its Back to School deals have lost some luster as it has gone through a series of changes. Missteps along the way, the exclusion of gift cards in favor of headphones, and more have caused Apple to miss the mark on one of its most popular first-party promotions.

Launching the 2019 Back to School sale in combination with refreshed MacBook hardware has turned that all around. Here’s why…

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Education Stories June 12, 2019

Apple has drawn attention to an inspiring example of iPads helping refugee children, some of whom have never before set foot in a school.

In one school, there are 325 students who come from 39 different countries, many of whom have fled war in the Middle East. iPads play a key role in helping the kids overcome a fear of looking foolish in the classroom …

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Education Stories May 6, 2019

PSA: Apple business and education DEP and VPP users need to upgrade to new programs

Apple business and education customers using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) or Volume Purchase Program (VPP) will need to upgrade to a new program no later than the end of November …

Education Stories January 21, 2019

Apple first announced its Everyone Can Create curriculum at last year’s March education event – where the $329 9.7-inch iPad was launched. The course was made available in October, covering four areas: photography, music, video production and drawing.

The company has today announced that the iPad-based project guides are now available in four more languages – with a further two promised …

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