Bitmoji Stories April 25, 2019

Apple may have fancy 3D Memoji characters on iOS, but Snapchat has super customizable Bitmoji animated characters on lots of apps and platforms. Snapchat parent company Snap today announced the next frontier for Bitmoji: games.

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Bitmoji Stories June 8, 2018

Snapchat frees Bitmoji Friendmoji from its app to now work across iOS

In an update starting to roll out to users today, Snapchat is making its Bitmoji Friendmoji available to use in iMessages and more across iOS.

Bitmoji Stories July 19, 2016

Snapchat Bitmoji

Earlier this year Snapchat spent around $100 million to acquire Bitstrips, and today the social network announced its app will now integrate with Bitmoji. Bitmoji is Bitstrips’ iOS app for creating personalized emoji characters. The newly introduced integration between Snapchat and Bitmoji means users can now use Bitmoji emoji characters directly in chats within Snapchat.

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