AppleCare Stories November 21, 2018

Americans break 5,761 smartphone screens every hour and underestimate repair costs, says report

A new report on smartphone damage trends offers some interesting details on how many devices were broken in 2018, how much consumers paid to fix them, and how repair costs have increased significantly in the last few years.

AppleCare Stories October 31, 2018

AppleCare+ for Mac with accidental damage coverage comes to new countries around the world

Apple has today expanded its AppleCare+ for Mac accidental coverage program to several more countries. The program was previously available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand but is now available in new countries across Europe, North America, and more.

AppleCare Stories October 30, 2018

Along with the launch of the new iPad Pros today, we’re getting more details about aspects like iPad Pro replacement costs. As these are the most expensive iPads to date, they also carry the saltiest replacement fees with accidental damage costing up to $650 for those without AppleCare+.

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AppleCare Stories October 22, 2018

If you’re planning to buy Apple’s latest iPhone, and wondering whether or not to get AppleCare+, the company has today revealed how much an iPhone XR repair will cost if you don’t.

The good news is that the iPhone XR repair cost is significantly lower than that of an iPhone X or XS …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

AppleCare Stories October 9, 2018

The Information is reporting today on Apple’s five-year struggle to tackle iPhone repair fraud. The scheme centres around crime gangs who were buying or stealing iPhones, removing valuable parts like CPUs and screens, and then claiming their devices were broken at Apple Stores and getting the Genius to replace them under warranty. The parts were then sold on.

At its peak, Apple was seeing 60% of warranty repairs in China and Hong Kong as being fraudulent, literally costing Apple billions of dollars per year. Apple first started taking the problem seriously in 2013, and the report goes on to detail the cat and mouse game that then ensued between the criminals and Apple as the company tried to tackle iPhone repair fraud …

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AppleCare Stories September 13, 2018

AppleCare+ price jumps for aluminum Apple Watch Series 4, monthly payments available

AppleCare+ for iPhone was refreshed after Apple’s event yesterday, and so was the protection plan for aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 models. Since 2015, AppleCare+ for the aluminum models has been $49, this year it’s seeing an increase.

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