App Store Connect Stories October 7

Apple today updated its App Store Connect app for iOS with some great new features. Developers will now be able to set up and manage TestFlight apps right on their iPhone and iPad through the App Store Connect app.

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App Store Connect Stories June 16

Following yesterday’s release of a new update to the Apple Developer app with a macOS version, Apple today revamped the App Store Connect portal with a modern design just a few days before WWDC 2020.

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App Store Connect Stories December 5, 2019

Developers who make apps for Apple’s platforms are used to opening App Store Connect in a browser to manage their apps in the App Store. This portal provides access to edit an app’s description, screenshots, keywords, and also follow sales reports, analytics, and customer reviews. There’s also an official iOS app from Apple available in the App Store that gives access to some limited functionality.

During this year’s WWDC, Apple announced the launch of an official API for App Store Connect, to let developers create their own tools using an officially supported API rather than the hacks that were previously required. Indie developer Vadim Shpakovski announced NativeConnect, a native Mac app to access the same features offered by the web version of the portal. Today, NativeConnect is available on its website.

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App Store Connect Stories June 6, 2018

Apple officially rebrands iTunes Connect to App Store Connect

Apple today has officially announced the rebrand of iTunes Connect. As we speculated earlier this week, Apple confirmed on its developer blog this afternoon that it is rebranding iTunes Connect to App Store Connect.

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