Telegram Stories August 13

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov wrote a post this week to reveal that Apple was holding off on releasing a major Telegram update for an unknown reason. Now the update has finally been approved in the iOS App Store, and Durov confirmed that Apple complained about the new animated emoji included in the app.

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Telegram Stories August 11

Another controversial story about Apple’s App Store review process comes from Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov. He says that his next app update is stuck with Apple’s review team for two weeks without explanation or any feedback from it.

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Telegram Stories June 20

Earlier this month, the popular instant messaging platform Telegram confirmed that it was working on a “Premium” subscription that would be available soon. On Monday, Telegram Premium became available to users around the world, so people can now pay for faster downloads and other extra features.

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Telegram Stories June 13

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has again criticized Apple on his public channel on the platform. This time, Durov claimed that Apple limits what web developers can do in iOS by intentionally restricting web app features – which certainly impacts the web version of Telegram.

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Telegram Stories June 10

Telegram is certainly one of the most popular instant messaging apps, and it has become known for offering multiple features such as stickers, editing options, secret chat, and more before its competitors. While the app is currently free, Telegram confirmed on Friday its plans to introduce a new “Premium” plan with extra features.

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Telegram Stories May 2

Telegram ‘Premium’ subscription adds exclusive reactions and stickers, but the cost is unclear

The popular messaging app Telegram is working on a Premium subscription that adds new exclusive reactions and stickers, but is only available on iOS for the time being.

Telegram Stories April 18

Telegram just released a new update that brings some nice additions to the app. One of them is the ability to create your own notification tones, which means you can choose literally any audio to play when you receive a message – if you ever leave your iPhone out of silent mode. Here’s everything new.

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Telegram Stories March 25

Messaging interoperability – in which it would be possible to send a message to someone without knowing or caring which chat service they use – finally made it into the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

It was one of the most controversial elements of the upcoming legislation, with some arguing that it would be a technological nightmare to implement, and others that it would benefit both startups and consumers …

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Telegram Stories March 21

The Telegram ban imposed in Brazil has now been overturned. The secure messaging app was banned in the country for failing to comply with court orders to take down groups and channels used by criminal gangs, as well as those used by politicians to spread disinformation.

Amusingly, Telegram says that it didn’t comply with the orders because it didn’t receive the emails …

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Telegram Stories March 18

Popular messaging app Telegram is set to be banned in Brazil following a ruling by the Brazilian Supreme Court, which deemed that the app is not in compliance with local authorities when it comes to preventing the sharing of dangerous content. As a result, Telegram is likely to be removed from Apple’s App Store and other digital platforms in Brazil.

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Telegram Stories March 11

Telegram iOS update brings download manager, live streaming, and more

Telegram has updated its app on iOS bringing new features to more easily manage downloads, new pages, a new attachment menu, and more. The cross-platform messaging service is a popular app due to its enhanced privacy and encryption features. This update offers new tools for users to make the most of their messaging experience.

Telegram Stories October 5, 2021

Six hours of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp not working globally affected more than just customers, it also hurt the three companies and Zuckerberg’s pockets. On the other hand, Telegram benefited from this outage as it received over 70 million new users in one day.

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Telegram Stories September 1, 2021

Latest Telegram update lets you ‘run your own TV station’

The latest Telegram update gives you “the power to run your own TV station,” says the developer behind the private messaging app …

Telegram Stories August 30, 2021

Telegram reaches 1 billion downloads globally

Telegram is now part of an elite club of apps that have been downloaded over 1 billion times globally, according to Sensor Tower.

Telegram Stories June 26, 2021

Telegram for iOS updated with group video calls, screen sharing, animated backgrounds, more

Telegram for iOS received a major update this week. After months of teasing and testing, Group Video Calls is finally available to all users and on all devices, including tablets and desktops

Telegram Stories April 28, 2021

Telegram for iOS to add long-awaited video group calls feature in May

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced the app will add group video calls starting next month. This feature has been long anticipated by many Telegram users.

Telegram Stories March 19, 2021

The popular messaging application Telegram has been updated today with a focus on audio communication. The latest version of Telegram for iOS brings a new version of the app’s Voice Chats feature with a handful of improvements.

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Telegram Stories January 27, 2021

Following the controversies of the new WhatsApp privacy policies, several users around the world have been looking for an alternative to the app owned by Facebook. Telegram, which is already one of the most popular messaging platforms, is now working on a new tool that lets users import chats from WhatsApp and other apps.

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Telegram Stories January 26, 2021

The announcement of a change to the WhatsApp privacy policy saw many users looking for the most private messaging app to use instead. Signal and Telegram were the prime candidates in cross-platform apps, with the former having the strongest privacy protections, as no personal data is linked to users.

Apple was subsequently sued by a former US ambassador for allowing Telegram on the App Store after it was used by hate groups to threaten violence, and now existing and former Signal employees have expressed concern that the not-for-profit messaging app is failing to address the same issue …

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Telegram Stories January 18, 2021

Following the removal of Parler from the App Store earlier this month, a Washington-based non-profit group sued Apple last Sunday asking the company to ban the popular messaging app Telegram from its platform.

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Telegram Stories December 2, 2020

With iOS 13, AirPods and Powerbeats Pro added a new Announce Messages with Siri feature that uses Siri to read out the incoming message and transcribe your reply. Now, Telegram has started beta testing support for the feature.

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Telegram Stories August 14, 2020

Popular instant messaging service Telegram is celebrating its seventh anniversary today with some great news for its users. Starting today, Telegram will let users make video calls using its app, which is a long-awaited feature for those using the messaging service.

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Telegram Stories July 30, 2020

Just one day after Apple was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee, another antitrust complaint against Apple has been made – this time by secure messaging app Telegram.

The Financial Times reports that Telegram submitted the complaint to the European Union’s competition regulator …

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Telegram Stories July 6, 2020

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have announced that they will not – for now, at least – hand over user data to Hong Kong authorities even when sent official demands to do so. The move follows China introducing a new ‘national security’ law which bans criticism of the Chinese government.

Hong Kong residents who have been critical of China fear that their social media posts and messages might now be used as a basis for arrest and imprisonment …

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