Firefox Stories September 17, 2020

If you’ve updated to iOS 14, you can now change your default iOS browser to either Firefox or DuckDuckGo if you wish. Both browsers have been approved by Apple to take advantage of the new option to change your default web browser from Safari. (Google’s Chrome had already been approved.)

Both browsers claim that the switch will further boost your privacy protections …

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Firefox Stories March 13, 2020

Firefox Browser releases ‘Facebook Container’ for those who like it but don’t trust it

Firefox Browser is out with a new version and one of the headline features is a tool to keep Facebook from tracking you around the web.

Firefox Stories January 10, 2020

PSA: Update Firefox now, says Homeland Security, to block real-life attacks

If you’re using Mozilla’s browser on your Mac, you’ll want to Update Firefox now. It’s not just the developer urging you to do so: a vulnerability found in older versions is so critical that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an advisory too…

Firefox Stories October 22, 2019

Mozilla releases Firefox 70 with social tracking protection, dramatic macOS performance gains, more

Mozilla today has released Firefox 70 to the public. The update brings new privacy protections, dramatic performance improvements on macOS, and more. For Mozilla, the big focus is on privacy improvements and blocking trackers.

Firefox Stories July 10, 2018

Mozilla is best known these days for its cross-platform Firefox web browser, but its Test Pilot Experiments group wants to shake things up with two new mobile apps. For iOS users, the first Mobile Test Pilot Experiment from Mozilla is a new password manager for Firefox users called Lockbox.

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Firefox Stories April 13, 2018

Mozilla has updated the Firefox for iOS app with four new features. Both iPhone and iPad versions now follow Safari’s lead in automatically blocking website tracking by default. Previously, it was an option you had to switch on …

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