AppleCare Stories March 27

Hot on the heels of Apple’s education event, the company has now announced AppleCare+ pricing for its newly released $329 ($299 for education) iPad with support for Apple Pencil.

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AppleCare Stories January 31

Apple extends AppleCare+ for Mac to New Zealand and Australia

Apple has today extended its AppleCare+ for Mac program, previously only available in the United States and Japan, to New Zealand and Australia

AppleCare Stories January 2

[Update: Apple has changed its page back to allowing users to check their device’s warranty status without logging in with an Apple ID.]

In an update to its warranty coverage utility, Apple now requires users to log in with the Apple ID associated with a device before being able to check its warranty coverage status.

Previously, users could check the warranty of an iPhone using just its serial number or IMEI. This was especially useful for second-hand buyers.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

AppleCare Stories November 15, 2017

Deciding whether or not to buy AppleCare+ with Apple products can be a tough decision, and the $999-$1149 price of the iPhone X doesn’t make the decision any easier. The cost of AppleCare+ increased for pricier iPhones, but so did the repair costs for out-of-warranty damage.

No one wants to get stuck with a huge out-of-pocket fee to repair a busted iPhone X, although it’s worth considering the math before buying or passing on AppleCare+ for iPhone X.

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AppleCare Stories October 27, 2017

One of the decisions any iPhone buyer has to make is whether to take out AppleCare+ coverage, rely on other insurance policies or just pay out yourself for a repair should you break it.

For anyone tempted to assume the risk themselves, Apple’s newly-revealed pricing on iPhone X repairs may make you think again …

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AppleCare Stories March 17, 2017

[UPDATE: It appears that Apple is back to offering a 60-day window for adding AppleCare+. It’s unclear if the 1-year window was a mistake or if Apple decided to revert back to the previous timeframe. Thanks, Don!]

Although Apple’s information page for AppleCare+ hasn’t been updated yet, it is now possible to add the AppleCare+ extended coverage to iPhones within a year window, instead of the previous 60 day limit.

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