AppleCare Stories October 9

The Information is reporting today on Apple’s five-year struggle to tackle iPhone repair fraud. The scheme centres around crime gangs who were buying or stealing iPhones, removing valuable parts like CPUs and screens, and then claiming their devices were broken at Apple Stores and getting the Genius to replace them under warranty. The parts were then sold on.

At its peak, Apple was seeing 60% of warranty repairs in China and Hong Kong as being fraudulent, literally costing Apple billions of dollars per year. Apple first started taking the problem seriously in 2013, and the report goes on to detail the cat and mouse game that then ensued between the criminals and Apple as the company tried to tackle iPhone repair fraud …

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AppleCare Stories September 13

AppleCare+ price jumps for aluminum Apple Watch Series 4, monthly payments available

AppleCare+ for iPhone was refreshed after Apple’s event yesterday, and so was the protection plan for aluminum Apple Watch Series 4 models. Since 2015, AppleCare+ for the aluminum models has been $49, this year it’s seeing an increase.

AppleCare Stories September 12

Alongside releasing its new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR, Apple has updated is AppleCare+ protection plan. For an additional cost, customers can now opt for lost and stolen coverage.  Apple has also introduced monthly payment options for both the standard and new AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss plan.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

AppleCare Stories March 27

Hot on the heels of Apple’s education event, the company has now announced AppleCare+ pricing for its newly released $329 ($299 for education) iPad with support for Apple Pencil.

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AppleCare Stories January 31

Apple extends AppleCare+ for Mac to New Zealand and Australia

Apple has today extended its AppleCare+ for Mac program, previously only available in the United States and Japan, to New Zealand and Australia

AppleCare Stories January 2

[Update: Apple has changed its page back to allowing users to check their device’s warranty status without logging in with an Apple ID.]

In an update to its warranty coverage utility, Apple now requires users to log in with the Apple ID associated with a device before being able to check its warranty coverage status.

Previously, users could check the warranty of an iPhone using just its serial number or IMEI. This was especially useful for second-hand buyers.

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