Telegram Stories January 18

Following the removal of Parler from the App Store earlier this month, a Washington-based non-profit group sued Apple last Sunday asking the company to ban the popular messaging app Telegram from its platform.

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Telegram Stories December 2, 2020

With iOS 13, AirPods and Powerbeats Pro added a new Announce Messages with Siri feature that uses Siri to read out the incoming message and transcribe your reply. Now, Telegram has started beta testing support for the feature.

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Telegram Stories August 14, 2020

Popular instant messaging service Telegram is celebrating its seventh anniversary today with some great news for its users. Starting today, Telegram will let users make video calls using its app, which is a long-awaited feature for those using the messaging service.

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Telegram Stories July 30, 2020

Just one day after Apple was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee, another antitrust complaint against Apple has been made – this time by secure messaging app Telegram.

The Financial Times reports that Telegram submitted the complaint to the European Union’s competition regulator …

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Telegram Stories July 6, 2020

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have announced that they will not – for now, at least – hand over user data to Hong Kong authorities even when sent official demands to do so. The move follows China introducing a new ‘national security’ law which bans criticism of the Chinese government.

Hong Kong residents who have been critical of China fear that their social media posts and messages might now be used as a basis for arrest and imprisonment …

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Telegram Stories June 5, 2020

Telegram update for iOS brings video and sticker editing, GIF improvements

Popular messaging service Telegram has launched an update today with a focus on the built-in media editor and improving GIF options.

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