Memoji Stories June 8

TikTok users can now rock Memoji-like Avatars in new update

TikTok is bringing Memoji-like Avatars through its latest update as a way for creators to “showcase their individuality.” However, these new Avatars look awfully similar to Apple’s Memoji. The social media giant has announced TikTok Avatars, allowing users to customize through hairstyles, piercings, accessories, and makeup.

With iOS 16, Apple is bringing even more Memoji customization. Last year, the company betted on over 40 new outfits and accessibility options. This time, Apple is making Memoji more trendy with new hairstyles, sticker poses, and more.

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Memoji Stories March 22

Zoom takes on Apple’s Memoji with new virtual avatar feature for video calls

Don’t want to show your face on yet another Zoom call? No worries! Zoom has introduced its new avatar feature today, so you can liven up your next meeting or webinar. As part of its Zoom 5.10 update, you can be a dog, rabbit, fox, cat, or cow, among other animals. 

Memoji Stories September 26, 2021

Apple unveiled during the WWDC21 keynote iOS 15. Alongside revamped iMessage and FaceTime experiences, the company is also adding more customization to the beloved Memoji function.

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Memoji Stories November 6, 2019

Tired of seeing Memoji Stickers on your emoji keyboard? There’s a fix for that

Along with iOS 13’s new features and changes came Memoji Stickers, and they show up in the frequently used section of the emoji picker on the default keyboard. For those who don’t want them there, Apple is going to make it possible to remove Memoji Stickers from the iPhone and iPad keyboard. Follow along for the step-by-step details.

Memoji Stories July 5, 2019

Earlier this week, Xiaomi announced its new Mi CC9 smartphone that comes with a blatant copy of Apple’s popular Memoji feature, called “Mimoji.” Now that retail listings have appeared for the new Xiaomi device and animated emoji feature, an even more ridiculous thing has happened, the Memoji clone has been promoted by Xiaomi with an actual Apple Memoji ad.

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Memoji Stories June 5, 2019

How to use Memoji Stickers on iPhone in iOS 13

Apple has expanded its Memoji as iOS 13 brings a host of new stickers. The new feature is similar to Bitmoji with a variety of expressive static cartoon avatars. Read on for how to use Memoji Stickers on iPhone in iOS 13.

Memoji Stories February 8, 2019

Apple shows off Memoji capabilities with three fun music videos

Making a music video could require a much smaller budget in future: all you need is an iPhone with support for the Memoji feature …

Memoji Stories December 2, 2018

If you have a new iPhone or iPad with Face ID, iOS 12 lets you create a customizable Animoji character called Memoji. A Memoji can look like you or have a totally different look — the animated character will copy your facial expression and movements either way.

Want to add a Santa hat to your Memoji or create a Santa character of your own? Here’s how to make Memoji more festive for the holidays…

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Memoji Stories September 20, 2018

iOS 12: How to edit, duplicate, and delete Memoij on iPhone

After getting started with Memoji in iOS 12, you might be wondering how to go further with the fun feature. Follow along for how to edit, duplicate, and delete Memoji on iPhone X, XS, and XR.

Memoji Stories July 16, 2018

Apple is truly going all-out for World Emoji Day. After showing off the 70 new emoji characters coming to iOS later this year, the company has also overhauled its Apple Leadership webpage with new Memoji avatars…

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Memoji Stories June 4, 2018

iOS 12 includes a handful of improvements to Apple’s Animoji feature, including new features and new character options. Furthermore, Apple has introduced a new Bitmoji-like Memoji feature for designing your own avatars…

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